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netflix series
Germany Biggest_Bigg_Fan 
recommend me something interesting that will kill me a lot of time Ive watched money heist breaking bad mindhunter alienist ozarks and whole lotta more that I dont remember titles of
2020-05-12 13:10
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device | 
Denmark JKTP 
Narcos - only colombia tho
2020-05-12 13:11
2020-05-12 13:11
You’ll probably like these: Dark Black Mirror The Haunting Of Hill House Black Spot Perfume (2018) Collateral Requiem Marianne The Sinner Criminal: UK More trivial/teenage series: (but still good) 13 Reasons Why We are The wave The Order You The Rain The Mist
2020-05-12 13:37
i can recommend black mirror and haunting of hill house, both exceptionally good series you & the rain are ok as well
2020-05-12 14:46
Yeah agree. The rest is also good and Black Spot is kinda underrated in my opinion.
2020-05-12 15:54
the rain's first season was okay, 7/10. second season absolute cancer and didnt watch further than second episode. Simones full season 2 dialogue; RASMUS!!!!!! RASMUS!!! RASMUS??
2020-05-13 02:22
+1 for Black Spot this series is very fucking good
2020-05-13 15:59
Denmark slacking 
better call saul if you enjoyed BB
2020-05-12 13:11
yeah I might try again but first time I saw 1st episode it didnt hook me
2020-05-12 13:12
United Kingdom KieranFR 
it's one of those that gets better and better
2020-05-12 13:16
Denmark slacking 
really slow at start but it's just as good as BB later on it focuses alot on character development at start which is good
2020-05-12 13:17
Poland aiken 
I think the whole show is pretty slow. It's no where near BB in terms of plot twist and action. I don't think it would be popular without its predecessor.
2020-05-12 14:51
it's pretty different from BB, basically just takes in the same universe. later on it gets more BB like. it's good though but not really "BB part 2"
2020-05-12 13:20
I started The 100 and it goes well at the moment.
2020-05-12 13:13
watched season 1, is it worth watching after that?
2020-05-12 13:14
yeah its nice I watched 5 seasons in 4 days. Now I'm starting season 6. It can get silly at season 3 but season 4 and 5 are pretty good. You should keep watching it.
2020-05-12 17:51
alright, thanks bro
2020-05-12 17:51
United Kingdom KieranFR 
making a murderer is worth a watch Peaky blinders if you haven't seen it
2020-05-12 13:14
gonna check both, thanks
2020-05-12 13:15
making a murderer is terrible, they left out half of the evidence and I honestly don't understand how it's even allowed to publish "documentaries" that spread misinformation on that level
2020-05-12 13:22
Finland saltkiN 
how is that misinformation? they are just letting everyone know that the cops made mistake and they just rigged the guy into jail lol
2020-05-12 13:28
no, the guy straight up murdered the woman and the show "forgot" to mention like half the evidence. also they don't provided any evidence that there was conspiracy going on from the current police. they even brought in external cops, why are all those cops and judges in on this conspiracy? the whole "documentary" is textbook conspiracy / propaganda.
2020-05-12 13:32
Finland saltkiN 
you just trust police too much. its america, they made a huge mistake before when they locked him and needed "revenge". like seriously you think someone would murder a woman in his own yard and "hide" the car with 1 cloak? they searched the house illegally and many times its easy to set blood and the car keys etc inside the house... and I can swear to you government had their fingers in it aswell no question. and you watch the clips when they just pressured the autistic kid? you cant trust his words because the tells different stories all the time :: if something, this show just makes you feel sick how american police has no shame for anything
2020-05-12 16:05
I don't really trust the US police at all but that's not the point. > they locked him and needed "revenge" except that "they" weren't the same people. it was the rape victim that falsely accused him, which is what led to him going to jail. and the police officers that worked on the rape case weren't the same people that were involved in the murder case. more importantly, they brought in police from another district and outside investigators. please provide evidence that all those people, including all the judges were part of this conspiracy. it makes no sense.
2020-05-12 16:27
Sweden themightyone 
What was the evidence against him that the series left out? If you demand sources for his claims, you better be ready to provide some for your own ones.
2020-05-13 11:01
sherlock, vikings, avatar the last airbender, if you like anime try out death note, erased or fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
2020-05-12 13:14
avatar the last airbender is anime of my childhood dude but I dont like other animes
2020-05-12 13:16
idk, try out sherlock or vikings then, both very nice, but avatar isn't an anime men))
2020-05-12 13:17
Avatar: The Last Airbender (Avatar: The Legend of Aang in some regions) is an American animated television series
2020-05-12 13:22
yes, but anime are japanese, while avatar is a cartoon
2020-05-12 13:47
Serbia CoIe47 
+1 i dont watch anime i only watch cartoons
2020-05-13 10:48
but anime are good men, if you watch cartoons anyway why don't just watch anime aswell?
2020-05-13 13:59
Serbia CoIe47 
2020-05-13 15:32
ok :(
2020-05-13 15:46
Serbia CoIe47 
maybe after i finish re watching avatar
2020-05-13 15:57
have fun, avatar is bestest
2020-05-13 15:58
Belgium Ipufobanned 
first few seasons of community
2020-05-12 13:15
top boy is a good watch
2020-05-12 13:15
but its about skepta isnt it
2020-05-12 13:23
naa fam :D it's got nothing to do with skepta. It is about life and crime in the rougher parts of east London
2020-05-12 13:26
Kano is main character and he has some songs with skepta real shit
2020-05-13 02:14
wtf man, kano is an actor
2020-05-13 08:58
better known as Kano, is a British rapper, songwriter and actor from East Ham, London. A significant contributor to grime music youre wrong man
2020-05-13 10:46
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
the newsroom is criminally underappreciated
2020-05-12 13:16
what is it about
2020-05-12 13:25
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
2020-05-12 13:36
cRiMiNaLlY really that much?
2020-05-12 13:49
Luken | 
Argentina MattFer8 
Sherlock or Black Mirror, 100% recommended
2020-05-12 13:18
black mirror seen gonna check sherlock
2020-05-12 13:29
sherlock is dope bro
2020-05-12 13:29
a n i m e (on netflix)
2020-05-12 13:18
Germany So_Dumm 
American horror story
2020-05-12 13:24
Germany So_Dumm 
but it has been deleted from netflix
2020-05-12 13:26
Some seasons are hella good but some are just meh
2020-05-12 13:37
RpK | 
France Medeilos 
Bodyguars is nice but only 1 season yet. Marco polo if you haven't seen already but discontinued. Designated survivor is decent but I stopped at season 3
2020-05-12 13:27
2020-05-12 13:30
Into the night, good shit also, The end of the ***ing world (if u are <20yo)
2020-05-12 13:32
woxic | 
Turkey gozgoz43 
the protect good
2020-05-12 13:34
2020-05-12 13:34
2020-05-12 13:48
Sweden SniP3r_HavOk 
haunting of hill house is amazing
2020-05-12 14:25
sherlock, stranger things, dark
2020-05-12 14:26
i watched "El Dragon" recently. its a mexican show about a drug cartel kind of like narcos but really cheesy and kinda bad, its amazing to watch, the main character is basically a super genius + he is james bond + he is a samurai as well, its super silly and cliched. best show ive watched on netflix since narcos season 1 i guess? for sure its better than season 3-4 of casa de papel xd
2020-05-12 14:31
Anything is better than 3-4 season of money heist, theyre just using same patterns to make more money on it
2020-05-12 14:38
Will check it surely
2020-05-12 14:39
gla1ve | 
Netherlands Akiddo 
Altered carbon its a cyberpunk genre
2020-05-12 14:35
Watched first 2 episodes and it didnt hook me
2020-05-12 14:39
do you like other sci fi shows in general? i could recommend some but idk which ones are on netflix
2020-05-12 14:41
gla1ve | 
Netherlands Akiddo 
i can agree that the first 2 episodes are kinda boring but if you get to like eps 4 I think its getting really good
2020-05-12 15:36
2020-05-12 14:35
2020-05-12 14:38
Dracula, the last kingdom. good stuff
2020-05-12 14:40
Germany xxtimxx 
ozark bro
2020-05-12 14:40
Love Death Robots
2020-05-12 14:42
Croatia Chongy 
2020-05-12 14:43
Denmark twinseN 
#1 Peaky Blinders
2020-05-12 14:44
Poland krwc 
paradise pd
2020-05-12 14:46
homeland my dude
2020-05-12 16:00
Europe DeaTHZZEU 
The english game
2020-05-12 16:00
Russia SW@G 
2020-05-12 16:28
I loved altered carbon. super if you like sci fi
2020-05-12 17:53
Poland Arknes 
Why no one recommend The Midnight Gospel? Best animation ever
2020-05-13 02:16
Turkey ocasy1903 
too hot too handle for sure. one in each episode one jerk off in each episode.
2020-05-13 02:17
Brazil TaxIsTHEFT 
peaky blinders
2020-05-13 02:22
2020-05-13 02:25
2020-05-13 02:25
game of thrones breaking bad ozark stranger things the last dance the witcher(? not seen so idk) entourage prison break the wire dexter
2020-05-13 02:25
Yugoslavia KorsoZ 
how i met your mother bestest
2020-05-13 09:00
2020-05-13 10:51
The 100 very good to watch
2020-05-13 10:56
United Kingdom AulrenT 
If you're into football at all Sunderland til I die is fantastic
2020-05-13 10:58
full of shit, get hbo edit: from hbo watch Billions, GoT, Westworld
2020-05-13 11:13
steel | 
Israel Mizuchi 
peaky blinders
2020-05-13 11:11
Finland kalza1 
Stranger things, The Witcher both amazing
2020-05-13 11:15
haunting of hill house lucifer dark the witcher the last kingdom vikings ragnarok the 100 13 reasons why sex education the end of the fucking world you
2020-05-13 14:05
2020-05-13 14:06
Peaky blinders Narcos Prison break Stranger things Vikings
2020-05-13 14:18
HS | 
Poland xBG1 
Vikings, The Crown,
2020-05-13 15:48
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