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just made bolognese spaghetti
Serbia bilostabrate 
What do u think :/
2020-05-02 15:33
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looks pretty good tbh, would like some more meat tho
2020-05-02 15:35
cam | 
United States girls 
so watery bro
2020-05-02 15:35
I heard its good too add a bit of that water that was boiling with spaghetti :)
2020-05-02 15:37
It is, but you need to simmer away the excess water. You're adding the pasta water for the starch, not the water itself.
2020-05-02 17:27
Finland Smoonah 
yeah but you only really need less than 50 tablespoons man 😬
2020-05-02 17:27
you need to splash the water into the sauce continuously over a stretch of time, like you do with carbonara.
2020-05-23 15:11
I made sauce a night before, I ate much of it so I just boiled spaghetti and put on whats left of sauce from last night so it looks like that. This is how sauce looks when I made.
2020-05-23 15:14
Looks good man Don't be too worried about it maybe looking a little watery, as your spaghetti will absorb some of the sauce, if you let it sit for one or two minutes after putting it together. I hope you enjoy it bro :)
2020-05-23 15:25
Yeah dude I know. A take a pic while it was still cooking, after 10 min of cooking sauce look solid and not watery :)
2020-05-23 15:42
Iran poopmod 
he just put on to much sauce
2020-05-02 16:59
This is how I made today :)
2020-05-05 18:01
United States me_0_major 
bro thats spaghetti soup
2020-05-05 18:23
cam | 
United States girls 
imo you should eg use a paper towel to get rid of the excess liquid when you're cooking the meat bro !
2020-05-05 18:36
looks extremely watery
2020-05-02 15:35
Poland Recruitn1 
yeah should look much more ... sauce
2020-05-02 15:39
sauce-y haha
2020-05-02 15:40
saucery lol
2020-05-02 17:34
#5 but maybe Im wrong idk.
2020-05-02 15:40
idk what you put in your sauce but we usually have it pretty thick and with vegetables too so if we would add water the vegetables would get soggy so we avoid putting water in
2020-05-02 15:42
I made sauce last night, I ate much of it so today I just boiled spaghetti and put on whats left of sauce from last night so it looks like that. I will post a pic of a sauce next time a make bolognese. It looks thick, u will like it I promise :) When making bolognese sauce, first I add onion and garlic, after that minced meat and various spices, tomato sauce and other stuff, bay leaf etc
2020-05-02 16:54
we add peas, carrots, corn and sometimes mushroom too and some thyme
2020-05-02 17:02
Yeah but thats not bolognese sauce. Mushrooms are for milanese sauce, for bolognese its minced meat..
2020-05-02 17:13
yeah we put meat too, mushrooms too sometimes
2020-05-02 17:23
I made it again today :)
2020-05-05 18:02
ahh that looks less watery indeed! enjoy mens))
2020-05-05 18:19
Looks very weird, but fucking delicious.
2020-05-02 15:36
My camera is also weird tbh. And on top I always add parmesan and some ketchup and its rly delicious :)
2020-05-02 15:39
Poland Recruitn1 
wait What? Ketchup ???????????????????? Italian s will kill you dude watchout
2020-05-02 15:40
LUL I just cant eat spaghetti without ketchup wtf..
2020-05-02 16:57
Poland Recruitn1 
I always do it without ketchup
2020-05-02 17:40
are u 6 wtf
2020-05-23 15:13
okay absolutely disgusting ketchup abuser right here, thats like adding milk/sugar/etc to coffe mate.
2020-05-02 15:42
ketchup abuser xd
2020-05-02 15:55
what's wrong with white coffee? :( I love it
2020-05-02 17:35
Poland Recruitn1 
Not strong true man needs Black and without black ur rascist mens)))
2020-05-02 17:41
Okay mens, I'll just headshot you saying I also put milk into tea :D
2020-05-02 17:46
Poland Recruitn1 
2020-05-02 17:49
hahahaha :DDD
2020-05-02 17:49
When tea is good, not from tea bags, I make it way too strong and put some milk to mild it up a little.
2020-05-02 17:51
the sauce is untwirlable. but still good
2020-05-02 15:40
Good job mens))
2020-05-02 15:40
Poland Recruitn1 
Men everyone knows that dr.oetker pizza best from germany :#
2020-05-02 15:41
where is the Parmesan?
2020-05-02 15:41
Its here brah :) I always add parmesan on top when served :)
2020-05-02 15:50
device | 
Morocco Morocco 
damn mens)) i'm fasting, looks sick
2020-05-02 15:42
Sweden GeT_CoRrEcT 
Gib me
2020-05-02 15:43
United States PsychoLogical 
its wet as fuck bruh
2020-05-02 15:51
i like Jamb0nese
2020-05-02 15:52
props for the bay leaf, you could put some rucola on it or make a salad by the side
2020-05-02 15:54
I put a lot of stuff and spices but never rucola, will try next time :)
2020-05-02 16:58
It's good
2020-05-02 15:55
Looks like their is a bit too much sauce for a bit too little spaghetti, but looks good besides that :) No cheese tho? You need cheese on spaghetti man
2020-05-02 17:24
Ofc I add parmesan on top when served :)
2020-05-02 17:32
gj man :)
2020-05-02 17:59
This is how I make sauce. That pic I posted before were just some leftovers from a sauce a made a night before, so thats why it looks like that :/
2020-05-05 18:00
Looks tasty! :)
2020-05-05 18:17
Finland Smoonah 
looks ok bro but more Thai looking than Italian 🥴
2020-05-02 17:25
Finland Surnoved 
looks good can i have some
2020-05-02 17:35
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Looks delicious. I kind of want a spaghetti bolognese now. :D
2020-05-02 17:43
2020-05-02 17:51
looks like a soup
2020-05-02 18:00
Made it again today, this is how it usually looks :)
2020-05-05 17:58
mens buy some proper wholegrain bronze-cut italian spagheti andi t would be so much better i can see the plastic supermarket teflon shine from here wtf
2020-05-05 18:27
Idk whats wrong?
2020-05-23 15:09
Israel zainshelsus 
honestly if you made the sphagetti itself real good well made it should be good :D
2020-05-23 15:16
Yeah I made it completelly by meself. Idk but for some reason I like cooking but I dont do it regularly.
2020-05-23 15:18
i have to eat now :) nice one!
2020-05-23 15:20
Disgusting, almost puke after seeing that picture.
2020-05-23 15:26
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