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2020 games remake
huNter- | 
Asia SILVER_TWITCH_CHAT <--- Mafia 1 remake mafia 1 remake is set to launch in August and mafia 2 somewhere later, should be lit.
2020-05-14 22:44
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Portugal NabasKi 
Tony Hawk's as well
2020-05-14 22:47
2020-05-14 22:47
Germany xsyzzz12345678 
CS:S2 will come in 2020 (save this)
2020-05-14 22:48
Brazil sakaaa 
oohh even forms a heart S2
2020-05-14 23:24
North America retard2k 
Both FF7 and Persona 5 had bomb remakes this year too
2020-05-14 22:48
waiting for mafia 2 remake , great game
2020-05-14 22:49
United States BRiMEy 
Rockstar should remaster Max Payne 1 and 2
2020-05-14 22:52
2020-05-14 22:53
Turkey TheKaiser 
2020-05-15 10:05
mafia 1 remake????? hopefully by 2k czech wtfff
2020-05-14 22:53
Germany danny_7x1 
all i want is NFS most wanted remake :c
2020-05-14 22:55
A remake of any of the old school NFS games would be sick or even a remake of midnight club 3
2020-05-14 23:39
Germany danny_7x1 
yh ofc but most wanted is my all time favourite so i choose it :D
2020-05-14 23:53
Yeah it's really too bad it's EA so it will never happen and they will continue to release shit NFS for like 10 years straight as they've been doing.
2020-05-14 23:54
Updated graphics, no more rubber banding, custom events, more heat levels, more cars and more songs to the soundtrack. PogChamp I played through it the other week, still a banger :D
2020-05-15 10:01
I hope they respect the driving and shooting mechanics of original Mafia 1 , i know movement is definitely gone but that's fine.
2020-05-14 22:59
B1T | 
Ukraine devitt 
you really want that clunky driving and shooting physics? This is literally the weakest link this game had, these thing should be overhauled to the 2020 standarts
2020-05-14 23:02
It's more hardcore, realistic and skill based, 2020 standars are inferior and more casual, of course i pick the original. Just because they make something easier to play with a controller and stick new shinny graphics to it doesn't mean it's actually better.
2020-05-14 23:17
B1T | 
Ukraine devitt 
clunky driving and shooting physics is the only way to make game hardcore? Damn, what year are we live in? I thought complex Ai and comprehensive physics is what may make a game hard. Mafia is not the game that should require skills, its a storytelling game and if you want hardcore go play dark souls
2020-05-14 23:30
What do you call clunky???? anything that doesn't drive like a Mario Kart arcade??? If your "standar" for proper driving physics is GTA 5 you're part of the problem. "Mafia is not the game that should require skills, its a storytelling game and if you want hardcore go play dark souls" You don't understand what Mafia is about then, that's what you want it to be, not what the developers intented when they launched the game which still stands as a masterpiece.
2020-05-15 01:46
B1T | 
Ukraine devitt Thats what i call clunky, when even the slightest pebble could flip your car around My perfect physics for mafia remake would be something similar to gta 4, thats a perfect mix of realism and comfort. "You don't understand what Mafia is about then" No, its rather you don't understand what mafia about. You are probably mafia 3 fan if you like mafia for gameplay. Literally every fucking review would praise this game for incredible storytelling and every people play this game to chill, to enjoy the masterpiece soundtrack, to feel that unique mafiosi atmosphere and not to butthurt by fliping your car around because of ass old physics or stupid Ai
2020-05-15 09:58
wait wtf looks so fking good. but do you think there will be new stuff? Like in that game iirc you could only do missions, couldn't go to shops (except gun shop) or do other random activities
2020-05-14 23:02
but Mafia 2 remake? why, its looks good how it is
2020-05-14 23:03
Spyro, Crash bandicoot
2020-05-14 23:55
Ezio trilogy remake please.
2020-05-15 10:04
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