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How is ranking affected by winning maps vs matches?
Denmark Ulver 
How is the ranking affected by winning matches, compared to winning maps? Take two teams playing 10 Bo3s, and they all go to the third map, (so they play 30 maps in total). Team 1 wins 20 maps and loses the other 10, so you might think that Team 1 is twice as good as Team 2, if you look at the map wins and losses. However, if you look at the matches won, Team 1 won all the 10 Bo3s. So would Team 2 receive 0 points, or 50% points of what Team 1 receives in the rankings? The reason why I'm asking, is that we have several good teams that are able to take 1 map against top teams, but they very seldom win the entire Bo3. Take a look at c0ntact's latest matches for instance. And Complexity too. How is this reflected in the rankings?
2020-05-07 11:03
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God | 
Poland henlo
if u win u go up if u lose u go down
2020-05-07 11:04
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Denmark Ulver
If that's the case then the ranking is silly. I at least hoped it would affect their form positively. After all, you can't say that you have zero form, if you consistently manage to take 1 map from navi, astralis, vitality, fnatic etc. Taking 50% of the maps against the very top should account for something. It's like having a heavyweight boxing ranking, where a random child on the street is ranked the same, as a pro-boxer that almost beat Mike Tyson, because that pro-boxer didn't win against Mike.
2020-05-07 11:42
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stfu pls omg
2020-05-07 11:48
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Denmark Ulver
"Hi I'm an edgy 17-year-old child acting tough on the internet"
2020-05-07 11:49
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who cares about score when there is a winner?
2020-05-07 12:26
Winning maps, even if you lose the match does give you some ranking points, the rounds are not considered, losing 16-0 is the same as 16-14.
2020-05-07 11:49
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Denmark Ulver
That is good to know, thanks for answering 👍
2020-05-07 11:51
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