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NiKo was right???
Russia Evil_DaviD1 
Before RtR most wanted olofmeister to leave FaZe Clan, believing that with him they might not be in major. But NiKo decided to leave him in the team and play this tournament with him. Now FaZe go to RtR with a score of 4-0, without any defeat at all. And olof has been playing very well lately. Does this mean that NiKo was right?
2020-05-02 09:05
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it means online cs is dumb
2020-05-02 09:06
LUL major related > any lan tournament Cryisfree
2020-05-02 09:59
so the open qualifiers to the closed qualifers for the minors are more important then Cologne because they are major related? lol
2020-05-02 10:03
United Kingdom p0mpouS
ESL one cologne and IEM Kato kick the majors ass, the major has Bo1s and no Bo5 final and a worse format, remove the word major from the major and you have a middle of the road event.
2020-05-02 10:13
great, but it's still a major and therefore the most important and wanted trophy.
2020-05-02 11:19
yea but I would be fine if #28 would have said that the major>any other tournament but saying anything major related is more important is just dumb tbh
2020-05-02 11:45
yeah, I completely agree with that. Any big tournament > any online tournament. Even if it is major related
2020-05-02 11:47
That's just marketing by valve. It provides the illusion that they're running the scene when in reality they're consistently surpassed in quality by other tournaments.
2020-05-03 13:22
go back to reddit.
2020-05-02 11:54
imagine thinking that someone as experienced as olof gets affected by LAN environment
2020-05-02 11:53
tbh the last few events it really looked like olof and guardian were tired of niko's calling / behaviour / i dont know. You couldnt see any motivation or hype in their eyes. So maybe its easier to play online, you dont have to see each other, maybe olof muted niko in ts LUL
2020-05-03 05:46
2020-05-03 05:32
Yes. Edit: Have a good day!
2020-05-02 09:07
Russia Evil_DaviD1
+1 NiKo was right, community was left
2020-05-02 09:08
+1 LMAO Edit: Have a good day!
2020-05-02 09:11
Russia Evil_DaviD1
Yeah, you too
2020-05-02 09:11
THX <3
2020-05-02 09:14
"NiKo decided to leave him in the team" Wow, didn't know NiKo have so much power in FaZe so he can make such decisions.
2020-05-02 09:15
Russia Evil_DaviD1
He's captain and IGL What do you expect? That captain can't make decisions?
2020-05-02 09:21
It is not because he is the Captain and IGL. It is because he is the star of the team and they build the team around him. He can even remove any IGL that he don't like Something like Nifty at ENVY
2020-05-02 09:22
Ok, agree.
2020-05-02 09:35
lmao even s0mple can't decide it in Na'vi how do you except NiKo to decide. It is coach's problem.
2020-05-02 09:28
nt Asstralis fangirl
2020-05-02 09:40
cry more 0 major kid fan
2020-05-02 09:42
ok 0 top 1 kiddo
2020-05-02 09:52
lmao Astralis was top 1 for highest time nt 0/8
2020-05-02 09:53
But ecov3ce never top 1 lul Also Asstralis 0 top 1 after new NaVi :D
2020-05-02 09:56
lol that way coldzera>2*s0mple GtR>2*s0mple lmfao
2020-05-02 10:07
2020-05-02 10:08
Europe Cirros_V2
Imo it's much more impressive to be in top 20 6 times and in top 5 five times rather than 1s in top 1 and 3 times or so in top 20 dude.
2020-05-02 10:18
Its like fallen in ol days
2020-05-02 09:39
Europe Cirros_V2
Faze is a bitch of niko didn't u know? Ofc he is the one who makes decisions there.
2020-05-02 10:14
No it's broky deciding who to kick and who to sign
2020-05-02 14:57
FaZe looks really good and I always had faith in olof. If he plays his old role, he can tears teams apart. I still see him as top 3 talent on that team, just not utilized properly. Btw FaZe need to work out on entry frags, they're letting rain die a lot and that makes them play 4v5 every round.
2020-05-02 09:29
2020-05-02 09:36
we´ve come to the point where youre gonna cheer up for any team but navi am i wrong ? lmao
2020-05-02 10:01
no not wrong I'm giving significant time to Vitality,G2,FaZe and looking through them. You might not see me commenting about Astralis or Fnatic as much as them.
2020-05-02 10:07
fair enough
2020-05-02 10:07
Olof need better IGL to work with the info that he get
2020-05-02 10:57
North America karalumano
olof has 300iq
2020-05-02 09:34
NiKo is always right
2020-05-02 09:37
flag flair and cringe name
2020-05-02 10:02
Ok movi supporter
2020-05-02 14:49
not my fav team tho, useless comment
2020-05-02 16:15
Ok aguacsgo
2020-05-02 16:27
ok niko boyfriend
2020-05-02 19:18
Ok s1mple boyfriend
2020-05-03 05:29
It means, that they finally decided to work more on the team rather than swapping players every few months
2020-05-02 09:37
good sign
2020-05-02 09:38
Yeah, really. FaZe finally stopped this reshuffles.
2020-05-02 09:40
Austria mo_bamba
only kids think olof is bad
2020-05-02 09:43
They would have to win the major in order for Niko to be right
2020-05-02 09:43
Online results mean almost nothing. The Chaos we will see when all of this is over will be somewhat entertaining.
2020-05-02 09:54
epl was also online though
2020-05-02 14:52
and epl didnt mean a whole lot either
2020-05-02 19:56
Before RtR most wanted olofmeister to leave FaZe Clan, believing that with him they might not be in major. But NiKo decided to leave him in the team and play this tournament with him. source ?
2020-05-02 10:00
Brazil de_stroyed
He probably meant all the -olof threads on HLTV
2020-05-02 10:17
wtf who cares about this braindead topics. bullshit
2020-05-02 13:18
United Kingdom p0mpouS
I will add by very well you mean they have played mouz who are playing like shit and some other lower level teams. The only real top team on form they have played are G2 and he has a 0.94 rating. Over the last year hes had a few good events, but in general he hasnt been good, if he can perform like he did in the first im the first map vs mouz vs in form top teams then hes back but until then no.
2020-05-02 10:18
United States JoshDAA
You always talk shit about olof, fuck off for fucks sake. The only good player your country has is smooya and he isnt even close to olof. Stop it with the olof hate train, you always have excuses for when he is “actually” good
2020-05-03 06:26
it means olof is an typical sweden onliner ;) ;) ;)
2020-05-02 10:13
uhm, what? The only ppl who wanted to kick olof were retarded kiddos. So bcs of those imbicils, faze shoulde've remove olof or what? And how's the fuck "niko was right"? What is that logic? Its stupid to remove ur player which playing shitty roles during the krieg-meta. Idk dude what is this thread and what is this type of thinking lol.
2020-05-02 10:17
Hungary Rollie
Hopefully, yes. Even though they are in the significantly weaker group 4-0 is no small feat. Group A is stacked AF
2020-05-02 10:20
Israel tomnduck
8/8 niko is a great igl i think its a great thing giving space for cold to be the star
2020-05-02 10:20
Krieg is no more so you can see WHO can frag I guess
2020-05-02 10:44
the krieg is gone that's why
2020-05-02 10:53
rain | 
Netherlands Yourii
People cried because olof had 1 bad tournament Also olof has many experience mennnnn))))
2020-05-02 11:47
niko isn't the only decision maker on faze I would guess
2020-05-02 11:49
It means FaZe lost a map to Movistar Riders and Olof still has 0.95 rating last 30 days
2020-05-02 11:51
Spain daniel03s
im glad olof is back in better form :D
2020-05-02 13:20
im glad we are gonna win rio
2020-05-03 05:41
Spain daniel03s
lel i hope so. idk about that tbh. It seems weird that there are so many underdogs in it which I guess is gonna make it easier in a lan environment. But at the same time astralis and others are really popping off
2020-05-03 13:17
they havent been playing that well they had some good games vs mouse but struggled in most other matches, losing to movistar on 1 map, 2x OT vs g2, losing 1 map v north, all these except mouse are much weaker teams
2020-05-02 15:01
Turkey Tby17Q
If you really think Olof is playing good even with good stats in this tourney you are wrong and your cs knowledge is -100 compared to me
2020-05-03 05:31
Playing good is subjective however I would say Olof is doing more than he should and that’s a good sign.
2020-05-03 05:35
They still have to play vs GODSENT - CPH FLAMES - C0NTACT lets see his overall rating
2020-05-03 05:35
United States Hindy
Niko does not have a say in the team's purchasing and releasing players, HLTV peanut brains only think this
2020-05-03 05:45
no. niko had nothing to do with that, he wanted to kick him but broky said no. coldzera showed olof how to play (cuz he hates losing more than he hates ppl drinking coke at home) and he's starting to remember now. plus broky is OP so he's envious and that feeling fuels him while slowly consuming his sanity. EDIT: he's gonna start malding soon
2020-05-03 06:05
ofc ma boi was right
2020-05-03 06:10
He was right.
2020-05-03 13:18
Ukraine ksay
everything except at least making legends will be lackluster for FAZE "Does this mean that NiKo was right?" no 4-0 in RtR means nothing
2020-05-03 13:30
No, just easy group, thats it. Olof is so bad for 2 years. He will be bot against good teams again in playoffs. Niko decides everything for 2 years and look what faze achieved in 2 years. They spent more than 1 mill for one player just becuase he is a good friend of Niko. Faze is a braindead organisation. They let Niko make whatever he wants with the team. He brings all the friends to team and makes his friend coach. Faze is just a kids playground.
2020-05-03 14:03
Izako Boars
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