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Thorins right as usual.
United Kingdom p0mpouS Olof is bad and hes getting a free pass from uneducated fans.
2020-05-21 21:51
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opinion from random hobo on the street > thorins opinion
2020-05-21 21:53
2020-05-21 21:54
Finland Jodecast 
Lmao, has thorin hurt your feelings by calling your favoriter player trash?
2020-05-21 21:56
thorin simps are just sad
2020-05-21 21:57
Finland Jodecast 
Dude, anyone that says that thorin is trash or anything similar is just butthurt over the truth that he says that almost nobody else dare to say in the pro scene /the end
2020-05-21 22:00
imagine white knighting a twitter troll
2020-05-21 21:59
Finland Jodecast 
Image getting your feelings hurt over truth
2020-05-21 22:01
more like your feelings hurt because someone criticized thorin
2020-05-21 22:01
Finland Jodecast 
Yeah because I like truth better than seeing butthurt kids crying over things that are not even true while there is shit going on in the scene
2020-05-21 22:03
lol cry more because someone made fun of thorin. doesn't get more snowflake than that
2020-05-21 22:07
Finland Jodecast 
1. Not based on reality at all 2. Was not even fun to begin with Retards...
2020-05-21 22:12
Nothing they say is, its identity politics, i dont like you so your opinion and thoughts are worthless, its a very simple justification people use to ignore things that ring true but they dont want to hear. They will justify ignoring you with justifications that have nothing to do with the subject, like saying you shouldn't listen to a clinical psychologist because hes said something wrong about mathmatics.
2020-05-21 22:50
You mean people who can analyse the contents of his arguments and understand them???
2020-05-21 21:59
look like the whole white knight carvery has arrived
2020-05-21 22:00
No just people who can think and handle the truth.
2020-05-21 22:19
you thorin simps sound all the same lol
2020-05-21 22:30
How am i a thorin simp? I just agree with him, you are the one saying disparaging things about him or saying what hes saying is nonsense without evidence, you then just use identity to try and devalue his opinion that is backed up with a large amount of empirical evidence and experience.
2020-05-21 22:32
because every time someone makes fun of thorin all his fanboys come out and cry
2020-05-21 22:42
But the issue is what you are saying when you dont have a valid point make, otherwise you are just a six your old in a play ground making fun of someone being ginger, thats the level you are at mentally when you do that. If you have a criticism of Thorin atleast have some substance too it.
2020-05-21 22:47
??? thorin constantly says the dumbest shit, there is no reason to take him or his fans seriously. it's like watching a 30 min video of someone reading hltv comments
2020-05-21 22:52
Like what??? Evidence, examples??? And not just throw away comments or edgy jokes, real points that he made that were vastly wrong.
2020-05-21 22:54
wtf are you talking about? he is a braindead troll that just says whatever people want to hear or gets him attention
2020-05-21 22:55
Give some examples, i can call anyone a brain dead troll, without proof the statement means nothing and holds no weight.
2020-05-21 22:56
nice trolling
2020-05-21 23:01
You realise you're proving his point? lmao
2020-05-22 13:55
asking for an example when thorin is famous for saying the dumbest shit on twitter is trolling. it's like claiming that trump never said anything stupid
2020-05-22 14:02
How do you know he knows that? He can't read your mind
2020-05-22 14:02
pretty obvious that OP is a thorin fanboy, anyone that follows the scene know thorin is famous for being an edgelord and attention whore
2020-05-22 14:04
Ah yes, backing up your point by saying "since he's famous, everyone must know him"
2020-05-22 14:12
you literally just made up this claim that he doesn't know thorin and OP posted thorin's video and clearly follows him if you read the other comment. you are just another butthurt fanboy crying
2020-05-22 14:28
Don't remember where I said he didn't know thorin. You say he's a braindead troll but can't provide a single piece of evidence, who's the troll here
2020-05-22 14:31
proof is his twitter, now stop acting like an idiot. you are just another white knight crying that someone mad fun of thorin
2020-05-22 14:33
Posting controversial opinions on twitter doesnt make him unintelligent nor does it make his opinion on Olof invalidated.
2020-05-22 14:36
What I'm mad about is how you're unwilling to give evidence to your point, which is proof of just how much you really believe in it
2020-05-22 14:34
no, you are playing dumb because you are butthurt when people make fun of thorin. typical thorin fanboys, easily most braindead people in the whole community
2020-05-22 14:59
Still refusing to post evidence, and now trying to provoke people 2/8
2020-05-23 08:39
India csgo_veteran 
+1 They eerily give me thorin alt acc vibes.
2020-05-21 23:11
Its funny how they trash thorin yet.... These same people complain about boring analysts who wont speak their mind and even when he proven right as he is about 80% of the time they wont admit it.
2020-05-21 21:58
Finland Jodecast 
+1 this
2020-05-21 21:59
I dont complain against boring analysts, I actually like most of the analysts in the top tier
2020-05-21 22:38
But hardly any of them speak their true mind because of people getting butt hurt over reality.
2020-05-21 22:39
Omg just stop with truth bullshit. Thorin was never good at cs, he likes to present himself like some historian of cs but he is just sad little man who only know to throw insults to people that r better than him. I bet that 90% of his fans r bullied in school, don’t have one parent or they were sexually assaulted by there uncle. U have to be sad little shit to find reality in thorin.
2020-05-22 14:21
Nope thats you
2020-05-22 14:33
Aww, i hope I didn’t hurt your feelings?
2020-05-22 14:54
try harder
2020-05-23 06:37
i can try but i could never be toxic as thorin...
2020-05-23 16:09
You mean you could never be as successful as him
2020-05-24 06:36
Yeah, i could never have so many hateful kids as my fans. Btw your nickname, how did u got it, u must french champion in hide and seek?
2020-05-24 16:36
Germany Marcimeister 
2020-05-21 21:59
2020-05-21 22:00
Germany Marcimeister 
just realistic bro he is talking so much bs and changing his opinion from one day to another
2020-05-21 22:13
Like? Also opinions will change as you get different or new info, its part of being logical, it was medical opinion you could electrocute the gay out of people at one point. It was the general opinion that the nazi party was the best party to vote for, look how that went.
2020-05-21 22:16
Germany Marcimeister 
Are u seriously comparing those things? I meant like that one time where he was "NiP will never win anything they are so shit" and after the next day after they won the tourney he was like "NiP is the best team to ever touch CS" or his bs about flashpoint being the only real LAN Tournament and 2 days after it's online could say a lot more things he is not always false but most
2020-05-21 22:32
No im merely stating that the data available to you will greatly effect your opinion and opinions change over time, to give you an example in the early 90s everyone was saying Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe and Holyfield were awful and Tyson would comeback and KO all of them, that was a popular opinion, it was proven very wrong. That same era of boxing at the time was seen as poor now its seen as a golden age in heavyweight boxing. "his bs about flashpoint being the only real LAN Tournament and 2 days after it's online", you dont know if he was told it was on LAN, as i said based on the info things change, until less that 24 hours before the australian GP it was going ahead and everyone who said it was turned out to be wrong, so what you are saying doesnt really have much merit. I would dispute that, hes actually right the vast majority of the time.
2020-05-21 22:36
bottle | 
Cambodia Aces_Y 
"I would dispute that, hes actually right the vast majority of the time." could you give me an example for that? :)
2020-05-22 15:10
What has Flashpoint moving online has to do anything with Thorin's opninions?
2020-05-22 22:09
Germany Marcimeister 
Not really with his opinion but the way he said it, just arrogant af to be proud of that in corona times and 2 later being moved to online
2020-05-22 23:21
Except Thorin used statistics and facts. He compared Amanek, NBK, and Shox to Olof who all get called shit players by fans and yet olof does not to their extent. Those players all had better stats than Olof.
2020-05-21 22:14
Also Thorin just recently said that stats aren't all of the story when reflecting upon a player. I feel like he probably just checked hltv forums, saw that everyone makes -olof threads and decided: Yes, let me speak about this to get views.
2020-05-21 22:41
Correct he did, but he also said at the end to the people that think Olof has a place make a counter video to show why his poor level of play is justified. What he was merely doing was comparing Olof to other players that play better and get more hate for no reason.
2020-05-21 22:43
Well "comparing Olof to other players that play better and get more hate for no reason" is just a problem in the community in general, because everyone has a memory span of 1 week max in these forums. Also if Olof didn't have a place, he would have been kicked from FaZe long ago, an org, that actually has experience and hands on time with olof, rather than HLTV forum "experts" and Thorin, who can just base his opinion what he sees publicly.
2020-05-21 22:49
"Also if Olof didn't have a place, he would have been kicked from FaZe long ago". This is false, this org has made many bad choice, they have most regressed since early 2018, ill give you an example, they kick karrigan and let Niko call, Karrigan then goes off forms and new lineup under mouz and has won more events since than Faze have, the team still has issue but its won more than Faze, so thats a bad choice they made. Using constant standins and no signing a real permanent player, thats not good for team stability at all. They could have gotten an IGL but no they let Niko run free and call when hes clearly not good at it based on his mid round calls, thats the real skill on a great IGL mid round calls and all of the best teams have had IGLs that can make these calls, Faze dont, so no this org has no clue about constructing a team.
2020-05-21 22:55
-Olof now wouldn't help with teams stability either way. Even how he performs now its probably better than slotting in a new player. (Atleast until the major due to RMR points). I agree on the - karrigan part, that was dumb. Stand-ins also were a mess, tho at the time FaZe had financial issues and probably tried to get a good player for cheap, but as that went to shit, they had to actually put some money on the table. A possible fix would actually be putting olof as an IGL.
2020-05-21 22:57
But at what cost, this lineup has ran for 8 months and has done basically nothing, Olof has constantly fallen off and gotten worse, destabilise the team now and youll be better in a few weeks even and fuck the major, you arent gonna it and based on Olof current form and they way hes dragging the team down whos to say some split wont happen when players get tired of it. After a while with minimal success motivation dies. The chances are they would get in even with the 20% cut.
2020-05-21 23:00
Well we can only speculate on that, from the outside it doesn't look like the climate and relationships in the team are bad.
2020-05-21 23:02
True but i dont see why you would sit on a player that has limited days left and shows no sign of improvement, get a new player and improve from now on and lets be real fazes actual success is little to do with team play, its Niko being a god and then Rain, Cold or Broky stepping up in certain games and Cold making crazy as deagle 4ks.
2020-05-21 23:20
Brunei cyLoL 
2020-05-22 00:32
Libya s1v9mple 
2020-05-22 13:48
He is right, but rain needs to be kicked before him
2020-05-21 21:54
How??? Rain is playing a harder role, hes often entries and still performs better, what are you smoking???
2020-05-21 21:56
Luxembourg kng_rdl 
youre right but rain is still washed up, both need to go. - rain - olof + SANJI + Hobbit
2020-05-22 14:12
thorin addressed that in the video bro
2020-05-21 22:00
pompus my favorite HLTV user <3
2020-05-21 21:54
Most logical people like me, most idiots hate me and i like it that way.
2020-05-21 22:18
noo broo im serious its glaive4majorsboombl40
2020-05-21 22:32
bottle | 
Cambodia Aces_Y 
it's so funny how you think of yourself as some kind of genius lmao
2020-05-22 15:12
lost all my respect for this ginger
2020-05-21 21:55
Many people find the truth hard to respect because the truth doesnt care about your feelings.
2020-05-21 21:56
why are you doing this? it's just weird
2020-05-21 22:01
Why is it. Im a fan of CS. Im a fan of Faze. I want Faze to win. I dont like injustice. I dont like people wasting other peoples time. I dont like watching once great players ruin their legacy. All said things are happening right now.
2020-05-21 22:02
this has nothing to do with being a fan, this is an obsession and you should probably seek help
2020-05-21 22:32
Why? I have no mental issue just free time and i cant stand idiots so ill make them look like utter fools whenever i can.
2020-05-21 22:33
if he continues playing like shit he'll get removed either way. You're posting several threads every day hating on a single player, To prove what? that he's bad? everybody can already see that buddy
2020-05-21 22:38
Continues? Hes been like this for 6 months, and in some cases you could say over a year, thats pretty continuous.
2020-05-21 22:39
linking someone elses video and parroting said things is not making people utter fools, it makes you look like sheep. i respect thorins opinion, but he simply doesnt understand anything about cs apart from statistics and history, he bases everything on stats, which is logical but not how the world spins. this view has failed him numerous times when making predictions. problem in faze is niko and his calling, you swap olofmeister, the next player replacing him will end up losing motivation just like him. its also funny that thorin a knowledges that players like amanek, nbk and shox is valuable for their teams, yet ive seen you call amanek a bot, which is great hint to ones understanding the roles on cs. yes they are playing better than olof, but then again all of them have competent igl as well.
2020-05-21 23:24
Amanek is a bot, hes just not as bad as Olof.
2020-05-21 23:25
ok im going to have to ask, what is the basis for your statement, stats are irrelevant, i mean observing his playing, what does he do bad in his role? also tell me what is his role on t side and ct side.
2020-05-22 00:28
Who, amanek or Olof???
2020-05-22 00:29
2020-05-22 00:32
In the case of amanek its not as clear as Olof because he does do his role a bit better, but what i look at is what it comes down to the time when he needs to win an aim duel and its a fair aim duel and he seems to lose it more often than not much like Olof. He also struggles to find impact even when he has the chance to make an impact, its not always the case he does have good games and his good game are far more numerous than Olofs but i would say in general is a slightly below par top level player.
2020-05-22 00:35
smart player>aim, its not his job to win aimduels, if he does, its bonus, t-side he is essentially the one who gets all the info/is the distraction factor such as dust 2 pushing long or inferno banana. its shit role to play if you have previously been the main rifler in other teams, yet its role that allows kennys and jackz shine. its extremely frustrating to watch people shit on support players when i my self have player cs since 02 and know how important they are for team. you need to pay attention to the map and see how specific 'suicide plays' draw rotations from opponent. thorin, while intelligent, sees niko hardcarrying faze but because he himself doesnt have the ingame knowledge and gamesense to understand what which player do and how they affect the outcome makes him think niko is godlike player when he is in fact the problem in faze. aimwise niko is top notch for sure but when you watch faze play, there is always one or two players who have disadvantageous position and will likely die but give the info of players position.
2020-05-22 00:58
But when hes called upon to do so he needs to be able too if you cant then you are pigeonholed and have no flexibility. The reality to be a real top team now you need 5 people who can frag or atleast 4 then an IGL, the fact is if you have a weak player mechanically he will be found and exploited and the best team will roll you over like what happens to Faze vs the best teams very often, they often flat out target Olof. I remember the Navi game, he was ramp and they just kept finding any way they could to get ramp and get into fight with Olof, Astralis did the same, you cant afford to have that, you dont have to have good stats when called upon you need to have the mechanical skill to win the needed aim duel amanek is hit and miss, Olof is basically just miss. Also winning aim duels isnt just aim, there also timing, movement, angles, positioning and a few other factors, you dont need elite aim to get kills but you do need a high level understanding of these and atleast functional aim, Glaive himself said CSGO is about 40-50% aim. Ill give you another example, you need a good distribution of firepower, you dont want it on just 1 because he can just be avoided, look at what happened in 2018 when Astralis played Navi at the major final, s1mple factored into almost no rounds, its the same with bad players, good teams will target and exploit them. As i said look at these players when they have a good spot or an aim duel they should win and youll see with Olof he loses a lot of them, thats the issue.
2020-05-22 01:06
most of the things you mentioned, exploiting site ect is problem of igling, there is a reason why karrigan gets the best out of his players cus he knows what position to put them on. there is many players in top teams now that arent known for their great aim, olof is not one of them, i agree he needs to step up in that department but the problem is he would need more active role to increase his form. the brain is still there, motivation to prove people wrong is still there, all they need is adjust if they finally give boot to niko or force him out of the igl position.
2020-05-22 13:45
Theres plenty of players in roles similar to Olof heavily outperforming him
2020-05-22 13:49
Also explain how when Broky had Olofs role Broky and Olof had the same stats (while Olof was AWPing, the best role for stats) and now that Olof cant lean on the AWP hes severely behind
2020-05-22 14:32
Thorin has actually said on numerous occasions that it was completely stupid to remove Karrigan from the team and that Faze would never be a top team again without a proper IGL. He also has stated that Niko is arguably the main factor that keeps faze as a contender for a top team
2020-05-22 21:31
It was stupid, it was a dumb idea, especially to not replace him with an IGL.
2020-05-22 21:32
Honestly I think faze could be top 3 right now if they’d picked up AleksiB back when there were rumours he was gonna join
2020-05-22 21:34
Not with Olof in the team.
2020-05-22 21:39
bottle | 
Cambodia Aces_Y 
2020-05-22 15:13
Stupid question. It's his countrymen , so whatever thorin say , HE MUST AGREE and defend him. As simple as that.
2020-05-21 22:07
Ok so why dont agree with a user here called joe whos an Olof fanboy???
2020-05-21 22:08
Thorin must be controversial to stay relevant in csgo community. That's his only way to still exist and be visible , at least to minority. In the end of the day , who cars bout his opinion anyway, who cars.
2020-05-21 22:06
Here we see the indigenous thorin hater in its natural habitat, you can see its trademark lack of reason or evidence, you can hear frothing and taste the salt.
2020-05-21 22:08
Bruh i don't really care about thorin and his tweets or whatever he's doing. If not this thread i wouldn't even know he did tweet( in fact i don't even use twitter) or whatever , he's no longer relevant in cs community and as u said , truth hurt cuz truth doesn't care about ur feelings, so the only salty here is u , cuz i don give a fook (Ps im a huge fan of Michael Bisping , if that helps in any way ?).
2020-05-21 22:12
No, its more that what you are saying has no merit or relevance. If no one knew who einstein was it wouldnt make his theory of relativity any less accurate or important, popularity has nothing to do with the merit of your argument.
2020-05-21 22:18
Bro , to prove u how much i don't care and how wrong u are in this matter ,thats my last respond , take it as a proof. Have fun fighting with others.
2020-05-21 22:17
Thats not how proof works.
2020-05-21 22:19
Most of the time simps use his opinion as their own and later hate thorin
2020-05-21 22:37
Yeah i dont, i form my own opinions, ive often not agreed with him but that doesnt make his opinion worthless, but in this case i agree with him.
2020-05-21 22:42
JW | 
Finland Ilucs 
You still mad cuz he hates poland?
2020-05-22 21:34
Yes , veri mad , i can't live with it , like seriously i don't do anything else in my life than just being mad. Listen bro , if i would have to worry about everybody ,who hates my country i would only spend time on being mad. In other words , i dont care about opinion of random people.I only care about opinion of my close family, girlfriend and maybe my dog in some cases ;).Btw. Im proud of being Pole and no1 can change it , especially people who knows sht about my country.I understood one thing long time ago.If u hate any1because he's from specific country and u base ur opinion on what nationality that person is , ure obviously not veri smart , and therefore any further conversation is pointless.These people are usually unhappy , so to feel better they insult other ,wheter its nationality or other things and that's about it really. Narazie ;).
2020-05-23 11:54
Namibia swqz 
Gringerin knows shit about this game
2020-05-21 22:10
Youre right he does know shit a lot of shit, hes gotten so many things right.
2020-05-21 22:12
bottle | 
Cambodia Aces_Y 
an Englishman not understanding an English saying that's new
2020-05-22 15:17
Its normally said you dont know shit.
2020-05-22 18:57
daps | 
Canada JC_123 
An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: DBF9HdjQVX4ZfYXz)
2020-05-21 22:11
2020-05-21 22:17
Fans will never respect his opinion because it's never something they want to hear.
2020-05-21 22:16
Its a real problem with people they attach themselves to their thoughts and cant handle when they are wrong. Its part of this shit when they say everyones opinion should be respected, no it shouldnt, do not respect my opinion on quantum physics i know fuck all.
2020-05-21 22:26
Wow very well put. I actually enjoyed reading that. Thank you for being the most reasonable human on here.
2020-05-21 22:32
bottle | 
Cambodia Aces_Y 
2020-05-22 15:18
My only other account was Ben_Shapiros_Lost_4skin
2020-05-22 19:26
Not only Thorin lol
2020-05-21 22:16
Germany PeetM 
video is broken
2020-05-21 22:20
2020-05-21 22:21
What fans tho? Its not like a marge vocal minority anyways And there are always going to be people defending their favourite players because its harder for them to accept the truth that they need the change But ive seen many kick olof posts/comments and i havent seen a lot of support for him lately
2020-05-21 22:29
The support is he deluded ones who comment in it saying he shouldnt be kicked. I cant name some but i dont if its against the rules.
2020-05-21 22:30
Did you watch the video tho? Thorin says Olof can avoid getting kicked by starting doing certain things
2020-05-21 22:31
Yeah he can, if he re-invents himself and evolves as a player something hes failed to do successfully as hes aged.
2020-05-21 22:37
Europe ipufosenia 
1st time hes right though
2020-05-21 22:32
How about when he called Astralis winning the 2017 Atlanta major???
2020-05-21 22:37
Europe ipufosenia 
I mean in one of his videos
2020-05-21 22:37
as a faze fan, i almost entirely agree with what thooorin said
2020-05-21 22:32
Video unavailable
2020-05-21 22:37 Wish i could edit the fucking post.
2020-05-21 22:40
Without Thorin and Richard, there would so much hidden shit in E-sports as well as propoganda
2020-05-21 22:51
United States raymoney 
Dude Olof needs to go and they need an IGL. Realistically tho I have no idea who they could pick up. Idealistically they could use Nexa, but that's not happening with the way G2 is playing right now. The issue with picking up someone who is relatively new I doubt NiKo nor cold will give them any respect. Which is why I think the only choice they have right now that could have a chance of working is to pick up FalleN from MIBR and go from there. If you guys can think of any other IGLs they can pick up lmk bcus i have no fucking idea of anyone NiKo or Cold would respect. that is available. Some could say Aleksib, but this guy plays way to structured of a style for the FaZe players. I think they need someone who plays a loose style.
2020-05-21 23:01
If i was Faze when Karrigan was there i would have just said to Niko i can replace a star player their a limited IGLs, dont like it theirs the fucking door.
2020-05-21 23:01
United States raymoney 
The thing is though I don't know if keeping karrigan would have been the best idea either. He just was not working with that team towards the end. They should have picked up nexa and hunter. They would be better than Astralis with glaive lmao.
2020-05-21 23:04
Imagine Faze has Karrigan, Frozen, Woxic, Rain and Cold.
2020-05-21 23:05
United States raymoney 
You would be a fool to skip out on NiKo lol. Also woxic is overrated and I would G2 and FaZe above Mouz man for man rn. I could even argue that Liquid is better man for man. The best roster you can make with money rn would be NiKo huNter Cold nexa kennyS
2020-05-21 23:08
I know its a shame to now have him but look at the team that took titles off them. the 2 bigs ones are C9 and Fnatic, none of them had a player on Nikos level. And let me put it this way, if niko gets 25 kills a game, the other 4 players just have to get 5 kills more each to mostly account for that, and under a better leader thats easier.
2020-05-21 23:10
United States raymoney 
Yeah but imagine how good they would have been with a player on NiKos level. Right now he is hands down the best layer if not the second best is close between him and s1mple
2020-05-21 23:10
United States raymoney 
They could definetly pick up ALEX tho
2020-05-21 23:04
dude is like autistic give him a break
2020-05-22 00:34
thorin is great in spite of autism, give yourself some slap to get yourself in shape.
2020-05-22 14:20
Russia nobody_cars 
2020-05-22 18:59
Many people with great minds have autism.
2020-05-22 19:02
yes that is why I said give him a break
2020-05-22 19:02
Usually what Thorin says is utter bullshit and usually he just flames CSGO players to make a job for him But this time I need to partially agree with his solution to make Olof have better stats, K/D ratio. Olof is not playing like 2015 and he should study thoroughly the opponents' team before every game he plays in order to bring more firepower to Faze
2020-05-22 19:30
This guys baits olof fans 24/7.
2020-05-22 19:33
keepin it real
2020-05-22 21:43
2020-05-24 06:48
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