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Hair during corona
Australia daedon_the_great 
Men(( have to wait forever before I can get a haircut and it’s getting out of control lol. What’s your situation men
2020-05-01 08:27
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JW | 
Ireland Sodaking
well i got mine cut something like 2 weeks - 1month before the lockdown in Ireland so i'm good for another 2 weeks - 1 month but my dad on the other hand is trying to online order the stuff to cut his own hair if he does a good job he will probably never go back to a Barber cause why would you if you could do your own
2020-05-01 08:36
Lucky and your dad has a good idea lol
2020-05-01 08:38
Me using a hairband. but not as bad as yours
2020-05-01 08:39
yeah ive been mostly having it up as well
2020-05-01 08:41
I cut mine almost bald style 2 weeks ago. No regrets, I actually look good with very short hair.
2020-05-01 08:40
nice, im not willing to cut mine myself or let my parents lol
2020-05-01 08:42
Czech Republic prokda
Yeah dawg I cant wait to get a haircut.. im going to barber every 4weeks and now its like 9weeks without barber
2020-05-01 08:42
2020-05-01 08:42
I have some hair growing on my neck, how do I get rid of it?
2020-05-01 08:41
wrap tongue around neck
2020-05-01 08:42
2020-05-01 08:49
rofl this really made me laugh :D
2020-05-01 21:42
Czech Republic prokda
15yo_troll back at it again
2020-05-01 08:46
I can send an image if you would like proof.
2020-05-01 08:49
Czech Republic prokda
only if it include a pic of ur hairy dick
2020-05-01 08:53
I’m not sending you a picture of that and it’s not even hairy I shaved it a week ago.
2020-05-01 08:57
So you shaving ur dick but don't know how to shave neck?
2020-05-02 04:09
I think shaving pubic hair is different from shaving hair on the neck right?
2020-05-02 08:00
Nt try, Jovik
2020-05-01 10:50
I think the last time I got my hair cut was on the last week of January
2020-05-01 08:41
jeez men
2020-05-01 08:41
I was going to get my hair cut on the weekend of 14/15 March but the fucking lockdown happened
2020-05-01 09:08
bruh same
2020-05-02 04:26
My brother is a barber , i got like 3 haircuts the last 50 days that im stuck at home.
2020-05-01 08:44
go long hair men
2020-05-01 08:56
nah dont wanna
2020-05-01 09:43
Honestly? I’m just wearing my ny cap outside lol
2020-05-01 08:54
Russia Nikosimus
Why do you go outside tho? :D
2020-05-01 09:04
to buy stuff?
2020-05-01 09:10
Russia Nikosimus
Makes sense :P Was a joke tho, ofc everyone needs to go outside, even just for a walk to breathe some air :)
2020-05-01 11:09
Serbia d1ckson
Same here. I also haven't shaved in 46 days, so it's gonna be fun when the quarantine ends.
2020-05-01 09:02
Haircut? I haven't showered in 30 days
2020-05-01 09:08
didnt get it cut since August, I was going to in December but exams and shit + corona its not that bad because I cut it a bit myself though
2020-05-01 09:11
long hair is good.
2020-05-01 09:11
2020-05-01 10:00
for me it looks decent on you. also everyone has their own taste so you can't completely say that it will look bad on you. anyways as you want, people should respect your decision.
2020-05-01 10:13
true man, i used to have long hair but wanna keep this style bit shorter. thanks for the words thougg have a good one )
2020-05-01 10:13
im goood always wanted to know what mine would look like longer then a couple of inches
2020-05-01 09:11
yeah long hair can look good on some people maybe not on me lol
2020-05-01 09:49
idc i like long hair and will always have it
2020-05-01 09:20
king shit
2020-05-01 09:21
and i got called a girl for it :(
2020-05-01 09:21
ignore the haters brother, let that hair flow
2020-05-01 09:22
thank you
2020-05-01 09:22
2020-05-01 09:50
I have so fucking long hair atm and its annoying because I have a skin sickness that makes me get a lot of dandruff. But as long as I use good shampoo and cut my hair its not gonna come, OH WAIT CORONA FUCKED ME :DDDDD
2020-05-01 09:30
rip men(
2020-05-01 09:39
lmao, are you fucking 12?
2020-05-01 09:31
2020-05-01 09:43
I just bought clippers and buzzed it down To 1 millimetre
2020-05-01 09:32
2020-05-01 09:37
Poland aufkm
bro same here. Just before corona i decided iam done with long hair and now iam stuck with them wtf
2020-05-01 09:32
yeah men lol
2020-05-01 09:38
2020-05-01 09:39
2020-05-01 09:45
Norway namsayin
backstreet back?
2020-05-01 09:41
lol wut
2020-05-01 09:46
hairdressers work here lul
2020-05-01 09:42
2020-05-01 09:49
nice hair))) hehe you really swedish?
2020-05-01 09:51
Half Swedish half Turkish. Im basically a kardesh a la ikea haha
2020-05-01 09:53
haha nice have a good one)
2020-05-01 09:54
Same to you my aussie bro 🤙🏻
2020-05-01 09:57
shave it
2020-05-01 10:01
2020-05-01 10:03
do it mens)) a shiny airport for mosquitos!
2020-05-01 11:27
LMAO ill say that whenever i see a bald person lmaooo
2020-05-01 11:28
A lot of hairdressers are working from home these days, don't you have a friend of a friend who knows one or something
2020-05-01 10:08
nope lol
2020-05-01 10:10
I have no corona in my city and my barbershop is workin lul
2020-05-01 10:14
lucky you live in rural part of russia or smthn? or russia really arent lying about their numbers
2020-05-01 10:16
what is rural? Its Ural. Yeah, Ural, Yekaterinburg. We have some big groups in VK about news there is last day 7099ppl got infected in one day.
2020-05-01 10:19
rural = remote community/town
2020-05-01 10:20
nah dude. Its actually 150k of ppl here, I living near Yekaterinburg.
2020-05-01 10:21
oh damn searched it up apparently fsb stopped terrorist attack stay safe from corona and have a good one
2020-05-01 10:22
2020-05-01 10:23
Barbers just opened like a week ago here so I’m good.
2020-05-01 10:16
2020-05-01 10:22
Belgium Donderinho
Mine was getting really out of hand too. Shaved the sides with a hair trimmer down to 3cm and then cut all the wild hairs away on the top of my head
2020-05-01 10:16
damn bro feel your pain but nice trim
2020-05-01 10:20
loving the longer hair tbh, just kinda living with it
2020-05-01 10:24
I'm gonna cut my hair soon. Any tips on hair?
2020-05-01 10:25
Sides 6mm and on top a bit shorter :)
2020-05-01 10:35
what guy above me said and maybe trim the fringe, gl
2020-05-01 10:42
sexy boy :)<3
2020-05-01 10:28
ty but for all i know you could be a pedo
2020-05-01 10:41
wtf are you like 12 what are you doing on HLTV
2020-05-01 10:30
not 12 btw
2020-05-01 10:41
Short hair is bestest
2020-05-01 10:34
I havent gone to the barber all year and my hair looks like total shit now ): thinking about going bald tbh
2020-05-01 10:42
Been growing out my hair anyway, doesn't bother me too much
2020-05-01 10:42
Longer the yous and I love it. But I'm considering to shave my head just for fun and then grow it out from a fresh start
2020-05-01 10:44
corona period doesnt mean that you should not care of yourself
2020-05-01 14:59
I cut myself almost bald before hand
2020-05-01 15:00
Went complete 0 like 20 days ago
2020-05-01 15:27
long hair > anything else
2020-05-01 15:28
Spain JLenny47
I'm also going for a draken style
2020-05-01 15:30
I’ll keep it thx quarantine
2020-05-01 16:31
Just went to the hair doctor yesterday
2020-05-01 16:32
man you look like River Phoenix with that haircut, you should keep it
2020-05-01 16:32
My hair is super long and now i have a thick ass beard too, i've never been like this i don't like it one bit.
2020-05-01 16:37
I had to get my mom to cut my damn hair cause it was already getting too long and I forgot to go get a haircut before everything shutdown thanks to corona.
2020-05-02 04:13
the hair on my balls are reaching the floor already
2020-05-02 04:21
What can I say, it's longer than it was yesterday
2020-05-02 04:23
mine is awful, i cant get it under control, and since brazil is doing pretty bad and my city is under lockdown, im gonna get a hair cut just mid july or august, being optimistic
2020-05-02 04:25
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