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Low sens is BAD
Thailand bigyarak 
1. you cant flick the enemy faster coz you need to move your mouse harder than high sens 2. your spray eventually is harder because you need to bend down your mouse much harder than high sens 3. basically better movement, better crosshair placement, better tracking prove me wrong
2020-05-08 06:46
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2020-05-08 06:47
yeah i prefer using sens that give benefits to me so i chose high xD
2020-05-08 06:48
2020-05-08 06:54
“i prefer using sens that give benefits to me“ LMAO
2020-05-08 06:56
whats wrong
2020-05-08 06:58
The admins deleted more than 30 “LMAO’s” to your question LMAO
2020-07-02 14:19
United States Amerika!
2020-07-03 03:02
2020-07-03 10:36
I prefer using the sence the pros use Anywhere between: 800 dpi - 1,4 ingame 400 dpi - 1,6 ingame those 2 works for me, try them out and see which one is best for u
2020-05-08 09:31
my mouse is weird it goes from 500dpi to 1000dpi so I have 1000 0.7
2020-05-08 09:51
I suppose that is decent. But u should try 500 dpi 1.5 ingame
2020-05-08 09:54
2020-05-08 11:27
High DPI and low sens is better than Low DPI and high sens
2020-05-08 12:26
France agea
why is that ? if you could explain pls
2020-05-08 14:06
Sens ingame is a multiplier whilest dpi is more of a ”true sens”. Put 100 dpi and high sens and you end up with huge amount of pixels skipping. You can even experience some pixel skipping with something like 400 dpi 2 sens. Easiest to see while scoping with awp and trying to aim on some 1mm gap. Doesnt happen with higher dpi because it is more precise. You seriously should not use 400 dpi these days, 800 basically feels the same and is way more precise. People just are stuck with 400 dpi cuz its what they’ve always used.
2020-05-08 14:12
I have never had the problem you described. I am using 400 dpi 2.0 sensitivity, maybe you just need to get a decent mouse?
2020-05-08 14:51
Its not related to mouse in any way. Feel free to enlighten yourself.
2020-05-08 15:02
Fuck you for wasting my time, there is negligible difference between 400 and 800 dpi. Where in the video does it show that 400 dpi skips pixels on AWP? Fuck you, retard!
2020-05-08 16:20
Feel free to try it yourself. As the video states, it depends on your dpi and resolution. For me, I can already experience the slight skipping on 400 dpi with 1280 x 960, best example is from Inferno long watching mid. Its not a big skip but its still annoying. You just probably cant move your mouse slow enough to actually see it. Doesnt change the fact that low dpi < high dpi (to a point)
2020-05-08 16:56
Lmao you are a person that will buy a trash "gaming mouse" because it advertised 16000 dpi. My mouse has a flawless sensor and I aim just fine with 400 dpi. Maybe your aim just sucks.
2020-05-08 17:16
Yes im sure gpw is a trash gaming mouse. Your opinion doesnt change facts tho, sorry.
2020-05-08 17:42
United States hleev4
wow so toxic
2020-05-08 19:26
Its not about being toxic when stupid people try to argue against proven facts.
2020-05-08 20:03
Germany Booya
yeah ebinzzi is fucking toxic, every fact he cant counter he swears some random bullshit, cs community in a nutshell
2020-07-03 11:08
2020-07-03 23:50
2020-07-03 11:02
Portugal DeviphZ
it skips, i mean it's not like the pixel it skips will be bad for you, that is actually a benefict of using 400 dpi, it's easier to move only in horizontal than with 800 dpi
2020-07-03 11:42
Plus the video proves that if you use max csgo in-game sens with low dpi you will see extremely small jump, so if you use normal in game (not 10.0), you'll be fine.
2020-05-08 19:33
Nobody said anything about that. There is pixel skipping on low dpi and its a fact.
2020-05-08 20:03
Yes, you are right, extremely low dpi, and max in-game sens can result in minuscule pixel jumps. However, taking the extreme example is not very well related to practice. As Philip stated in the video: using 2.0 in-game sensitivity at 400dpi results in 0.044 degree changes per "jump", so thats around 1/20 of a degree. So my point is: You can use 400dpi without seeing any sort of pixel-jumping.
2020-05-08 22:27
You cant tho. 400 dpi is low enough to experience a very tiny amount of pixel skipping that however is already visible.
2020-05-08 23:14
2020-07-02 14:22
2020-07-02 14:59
2020-07-02 21:13
Well its true but in new games pixel skipping is almost non-existent. Go play unreal tournament 1 and you will see huge pixel skipping with low sens. But in csgo it doesn't really matter.
2020-05-08 19:28
To some extent you can. Cba to film a video of 400 dpi - 2 sens 1280 x 960 pixel skips but they are there, trust me. Not so major that it would really have any effect in gameplay itself but you can still see them if you focus on it. There is absolutely no reason not to use 800 dpi for example. Its superior in every way. Unless you are one of these oldskool kiddos who claim that the feeling isnt the same. And if it isnt, its because of the pixel skips - checkmate.
2020-05-08 23:32
North America onionmesh
^^ better also because 800 dpi is better for just casual desktop use (for me) and you dont need to change the dpi from cs to desktop makes a difference on low res and very dar distances
2020-05-08 22:31
Definitely. I used 400 dpi on desktop for a long time but 800 > *
2020-05-08 23:29
when you push your sens up and DPI down, the sensor skips pixels that it would not skip if the sens was low and the DPI was higher. better tracking and smoothness on the mouse movement
2020-05-08 14:20
If I had 400 dpi - 1.85 sens in game, how much should be at 800dpi?
2020-05-08 14:24
1.85/2 so 0.925 in game 800 dpi in mouse
2020-05-08 14:26
if you decide to play with 1600 dpi for example you just divide 0.925 by 2 and you will get the same sens again. give them a go, its worth a try. initially it might seem like the mouse is slightly faster and i believe it has to do with the fact the movement is smoother. i have a zowie ec2a which has a problem with the sensor at low sens. if i use the mouse at 400 dpi and flick it fast, my crosshair will randomly point to the floor. at 800 dpi this does not happen. tell me what you think after trying it out
2020-05-08 14:27
I had an EC2a and played with 400dpi 1.85 and never had that issue, but was feeling that I was getting tired of having to move so much my arm. I got a Razer viper 2 days ago and so far it's been better than the ec2a. I'll give it a try and let you know how it feels.
2020-05-08 18:08
i am thinking about buying the viper or the gpro atm but cant decide. really like the vipers format
2020-05-08 19:01
I like the neutral shape of the mouse and the weight. It's a low mouse and your hands are very close to the pad, which I like better. It makes a good difference and your arm isn't that tired after a match. Rocket Jump ninja compared both, it may help!
2020-05-09 05:18
just get the EDPI and divide it by what DPI you want to use and you will get what you should put ur sens
2020-05-08 14:47
3rd grade math^^
2020-05-08 17:36
thanks for collaborating in nothing to the topic ^.^
2020-05-08 18:38
Are you sure that the DPI and not the polling rate.
2020-05-08 12:13
oh fuck it probably is
2020-05-08 12:26
LMAO Aahaha
2020-05-08 14:20
Mine does the exact same. Corsair? I like to use 1 sens @ 1000 dpi
2020-05-08 14:38
It's just different kind of mouse, I think. No I have some cheap old steelseries. That's quite high sens though, not judging. I used to play 1000dpi 1,45 ingame
2020-05-08 19:02
ah fair enough, ive recently swapped from 1.6 @ 500 and i feel like it has helped me be more consistant. I don't think DPI really matters though it's just the eDPI :)
2020-05-08 19:35
2020-05-08 19:36
but s1mple still use above that
2020-07-03 11:10
ur probably like level 5 dw dude u suck xd
2020-05-08 13:39
Australia JLeeT_
Okay..... S1 be like
2020-05-08 14:23
sh1ro | 
Russia R3YBAH
it is useless, unless ur NiKo but tbh it's all personal
2020-05-08 06:47
thats why he never entry coz low sens give you disadvantage at entry. that s why he baits alot
2020-05-08 06:49
sh1ro | 
Russia R3YBAH
I'd say crosshair placement abuse
2020-05-08 06:49
NiKo | 
United Kingdom p0mpouS
Dupreeh has been the best dedicated entry for years, he plays 720EDPI, thats still pretty low, on a 450mm mouse mat, the average pro size, you cant even do 360 with that EDPI.
2020-05-08 06:50
thats average for me
2020-05-08 06:56
The average pro sens is 880, hes 160 below that. Rain hes an entry he plays 660.
2020-05-08 06:57
Venezuela Jorge_
dismantled his shit argument
2020-05-08 12:00
rain is a bot
2020-05-08 12:23
Yeah, such a bot that hes a successful t1 pro who plays entry vs some of the worlds best.
2020-05-08 12:43
United States Amerika!
I guess jackZ is too since he plays on 1.66 400
2020-07-03 05:01
What sens do you use then?
2020-05-08 07:20
It's low.
2020-05-08 07:25
Jackz plays on 1.66 400 and hes a really good entry
2020-05-08 17:00
dxont need to do 360 at all, 180 is enough in this game
2020-05-08 14:41
Romania decis1ve
thats really wrong lmao, silver talking
2020-05-08 07:28
lmao, you have no idea how to entry a site. Normally you enter by following a entry path and since you must have a good crosshair placement for that to instant headshot, there is no point of having a higher sense. Sens is just personal preference. Even niko and michu can 180 flick sometimes so there is no point in this discussion
2020-05-08 09:48
Rpk was the best entry back in 1.6 today he is still very good at 30 years old he litterally got 400 dpi 1.8 sens
2020-05-08 12:23
rain is entry and he has had lower sens than Niko. They play with around the same. They both play with around 400dpi 1,5
2020-05-08 12:48
niko is one of the most aggresive players, especially on the CT side, wtf u smokin
2020-05-08 18:40
no hes not, wtf u smokin
2020-05-08 19:06 sort by attempts + consider that he is a rifler but i dont need stats for that, even with bad stats niko is always doing hard work, dont forget about igling too btw
2020-05-08 21:07
What the holy fuck does that have to do with him being a (not) aggressive player on ct
2020-05-08 21:10
agresiveness on CT is just an observation, but overall you can easily see that he has almost the highest opening frag attempts percentage, pretty obvious proof
2020-05-08 21:20
Im talking CT. On CT side hes not aggressive
2020-05-08 21:21
why should i
2020-05-08 06:47
NiKo | 
United Kingdom p0mpouS
Lower sens gives you a wider margin for error. If you have an EDPI of 1000 dpi your target will take up half the area as it would if you had 500EDPI.
2020-05-08 06:47
but you also need to move your mouse twice as far to hit the right spot, so relatively to the length of your movement, the margin is exactly the same.
2020-05-08 10:56
No, since the distances you are moving are still short, they are within 50cm, well within the range remaining accurate, people can flying kick and knee with amazing accuracy from well over 8 feet away so that argument doesnt stand.
2020-05-08 12:17
just for fun go outside and try to put the key to your house in the lock in 1 smooth movement at different distances and you will see what i mean
2020-05-08 12:20
People can hit the exact point they want on a golf ball from much further than the length of my arm plus a key, its not an argument, also to make your argument even more moronic, its a supported movement, you are resting on a table making you more stable, you have no argument.
2020-05-08 12:24
people who play golf practice one stance for thousands of hours so they can consistently hit the ball at that distance away from them, so clearly its not easy, its a good argument for me.
2020-05-08 12:25
No its not as people who play CS practice the same thing, so the distance if the movement makes no difference. Its all about the margin of error the sens gives you, if you cant understand that then you really are as stupid as you sound.
2020-05-08 12:27
To try and say that moving 5cm with your arm makes you half as accurate as moving 2.5cm is nothing but moronic.
2020-05-08 12:27
if for you its just as easy to move 5cm as 2.5cm then you should go pro in cs bcause apparently for you crosshair placement is irrelevant and you can do accurate flicks in whole 360 degree circle around you np
2020-05-08 15:21
ur so dumb
2020-07-02 14:30
Russia nobody_cars
it's more precise and consistent. Also easier to hit shots on long range
2020-05-08 06:51
Venezuela Jorge_
And tracking/flicking is much more precise.
2020-05-08 12:00
I play with 400 dpi 1 sens. I can flick anywhere in my screen. It's just that if you have high sens , you play only with your wrist or just palm movement. I play with my full hand. I am used to it now.
2020-05-08 06:52
India _Jazz_
That's way too low
2020-05-08 07:01
CS 1.0 was my first game in 1999 and sen was somehow set to really low at that time, I think I got used to that. I am pretty much comfortable.
2020-05-08 07:17
I play with my full hand as well but 400 dpi 1 sens is just too low. 800 dpi 1.3 sens here.
2020-05-08 07:01
There's no way you play with your full hand.
2020-05-08 12:17
he probably does play with his full hand but he probably doesnt ever need to use his whole arm to swipe. im on 800 dpi 0.75 sens and i need to use my arm if I wanna do a 180+
2020-05-08 14:25
I don't really like the argument of 180 deg turn because most probably you are dead high or low sens unless a bot spray from behind
2020-07-03 11:12
yea but imagine you wanna quickly swap angles that are 180 apart. if you have space to move your mouse you will be able to do it without lifting your mouse or repositioning your hand. with higher sens this is easier to achieve.
2020-07-03 17:11
the better you are as a player, the less you rely on flicks cause you know where to look. crosshair placement is the most important.
2020-05-08 06:52
cant agree tbh. flicking is always neccessary. Preaiming a spot and flicking to an off angle for example. but yes crosshair placement is the first thing to learn
2020-05-08 10:11
even if you preaim an angle your enemy can peek tight or wide or jump or crouch or sometimes run out on a ledge at different elevation, so you need to be able to make small adjust quickly and that simply takes longer the lower your sens is
2020-05-08 10:57
i dont think there is a significant difference in the amount of time it takes for a small or a big adjustment in your hand as long as muscle memory kicks in and even if there is a difference it doesnt seem to be a disadvantage for niko or all other pros with low sens
2020-05-08 11:05
if you physically have to move your mouse further it will take longer, you can clearly see this watching someone with high sens like woxic playing, he can just click faster than opponent and its not only because he has good reaction time of course with that high sens most ppl cant aim accurately but if you play awp you dont have to
2020-05-08 11:08
"if you physically have to move your mouse further it will take longer," only if you assume the speed of the movement is the same the brain on every player should work circa in the same speed, thus the amount of time it takes to make an adjustment based on muscle memory should be nearly the same. woxic can of course flick a wider angle but we were talking about an adjustment to a preaimed spot where imo sens doenst make a difference. if you need to flick 90 degrees or more then yes, woxic has the advantage in terms of speed but still not in point of accuracy since a comparable error results in a bigger offset from the target really though, sens is just personal preference
2020-05-08 11:15
even on very short movements, having to move your mouse a few mm and click is faster than moving it 2cm and click it is a preference but the preference is a trade-off between accuracy and speed
2020-05-08 11:17
didnt you read what i wrote? if you assume the velocity of the hand is the same for every adjustment, there wil of course be a difference in time. But the adjustment is made in your brain with muscle memory, thus the time it takes should be the same since your arm or hand movement is not always the same. If you adjust only a little bit the hand will move a little slower, if you need to adjust more the hand will move faster based on MUSCLE MEMORY there only is a difference if its a flick. small adjustments take the same time regardless of the sensitivity
2020-05-08 11:24
but muscle memory can also make you move fast for small movement, having low sens doesnt change the laws of physics about how fast you can move your hand
2020-05-08 11:25
Dont argue with him hes one of the dumbest people on HLTV. He thinks the A1 is better than the A4 meanwhile no one uses it. He doesnt understand that good players only need to make small correction, the extra speed means less in short distances on screen, the extra margin for error means far more.
2020-05-08 12:30
+1 this guy is a complete idiot
2020-05-08 13:08
World ZMDR
2020-05-08 18:38
Venezuela Jorge_
400 dpi 1.7 sens here and unless you have a small table/mousepad I can flick comfortably and more precisely than with high sens.
2020-05-08 12:02
0/8 Have a good day!
2020-05-08 06:53
ive always used high sens in every game ive ever played
2020-05-08 06:55
+1 we have the speedforce
2020-05-08 09:38
flash reference?
2020-05-08 09:49
2020-05-08 09:50
Sweden frizzahh
Low sens>high sens gang
2020-05-08 06:58
2020-05-08 11:00
Australia JLeeT_
no doubt. high sense gangs are pussys
2020-05-08 14:24
India _Jazz_
I use 1.73, 400 dpi. I don't know whether it's considered low sens or high.
2020-05-08 07:02
Low, the average pro uses 2.2.
2020-05-08 07:06
me > you, proven u wrong
2020-05-08 07:04
i use low sens and im best player uk so who cars?
2020-05-08 07:05
Good grammar you fake flagger!
2020-05-08 09:25
Just use 800-1000 eDPI, youll be a pro
2020-05-08 07:05
2020-05-08 15:16
2020-05-08 17:03
Ez, i use 900 edpi and im droppin 30 bombs per map 😎😎😎
2020-05-08 18:34
You cant flick the enemy fasterr because you have noodle arms probably. Chad players with muscles have no problem using low sens.
2020-05-08 07:07
Romania decis1ve
2020-05-08 07:26
2020-05-08 09:29
rain | 
France HYPNO5
2020-05-08 11:05
Venezuela Jorge_
+1 And also poor CIS/Asian people who can't afford a desk and they play in their dirty and tiny kitchen table, with an even smaller and shit plastic mouse pad they were given for free in some promotion in some shit store in their shit mall.
2020-05-08 12:06
why u describing yourself men)))
2020-05-08 14:12
Venezuela Jorge_
Salty cuz true? Expected from Belarus lol
2020-05-08 19:52
Everything you said is wrong :)
2020-05-08 23:39
2020-05-08 16:12
2020-05-08 14:55
every sense is good if it's good enough for you
2020-05-08 07:18
Who need a good sense when you can use P90 and rush B?
2020-05-08 09:24
truth but anyway
2020-05-08 09:25
2020-05-08 09:29
If it's bad for you then don't use it. Personally I prefer high sens as well (3.1 @ 400 dpi).
2020-05-08 07:29
Lithuania LTComedy
thats fucking high af
2020-05-08 10:45
I used to play with 3.5 in CS 1.6.
2020-05-08 12:22
not really, a lot of pros have >1000 eDPI
2020-07-02 15:09
Venezuela Jorge_
I would puke using that sens
2020-05-08 12:06
Hah, s1mple sens. I used to play 3.9 with 400DPI but I just felt that my hands hurt more then while I was playing on Lower
2020-05-08 12:30
s1mple sens is 3.09 as far as I remember.
2020-05-12 16:09
3.09 @ 400dpi - s1mple
2020-07-02 15:37
Poland Tricker1
400, 3.182 here :DD
2020-05-08 16:32
Sweden Fizze
3 here aswell don't know if it's good I'm just used to it
2020-07-03 10:55
1.27 @ 400dpi, come at me bruh
2020-05-08 07:31
Danila are u crazy?!
2020-05-08 09:25
nah, playing with such low sens for past 15 yrs, feels good and clean
2020-05-08 09:30
Venezuela Jorge_
true, you must have a pretty big mousepad
2020-05-08 12:07
can you guys just link your faceit page after dpi/sens? 1500 DPI 0.5 ingame sensitivity
2020-05-08 07:35
2020-05-08 13:10
2020-07-03 05:03
Low sens = better tracking
2020-05-08 09:23
nice men)) you are forsaken yeah?
2020-05-08 09:30
how did you know?
2020-05-08 10:42
Yeah 0.1 sens best doing 1.5kd on silver 2 so far this tracking is amazing might try to go even lower to get better
2020-05-08 10:54
No low better
2020-05-08 09:31
low sens is for baiter noobs
2020-05-08 09:43
nobody asked & nobody cares
2020-05-08 09:52
rain | 
France HYPNO5
2020-05-08 11:04
2020-05-08 18:34
Lithuania LTComedy
why should you care what other people use lmao? It's a preference, you can flick as good with low sens as you can with high sens. I use not high not low= 400, 2.08
2020-05-08 10:46
Thats below the pro average.
2020-05-08 11:11
That's why if you're smart you choose medium 2-2.2 sens only talented people can go 3+ sens
2020-05-08 10:52
exactly look at s1mple 6.5 sens 4000 dpi ez tier 1
2020-05-08 11:03
rain | 
France HYPNO5
i think its more about sticking with it for very long than being talented
2020-05-08 11:04
its more about just chilling out and staying relaxed instead of being tense and trying to swipe your mouse at 10.000km per hour, if you tense up with high sens you cant aim for shit, you need to relax your wrist and your shoulder, most cs players are super tense
2020-05-08 11:11
rain | 
France HYPNO5
2020-05-08 11:15
s1mple is a one out of 100mio talent. he is like messi. you cant learn it.
2020-05-08 11:58
???? you hopefully realize cs is the only game where ppl play on such ridiculous low sens and simples sens is perfectly normal in any other game right? also there are lots of other players with high sens, from the top of my head some known ones are forest and woxic but there are more
2020-05-08 12:01
s1mple is still the best aimer across all shooters.
2020-05-08 12:01
maybe in 2015, but now only with aimbot
2020-05-08 12:01
there were ppl playing cod4 or even 1.6 or source with way more mechanical skill, csgo at high level is more about teamwork than aim, its not a very rewarding game for someone with good aim because the guns are all inaccurate oh and also of course quake and ut, voo vs fatality that is peak fps skill, not simple playing csgo
2020-05-08 12:03
ok, give me one name then quake is shit compared to cs go. its very one dimensional
2020-05-08 12:04
i only see speed not insane accuracy. not impressed at all.
2020-05-08 12:05
look at their tracking with the minigun lol
2020-05-08 12:06
there is no recoil in that game, its not impressive in any way tbh
2020-05-08 13:00
no but the movement is super fast so tracking is very difficult, you should try it sometime so you can appreciate it, ppl still play quake
2020-05-08 15:19
you need higher sens for that game bc of the movement mechanics and also that weird explosion they throw on their backs to fly around haha, not my type of game but maybe one day ill give it a go :D
2020-05-08 15:58
they turn around to shoot rockets at the floor behind them and jump at the same time when it hits so you need to be able to do 180s rly fast yeah
2020-05-08 16:01
youre such a wannabe know-it-all
2020-05-08 13:12
you can remove the wannabe part
2020-05-08 15:19
25-35cm/360 is pretty normal, in cs its considered high
2020-05-08 12:00
Ukraine ksay
dude s1mple is tense af his crosshair is shaking and his body is scuffed during playing the game tension gives you high precision but very uncomfortable and not for everyone
2020-05-08 14:30
yes but he aimbots these days, when he played in flipside and hellraisers he was not tense
2020-05-08 15:22
Brazil dsnzera
i dont tkinh so your corsshair placement gonna be better but, your spray gonna be worse 100% if you play csgo just for flickshots, you are a bad player another confirmation is the most of proplayers use low sens im wrong? please tell me :c
2020-05-08 10:59
you dont need low sens to spray, otherwise how does f0rest exist? its just a preference. for some ppl its easier with high sens, apparently for most ppl its easier with low sens
2020-05-08 11:13
Brazil dsnzera
exactly 100% preference but, low sens is most usual like f0rest, woxic and others idk if you understood me
2020-05-08 11:23
2020-05-08 11:24
woxic and elige don't use high sens they use CRAAAAAAAAZY high sens
2020-05-08 14:25
400 dpi 2.9 sens its crazyy high sens? mens bad(
2020-05-08 14:41 elige retard cunt)
2020-05-08 14:52
Lithuania KingOfPing
a lot depends on game chair, + for me much better control spray with lower sens.
2020-05-08 11:07
and he gaming carpet too
2020-05-08 16:01
High sens is bad
2020-05-08 11:05
INS | 
Australia CLEGGY
use high dpi with low sens brainlet
2020-05-08 11:14
Poland femer
1300 cpi 3.8 sens
2020-05-08 11:15
Turkey Xympo
woxic is playin 1600dpi 1.50sens and left handed :o
2020-05-08 11:18
I am @1600 1.18 and I dunno how he performs, because at 1.2 and over I am overshooting hard.
2020-05-08 11:21
speed doesn't matter, you can be fast with both
2020-05-08 11:23
400/2 best
2020-05-08 11:27
i confirm
2020-05-08 11:56
Europe MaHoTei
low sens is better crosshair placement tho
2020-05-08 11:29
how does sens change crosshair placement?
2020-05-08 12:26
Europe MaHoTei
its does alot with lower sens its easier to track corners try tracking corners or crosshairplacement in general with 2,5 sens and then 1.5 and tell me the dif you will see but imo higher sens is still better in game overall
2020-05-08 14:07
Greece Graecos
Move your hand quicker
2020-05-08 11:30
Serbia bra1np
higher sens harder to track and control spray.. that thing you're talking about, like lower sens needs more movement, it's true, but it's more precise that way :) think about that
2020-05-08 11:51
ovu budalu na stranu, ovo je cisti bait, al kako moze kompletna ruka biti preciznija od sake
2020-05-08 12:26
Serbia bra1np
veri izi, ako imas veci sens, da pomeris misa samo milimetar u CSu, ti saku moras da pomeris bukvalno mikrometar, sto je nemoguce i promasujes... ako imas pak manji sens, da bi pomerio misa milimetar u CSu, treba ti 2milimetara na stolu, sto je svakako vrlo lako izvodljivo, i tako
2020-05-08 13:36
yes, but low sens users have bad genetics and aim like they have parkinson.
2020-05-08 11:55
United Kingdom bev012
It’s all Preference just like resolution.
2020-05-08 11:57
600 dpi 1.3 sens , 1.2 zoom sens - faceit lvl 10
2020-05-08 12:01
400 dpi .65 sens 3000+ elo cry is free
2020-05-08 12:03
France NekzNNJA
Stupid nerd obsessed over his sens, just grind the game kid
2020-05-08 12:10
0.7 sens with 400dpi 5/11 and im lvl10 with 3k elo its all about preferences
2020-05-08 12:13
and you just started last month
2020-05-08 12:24
biggest baiter on faceit
2020-05-08 12:25
2020-05-08 14:18
i can't aim above 2@400DPI almost always played on 1.77@400DPI above is so weird to me at 3 for example i can't even aim properly, my spray are shit, can't have a good crosshair placement and i flick too hard so it does a 360 lmao high sens is shit and my sprays are good enough for me, i can hs anyone on a spray transfer nt
2020-05-08 12:29
aizy | 
Denmark Gryde
worse crosshair placement*******
2020-05-08 12:30
Much easier and more accurate to aim with low sens. I have 540 eDPI and I'm primary awp. Hitting all my shots including the occasional flick. Just learn to flick with arm and things will feel a lot easier
2020-05-08 12:48
Spain JLenny47
If you need to flick you're playing this game wrong
2020-05-08 12:50
safest bet usually would be around 800-1000 edpi i think
2020-05-08 13:12
my sens is higher than woxic's and I wish I played on low sens but I cant change
2020-05-08 13:33
I said the same , played 3.5 sens because of shit mouse and mousepad , after i got a better mouse i decided to change to 2 at 400dpi. After that i cant go above 2.5 sens so you can but it takes time.
2020-05-08 13:56
the problem is that I still have small table, not much space for me :c
2020-05-08 14:04
I don't understand why people don't use windows aim accel (don't use csgo ac because it sucks on source engine) just put it on windows and then put raw input off, you get all the benefits of having low sens, and you can flick very fast, and don't come at me with the bullshit of being unstable, because I have used it for a bit longer than without it, and my aim is still just as good.
2020-05-08 13:37
Sweden Zolity
2020-05-08 14:28
lowsens is baitsens lowsesns is i never go first sens lowsens is i want to play like old navi sens lowsens is i get always killed from behind sens
2020-05-08 13:42
2020-05-08 14:26
The lower sens is, the easier it is to aim - fact. Margin for error is so much bigger with low sens. Only few pros can use high sens properly. The other question is... Will u be able to move ur arm without exhaustion? So everyone tries to find a balance.
2020-05-08 14:20
just a myth, play long time highsens and its easy i dont talk about 9 sens
2020-05-08 14:26
was playing with 1200 dpi and 2.0 sens for like 5 years. Then tried something like 800 dpi and 1.5 sens. Its so much better. The thing is... the lower sens is, the bigger square ur opponent's head will have on ur mousepad. Its just fact, u cant deny it.
2020-05-08 14:41
1200 and 2 sens is 6 sens at 400 dpi, this is an unplayable highsens mens - - 800 dpi 1.5 is 3, its still a highsens , lowsens is 1-1,5 at 400 dpi, its more then half the low than what u now play , u are a highsenser my friend , cant deny it
2020-05-08 14:50
by that logic niko is not lowsenser since he is using 400dpi, 1.7. Besides that I dont say I play super low sens. I just mentioned the fact that it will be easier to aim, because square is bigger. Its obvious that noone will play on 0.00005 sens. Its really all about your arm and how do u feel on certain sensitivity. Guys like woxic have surgeon accuracy in their hands, so they can go for high sens. But I cant even draw straight line properly so lower sens is better for me and most of the people. + low sens requires big table, big mousepad and good mouse sensor.
2020-05-08 15:12
1.7 is slow but 1.8 is normal i would say 1.9 and 2 is prettx normal sens
2020-05-08 15:15
i use 400 dpi 3.5 sens(trash mouse)
2020-05-08 14:37
coldzera low sens niko low sens device low sens dupreeh low sens twistzz low sens flamie low sens electronic low sens and more more and more
2020-05-08 14:43
nice! :)
2020-05-08 14:48
coldzera 2.2 not lowsens - dupreeh normal sens electronic 2.2 not lowsens lowsens is from 1.2- 1.6 maybe 1.7 1.7- 2.5 normal sens ´ then comes highsens all at 400 dpi nt
2020-05-08 14:52
400dpi 3.1 sens
2020-05-08 14:58
u are wrong, with ur low sens u have better control with mouse, especialy on long distance. u can flick if u are used to low sens. u dont have better movement, but ur aim is like 20% better if u play like me on low sens. with 1.5 sens i had like 50%HS per match now with 0.9 sens 400dpi i have like 80% per match on 25+frags :)
2020-05-08 16:02
i play on 800 dpi 0.9 and i can still flick pretty easily
2020-05-08 16:06
bro its 1.8 sens in 400 dpi :D im used to play on 400 dpi 0.4 sens but i rised because my movement was bad :D
2020-05-08 16:06
400 0.4? wtf dude:D
2020-05-08 16:07
didnt mean to reply to your post xd
2020-05-08 16:06
low sens is only useful for long range tapping. it absolute sucks for spray control and close range fights
2020-05-08 16:07
its not if u have big mousepad and u are playing a lot of years on lowsens :)
2020-05-08 16:10
North America Straf3R
have to disagree. My spray is god tier
2020-05-08 19:07
mens 400 dpi 1.2 sens is not low wtf((
2020-05-08 16:34
Turkey Xetax
I dont expect from u to play good with low sens cuz only real alphas can play with low sens
2020-05-08 16:35
high sens is shit when you have to move just a few pixels to aim for the head.
2020-05-08 16:40
Its not bad
2020-05-08 17:21
In high sensitivity you are using mostly wrist to move your mouse, there are less muscles that are involved in. In low sensitivity your wrist works also but much works is moved into forearm muscle. From a scientific point of view there is proof that muscles have movement memory which means, when you play lower sens your ability to flick and fast crosshair placement is more accurate than using high sens. It all depends on mousepad you are using. Its very uncomfortable to use small pad while playing with low sens, but if you switch to big mousepad, set your arm in comfortable position is way more effective to play. It will take time to get use to it but trust me, effect will come :)
2020-05-08 18:47
thats bullshit, some muscles are better for fine motoric movements. the muscles that move your wrist are much more accurate than the muscles moving your forearm.
2020-05-08 18:50
Its not working that way. Accuracy of your body movement depends on how many trailers are involved. In high sens, work of your wrist is depends on wirst trailers of forearm, while when you play on low sens, your wrist also works but there is a elbow trailer involved. If we talking about the sens, you are right but keep in mind we talk about sensitivity in game, which means your wrist movement is scaled. The less your move is scaled the more accurate it is, which means, ALWAYS lower sens will be more accurate :) You talking about the motion as it is, i talk about the motion moved in to the screen which is difference.
2020-05-08 19:13
flicking with more weight ( forearm) increases inaccuracy because its harder to accurately stop your forearm due to force. tl:dr you need a well balanced sens. one that you can make accurate smaller flicks with wrist and bigger swipes with forearm. anything from 2-3 sens 400 dpi. a well balanced mix of wrist+forearm movements is optimal.
2020-05-08 19:15
Keep in mind that weight of your forearm is spread, because your hand lies on the table. As i said before, in lower sens more muscles (trailers) are involved in, which means they set in motion your forearm but also stop it. You speak like your forearm motion would be controled by wrist but it's just the opposite... Explain me why most of pros using smaller edpi even if CS:GO is based on peaking and holding angles which means requiers less crosshair placement if comepare it to 1.6. I agree with you, good balance of wrist+forearm movement is the best way, but in higher sens, your forearm work is less. There is no way that higher sens could result in more accuracy.
2020-05-08 19:24
pros arent doing anything special. they are holding angles. they need consistency. after 10k hours everyone knows how to shoot. its about consistency. lower sens will hold you back but also make your more consistent.
2020-05-08 20:14
weird that your love child olof plays 1.7@400dpi
2020-07-02 14:24
North America Straf3R
.7 sens 800 dpi god settings
2020-05-08 19:06
2020-05-08 19:27
2020-05-09 08:37
Singapore Asturobot
You haven't been active recently and cannot post more than five replies per day
2020-05-08 20:04
This thread...
2020-05-09 08:38
As a low sens user i 100% agree, but i just can't use high sens it is not for me.
2020-07-02 14:20
i thought so, too. i tried higher sens but it never worked for me till i realized that i need a change in my aiming style. i was mainly using my arm like 90%. i forced myself to play with my wrist and only use arm when i make large swipes. now, my aim is on different level. wrist is more accurate and faster.
2020-07-02 14:32
try using mouse accel if you can't hit flicks and don't want a higher sens. After muslce memory sets in your flicks will look like aimbot.
2020-07-02 15:33
860edpi is perfect
2020-07-02 14:23
Preference. I play at high sens.
2020-07-02 14:24
Portugal astacp
1. you can flick if you know how to move your arm. 2. sprays are even easier with low sens, thats one of the advantages. 3. better crosshair placement and tracking is also another advantage of low sens. there's no better or worst, its a matter of what you are used to and with what you trained your muscle memory. 962 edpi here.
2020-07-02 14:37
Not for me
2020-07-02 15:01
Ukraine ksay
i use low/medium sens because i feel completely different about your points just like everyone i used to be high sens but after decades of experience i prefer medium/low
2020-07-02 15:04
it really is personal preference, as long as your muscle memory is adapted it doesn't really matter. low sens players know to use the elbow and arm which makes flicking possible if a little slow. a fine tradeoff for the increased accuracy. for me, I use 3250 edpi and enhance pointer precision for extra crackhead aiming. its really dumb to do that, but ive been doing it for years and my muscle memory is adapted to it.
2020-07-02 15:15
800 1 here 1280x1024
2020-07-02 15:29
ez to flick with mouse accel so ur argument is irrelevant
2020-07-02 15:32
If i play low sense i'll break my hand cause no space. No kapp
2020-07-02 15:34
2020-07-02 15:34
its just ur own preference
2020-07-02 15:40
and that's why a top 3 raw skill player uses it
2020-07-02 15:58
2020-07-03 03:00
Germany K3v1
400dpi 2.2 bestestestest.
2020-07-03 03:07
hey we have the same sensitivity, but I have 800 dpi and 1.1
2020-07-03 11:11
There is a sweet spot , if the sens is too low you can't react to off angles or something like that and if the sens is too high you won't be as accurate and overshoot targets
2020-07-03 10:49
no u
2020-07-03 10:59
if youre talented you play high sens
2020-07-03 11:08
You simply cannot say that. I have low sens yet i would fuck you any day of the week. Now idk if 800 eDPI is ”low sens” to you but the best players also have low sens.
2020-07-03 11:10
1.60 sens and 1200 dpi is low sens?
2020-07-03 11:45
1. just move your mouse wtf 2. not true 3. true but it doesnt effect you that much, just pre aim every corner 400 @ 1.5
2020-07-03 12:16
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