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matchfixing/throwing in NA MDL
Asia Blitzer wtf is happening with NA cs? everybody moving to valorant, matchfixing/throwing in MDL JESUS
2020-05-21 03:59
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As this was any news, everybody knew this shit tbh, matchfixing happens in t2 and t3.
2020-05-21 03:59
2020-05-21 04:01
+1 happens in kangaroo cs also (AU/NZ) sometimes in asian matches also (only chinese teams)
2020-05-21 04:11
Indonesia rezrex 
2020-05-21 05:22
lol just need to watch JJH vs Zero.tsg on dust 2 when they lost 19-15 in OT after having a 10 match point lead
2020-05-21 05:26
m0NESY | 
India SynDr0me 
Ha here we go again!!!
2020-05-21 04:02
good move for shit NA players btw. they have matches on gambling sites, they can do few throws and earn like idk 100k $ and just move to another game when actually everyone doing this in NA xD i like it
2020-05-21 04:05
Denmark ma3rsk 
yea, that's not how it works lol..
2020-05-21 04:06
maybe not but it is xD
2020-05-21 04:07
This was done centuries ago but only a few got caught so why not? LOL
2020-05-21 04:12
ancient matchfixing
2020-05-21 05:41
Maybe pay the players an actual livable salary so they won't be incentivized to match fix...
2020-05-21 04:13
United States notawaffle 
orgs dont even want to sponsor legit na teams like swole patrol and bad news bears so theyre not going to waste their time in mdl
2020-05-21 04:15
yeah it is a shame... i don't blame the players for wanting to fix the results if they can't get money any other way
2020-05-21 04:16
Nice 15 y/o logic, break the law/rules because they’re not getting money from doing something the proper way haha
2020-05-21 04:18
it is not 15 y/o logic it is just logic in general... people are naive to think players won't attempt match fixing if they have no other means... also it is so easy on bitcoin/skin betting sites; no one is getting caught
2020-05-21 04:20
Turkey yasiN_ 
You're an idiot. You're actually saying that It's understandable to fix games.
2020-05-21 05:16
United States Trustelamp 
Where did he say "understandable", he just said logically it makes sense. Is it not human nature to want something you don't have? Also why does everyone immediately insult someone whom they disagree with or don't understand. What's the point in even sharing an opinion if your constructive response is "your an idiot".
2020-05-21 05:46
2020-05-21 17:55
Denmark ma3rsk 
+1 love how it seems like its a valid choice: Org or matchfixing. As far as I know, one of them is extremely illegal and can seriously harm your future lol.
2020-05-21 04:22
Japan zeroxzero 
I bet you blame poor people for crime too
2020-05-21 05:29
Denmark ma3rsk 
Oh right, coz these gamers are considered victims right. Omegalul.
2020-05-21 06:04
Japan zeroxzero 
It's either this or they starve to death, typical privileged European
2020-05-21 22:55
United States notawaffle 
na players have been trying to do things the proper way. the teams i mentioned have both worked hard to get to the top, and for what? they're ignored and yet tier10 eu teams get orgs that pay them
2020-05-21 04:23
Thanks for the info I didn’t know any of this. With that said they should try to be picked up by an EU team or quit the game find another hobby and a social life... They deserve legal action jail/fines whatever.
2020-05-21 04:28
United States notawaffle 
i dont endorse matchfixing but it's bullshit that na teams that actually try and do good dont get attention swole patrol were sitting in the top30 for , like, a month, before they disbanded
2020-05-21 04:31
NA MDL is so stupid cause its possible to bet on tier 4 matches. its literally eu lvl 10 faceit.... so shit
2020-05-21 04:20
China hdgamerrr 
Those NA tier 20 teams are throwing every match,not just mdl.They throw to pay thier bills
2020-05-21 04:27
na and oceania mdl matches shouldnt be on hltv or on betting sites simple as that
2020-05-21 04:28
NEO | 
Poland ScR1337 
t3 and lower is for matchfixing
2020-05-21 04:41
so inconsistent at that level who even knows tho
2020-05-21 04:49
Not surprising when the best team there is chaos
2020-05-21 05:01
BnTeT | 
Albania jamefun1 
matchfix/322 in t2-3 na/eu/cn/cis matches what a "surprise" ))))))
2020-05-21 05:29
United States Frotha 
Fl0m said it’s two teams
2020-05-21 05:47
sadly u cant track big bets that came from thier sisters friend's dad's friend's nan ez money for nan
2020-05-21 05:58
the funniest thing that all the orgs like mdl are involved in 322 bets
2020-05-21 06:00
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