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huNter- | 
Asia I_Sell_Power 
Finally, g2-0 astralis Finally, win on D2 Finally, rekt astralis on nuke Finally, top group Finally, astralis fans hiding in their MOUZholes
2020-05-21 19:29
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Russia xtkjdtr001
No im not hiding Just like i didnt write any shit when g2 lost last time Why would i?
2020-05-21 19:30
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good that u didnt write any shit, that's like a true cs fan
2020-05-21 19:31
2020-05-21 19:34
Other mchrn_Major
"SWEET REVENGE" with a group stage win xDDDDDDDDD
2020-05-21 19:31
m8 they have jugi. it is 10000x worse* if you lost. AST with JUGI is about top 7 better than faze but everyone else in top 5 can beat them most of the time
2020-05-21 19:32
United States bb123
G2 should only play eco agains Astralis now
2020-05-21 19:32
Norway stekt_laks
doesn't count, gla1ve isn't playing. instead they brought in an overrated midget to bottomfrag for them.
2020-05-21 19:33
From losing to North and nearly losing to Heroic to topping the group . G2 <3
2020-05-21 19:34
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2020-05-23 00:01
easy 4.25 odds :)
2020-05-21 19:36
Denmark Menterx
Guys! We found the hater of the day! Please look no futher. Congratz to you my good sir! Also, GG WP to G2.
2020-05-21 19:36
gla1ve is a reason why Astralis was so good,ofc without him astralis is much worse.
2020-05-21 19:37
Astralis without their in-game leader still rekting teams . lost just 1 bO3 and with a new player and people are going crazy lol . that means how much astralis is dominating the scene right now
2020-05-21 19:37
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i wouldn't say that they are rekting teams without gla1ve,only team they rekt was North,but even Heroic rekt them,so doesn't count,also they almost lose to heroic(it was pretty close)
2020-05-21 19:47
yeah a random groupstage match is surely a revenge for stomp in a grandfinal^^ you really sound like a brazilian who said "sweet revenge" after brazil winning a friendly game against germany haha
2020-05-21 19:38
great work of g2 to beat astralis with jugi in a group stage match of an online tournament.
2020-05-21 19:44
2 replies
looking at all those threads one might think that G2 won a major
2020-05-21 19:48
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I think G2 fans are quite underrated in how they are one of the most annoying fanbases of cs
2020-05-21 19:53
Wisla Krakow
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