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R8 my chill song
Grim | 
Norway verydenkmem 
I made some progress on as song I am working on. It's a very chill track with ambient elements, a guitar, and some smooth synths aswell. I am really happy with what I made so far and i hope you like it. It was originally supposed to be future bass and since I've been getting alot of feedback saying that my songs are very generic, I thought i would make something like this. It's kind of lofi-y.
2020-05-11 23:28
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It's obviously not done yet
2020-05-11 23:28
Mongolia bozgor 
then why show it?
2020-05-11 23:38
On the go feedback. So I know what to work on. You have apparently listened to it, so why not rate it or give some feedback.
2020-05-11 23:33
2020-05-11 23:31
Finland Sorsastajala 
pretty chilly i would rate it as a 5/8 bit bland but you can make it cooler
2020-05-11 23:32
Bulgaria Minatø 
its good keep it up ! you will improve ♥
2020-05-11 23:34
Thank you ☺️
2020-05-11 23:36
Sounds like its 2007 and im looking at a tutorial for clearing shadowfang keep
2020-05-11 23:38
Quite good
2020-05-11 23:39
if this is chill then my severe stress and anxiety are chill the drums and guitar shit are too plucky and the chiptune melody whatever at the end just doesnt fit the chill style you're going for. as an individual song its decent, but it doesnt fulfill its purpose as a chill song. i'd ditch this style and create some future bass shit if that's what you're going for
2020-05-11 23:41
nice name
2020-05-12 00:03
Portugal NabasKi 
Not bad actually, I just feel like the melody doesn't fit in itself, like the ending of it sounding a bit weird before it begins again.
2020-05-11 23:39
I'll ditch the melody and just keep on with the rest I think
2020-05-11 23:56
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