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So he is playing less attacked sites. Mostly in save positions. Always in bad positions like rarely has a good weapon in his hand. Support on t-side. Everytime he has a weapon, he tries to get impact. Why tf this bot karrigan doesn't drop his weapon to him?
2020-05-22 16:52
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all of these arguments are wrong. karrigan is doing all the shit roles
2020-05-22 16:53
okay dude. karrigan plays with m4, chrisJ drops his m4 to someone and plays with deagle or buys kit and so has to buy SMG. Bot karrigan is by worst fragger on that team.
2020-05-22 16:55
he has the money. he just doesnt buy any gun. he even didnt buy a gun in overtime and he had like 10000 dollar :D
2020-05-22 16:57
that's cuz karrigan asks him to play deagle and drop AWP and rifles over and over
2020-05-22 17:02
"he even didnt buy a gun in overtime and he had like 10000 dollar :D" can you read?
2020-05-22 17:03
I watched that overtime. It was because it was 10k overtime and he would drop guns in upcoming rounds. If you lose in 10k overtime, you can't buy 2 AWPs in 2nd round easily without getting heavy cut in 3rd round.
2020-05-22 17:04
???? you should just win the round. playing with deagle as an b rotator is super dumb. you can play with deagle if enemy is doing an eco. but against full buy, its super dumb
2020-05-22 17:07
it was his IGLs call. He doesn't call it. You're dumb here.
2020-05-22 17:09
its a team decision u dumb. you think karrigan just calls him "just play with deagle bitch"??
2020-05-22 17:11
yeah there is nothing like team decision. It isn't regular MM. Only IGL calls stuff. Sometimes AWPers says I've this spawn and I wanna peek this and IGL adjusts around that otherwise everything is his call.
2020-05-22 17:14
RobbaN | 
Denmark HundGOD 
Its called playing safe. If they lose the 1st round they will be able to full buy the next round and wont be fucked because they lost the first round.
2020-05-22 17:29
Russia nobody_cars 
ye thats weird. karrigan has the same impact with any weapon
2020-05-22 16:54
yeah lmao
2020-05-22 16:55
flusha | 
Cambodia PigFace 
Karrigan teams after a year OMEGALUL
2020-05-22 16:55
hahahaahha takes 1 year to get at top and 1.5 to decline. He thinks he is a fragger lmao.
2020-05-22 16:56
Netherlands Srednir 
Because he got a good task in his team. He is not like a s1mple or dev1ce, he is not a playmaker, but support and he is someone who you need in a team. He is always the one who goes first in a rush or something, thats also a reason why he quiqly goes down.
2020-05-22 16:59
just saying why is karrigan not taking the cuts? What he thinks of him? godlike fragger lmao
2020-05-22 17:03
U are biased because flag but Chrisj's performance has been awful in 2020. Facts. He's averaging a horrible rating, horrible impact and horrible KPR. If Thorin makes a clip on Olof saying he's washed up, then he's going to do one on Chrisj soon aswel. And he'll be right.
2020-05-22 17:13
give chrisJ the weapons and if he doesn't perform, kick him. I'm sure mouz can be much better if they take team decisions. Have you seen how bots around ZywOo also have weapons? It is nothing like they're rocking deagle and he has ak. ZywOo sometimes play mac-10 and they play ak. It happens often. karrigan should respect chris and utilize him upto his potential.
2020-05-22 17:21
online cs
2020-05-22 17:34
Sweden RekkleM 
feels like chrisj has dropped off this last year sadly :/
2020-05-22 17:08
bro he doesn't even play rifles. Mostly on deagle, what can he do with that?
2020-05-22 17:10
Sweden RekkleM 
thats true tho but feels like he's just been getting worse
2020-05-22 17:10
If gets kicked that's the end of his career, basically, and I really don't want that to happen.
2020-05-22 17:13
Sweden RekkleM 
Yes hopefully he will bounce back, otherwise i don't see him joining another tier 1 team, if he wants to continue maybe sprout or something
2020-05-22 17:14
no, he was always really inconsistent. people said that it's due to him being igl but he didn't improve at all after karrigan took over that role. mouz in general has a problem with consistency, so having someone like chrisj is a problem
2020-05-22 17:30
Russia f0wlie 
Why is nobody talking about karrigan. Dude was jumping around everywhere like he was on a trampoline, taking fights as if he's a god tier aimer. dude has completely lost his mind during quarantine.
2020-05-22 17:10
yeah idk, he is by far worst on the team and people say kick botJ, he is bad etc while he doesn't have resources same as karrigan.
2020-05-22 17:15
flukesports kekw kriegllan and botJ rip
2020-05-22 17:25
If they remove chrisJ only, I'm gonna be so mad.
2020-05-23 08:13
paz | 
Turkey CheafootGG 
-chrisJ +paz
2020-05-22 17:26
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