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North is joke
nEGRo | 
Montenegro Dalyn 
2020-05-01 14:09
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Poland Repo_is_fit
good to know
2020-05-01 14:11
Internet Explorer?
2020-05-01 14:12
Canada U_S_of_Gay
They never stood a chance against god HUNDEN
2020-05-01 14:13
probably the worst team of all time
2020-05-01 14:13
they have always been a joke. change lineup every month or so and continue to suck. fluke 1 tournament and pretend you're good. hunden will make heroic a stable team from now on. beating norph isn't really impressive
2020-05-01 14:13
Japan pawbeast
if they let coaches talk heroic will be one of the best so much firepower and amazing strats
2020-05-01 14:14
Denmark Menterx
okay hater
2020-05-01 14:13
So many bad players in that team it's actually crazy considering the talent there is in Denmark. Absolute shit show of a project
2020-05-01 14:14
Japan pawbeast
true Kjaerbye trying something,but not good enough cajun,gade,aizy so siht and MSL igling not working
2020-05-01 14:15
Kjaerbye is their best player, but the team is way too bad for him to shine. For some reason he wants to stay there and renewed his contract so at this point he's made his bed.
2020-05-01 14:17
Japan pawbeast
i said disband yesterday but today new day so hoped north will recover they played even worse than ever XDDDDDDDDDDD
2020-05-01 14:14
Finland Abecsgo
Do you guys think they are trying on Elisa invitatiolan :D They have rio going like godsent they dont give a shit about tier 3 tournament =D
2020-05-01 14:19
Ze Pug Godz
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