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Pros want MR12
Spain Sneakers 
Why? Stopp dumbing down CS more plssssss. GO PLAY VALORANT for that, stop making changes on CS cuz VALORANT has X and Y, and CS has Z. I dont want CS like that, if u want MR12 make it for casual servers but never for competitive/ranked ones. CS is the creator of shooters, Valve is probably ahead of their game and Source 2 is gonna look insane.
2020-04-28 18:05
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Europe ROMAG
Are you dumb? Cs was mr12 before
2020-09-24 01:23
Switzerland retard2k
> cs creator of shooters lol have you never heard of asteroid?
2020-09-24 01:25
Golden eye
2020-09-24 04:24
2020-09-24 11:06
2020-09-24 16:59
world war 1 and 2
2020-09-24 13:30
North America 007DBR9
2020-09-24 18:43
Brazil Catatauu
who want that? much better get round times down
2020-09-24 01:29
imagine mr12 and no economy bullshit... it might move cs from this stale position
2020-09-24 01:32
Switzerland zthoui
yeah, cs is dying because sticking to old habits that used to work but now they dont because there are new games innovating and atracting players out of cs
2020-09-24 04:11
Stopped reading after > cs is dying
2020-09-24 04:15
Switzerland zthoui
2020-09-24 04:27
Don't be Brazilian fakeflagger.
2020-09-24 08:31
Switzerland zthoui
yes, brazilians are stupid and i just want to browse hltv without hate
2020-09-24 18:58
fakeflagger lol
2020-09-24 16:41
Switzerland zthoui
2020-09-24 18:58
mongolia most interested region pog
2020-09-24 19:34
+1 i've been reading about cs dying since 2015, yet here we are.
2020-09-24 16:43
North America 007DBR9
highest player count ever happened over summer, and we're staying around 800k peak daily
2020-09-24 18:43
Switzerland zthoui
2020-09-24 18:58
Germany TrTafitson
So basically take away everything that makes csgo csgo and have another basic lame shooter like any other. Nice.
2020-09-24 14:27
actually it would make cs more cs....economy is overrated...ecos rounds get nerfed by the i would rather watch full match of proper executes on proper defense than 1 round like that than followed by 1 or 2 eco scrappy buy bullshits waiting to get lucky with deags then repeat
2020-09-24 16:47
Germany TrTafitson
Some of the biggest match highlights in the past where economy based, like deagle aces (niko at eleague season 2 or something on cache b side comes to mind) or Dosias 500 IQ nade in Krakow. Csgo lives from its economy and its economy based tactics and desicions. I definitly wouldn't want to miss that.
2020-09-24 18:36
some of nba best highlights are dudes whipping shots out of desperation from half court and that doesnt make basketball what it is...just some lucky shit... cs lives from its economy and its economy based tactics and desicions...yeah right....all glory is eco no eco and maybe get 2 awps or not....i mean economy would be awesome if you actually had some importance in make cheaper guns viable or something...not just ak m4s or eco....
2020-09-25 21:40
Because of international burroism
2020-09-24 01:35
Go play Valorant if they want MR12. Edit - this reminds me of stewie complaining about 10am matches. MR15 is fine.
2020-09-24 02:01
2020-09-24 04:09
2020-09-24 08:41
+1 boo hoo i gotta get up at like 8 to get ready, how am i supposed to play if i played cs the day before until 0:00 and have a shitty sleeping schedule :(((
2020-09-24 16:44
Stewie’s comment proves how brain dead some pros are. You sign to a career for CS in an org who pays your salary. In return you play your favourite game and get paid. You set your schedule around this. A few years back salaries were 1k per month with like 20k prize pools and those guys thought SICKKK. Stew complaining about 10Am (not even early) on 100s of thousands $.
2020-09-24 16:55
exactly. But let's be honest i doubt he has any sort of schedule. He probably woke up 30min before the match lmao
2020-09-24 16:58
2020-09-24 16:58
North America 007DBR9
0:00 = rookie numbers 4:00 at least
2020-09-24 18:45
MR12 is fine but they would have to change economy so that pistol rounds make almost no affect on the rest of the half, or else the pistol round would be much too important (it is already very important in MR15!)
2020-09-24 02:43
It's not even that important. The round after the pistol is the one that really matters, the pistol just decides who is in the better spot in the all important 2nd round
2020-09-24 02:50
Finland Faifainei
Yeah pistol is not as important anymore. How clean your rounds are is. I would in fact argue T pistol round loss bonus should be reverted or reduced. Now with ts you can actually often and relatively easily get a massive swing in economy if you keep their money low in the followups and get bomb plants after losing pistol.
2020-09-24 10:55
Pistol round is already not that important as before.
2020-09-24 03:46
where are you finding that they want mr12 instead?
2020-09-24 02:44
source: trust me dude
2020-09-24 02:47
I mean if there is a source I'm curious to see, but from watching that gamers without borders tournament, mr12 looks boring compared to mr15 and mr3 OT
2020-09-24 03:16
This thread was made before all of that happened
2020-09-24 10:58
damn okay, honestly I just look at my sidebar, never really pay attention to when posts are dated
2020-09-24 16:38
Glaive Twitter for example
2020-09-24 14:21
2020-09-24 16:38
Pros can be dumb as well. Being good at shooting people in the head doesn't make you an expert on everything.
2020-09-24 02:52
2020-09-24 03:47
Lithuania Ufasas
who da fuck is mr12, can you stop shortening words people, speak english, and normal human language
2020-09-24 03:16
mr12 12 for match point currently it's mr15 15 for match point
2020-09-24 03:18
Lithuania Ufasas
that's good, enough of those 30 round games every time, game is too long already, even quake ends sooner
2020-09-24 03:20
Back in the days there was a CGS. It was MR10 (if I'm not mistaken) and round time was shorter. And it was completely SHIT to watch, not even because of CS:Source.
2020-09-24 04:01
Lithuania Ufasas
we could do mr13 too
2020-09-24 04:02
MR12 has been already used in 2003-2004 or so... It's past history.
2020-09-24 04:05
I think MR15 is fine, an average 16-7, 18-10 match is like 1 hour on average. An very one sided match, like under 16-6 is usually 40 mins, and a very disputed match is like an hour and a half. I think this works fine. Why would we want shorter matches? If we do shorter matches I would want more round time and I think CS round time is just fine too.
2020-09-24 03:33
Because of the tournaments. Shorter games overall means more games a day and this leads to shorter tournaments spread in days. Now that’s easier to event host to maintain so more profitable
2020-09-24 14:24
ok mr exposed.
2020-09-24 03:41
most pros are hacker noobs
2020-09-24 04:00
Lithuania Ufasas
don't rank up to mg / eagle in MM, and you don't meet hackers
2020-09-24 04:07
good tip tx
2020-09-24 04:28
Lithuania Ufasas
no prob mate, i'm nova, i know what i am talking about, but i still aim to rank up mg / egle
2020-09-24 04:31
mr12 is bad and random with how current cs economy works.
2020-09-24 10:57
startmoney 6k mr12 is fine :()
2020-09-24 10:59
Finland kimmob0b
I mean if they increase ct money then mr12 will be fire af, would make the pro games more exiting, just look at the "gamers without borders 2020" games + bo5 is aids if u think otherwise tell me why
2020-09-24 12:46
agree to mr12 dont agree to bo5 I think the principle of going deep through the map pool in a final is good. I agree that it`s probably too long, but I think bo5 with mr12 would be fine
2020-09-24 16:52
Europe ROMAG
maybe they can give more money after the pistol round, to make the 2nd round safer
2020-09-24 16:57
Finland kimmob0b
no they have to get rid of double ecos in general for mr12
2020-09-24 17:23
MR12 can be fine if they do bo5 so it's not that long, but for a Bo3 MR15 is the best.
2020-09-24 17:01
They should reduce the round timer to 1:30 or something
2020-09-24 17:21
cs is perfect and valve do stuff randomly if you dont like it, move to valorant.
2020-09-24 17:21
no they don't
2020-09-24 18:39
2020-09-24 19:00
what pros want mr12?
2020-09-24 19:27
CS and VALORANT are different game, and I don't think there is anything bad that CS is in some aspects different than VALORANT. And I wouldn't hope for Source 2 to soon.
2020-09-24 19:29
Games are too long these days, 80% of rounds being save rounds doesn't help either tbf its gotten kinda stale, especially with no crowds and no consistently good teams
2020-09-24 19:30
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