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i9-10900K vs i9-9900K or should I go AMD?
Aleksib | 
Malta easyBets 
Buying a whole new pc and I am having a trouble deciding which should I buy, price doesn't matter. For streaming and csgo, which one should I go for? Also which is the best invest in future? If i go for Intel, when the next gens gets released, do I need to upgrade motherboard again etc? What about AMD? RYZEN 4000 series is not an option because I do not have the patience to wait for it so only the 3000 series processos are the ones I'd consider going for if AMD.
2020-05-23 04:06
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CIS tizkaN 
if you want something to keep your room warm during winter buy the 10900k
2020-05-23 04:09
I've read about that also, is the temperature problem really a problem? I mean if you have a decent cooler for it? And what would that be? Sorry I do not know much about this stuff!
2020-05-23 04:12
CIS tizkaN 
the thing has 250w TDP when overclocked, i'd avoid it
2020-05-23 04:12
If I do not overclock it? Also if you were going for a new processor now (price doesn't matter etc), which one would you take, 9900K or 10900K?
2020-05-23 04:19
CIS tizkaN 
if the 9900K is atleast 100$ cheaper than the 10900k i'd go for it
2020-05-23 04:20
But if the price doesn't matter at all?
2020-05-23 04:21
CIS tizkaN 
the i7 10700k and the i5 10600k are not an option for you mens)) ??
2020-05-23 04:22
I want the newest and best I can get, when buying a whole new pc. That's all.
2020-05-23 04:26
Germany Jermen 
ok so why bring up 9900k then?
2020-05-23 04:41
Because the 10900k is having the temperature problems everyone talking about and the 9900k is close to it in performing?
2020-05-23 05:01
You don't sound reasonable, if that's the case why ask LMAO
2020-05-23 04:52
2020-05-23 05:01
A google search is not only 10x faster but more reliable than random HLTV'ers, you literally would have all your questions answered within the time it took to write the post.
2020-05-23 08:58
India C0RRUP13D 
+1 lol
2020-05-23 18:04
If you dont overclock it there’s no reason to buy it over a 3900x
2020-05-23 05:13
the 10900 non-k is 5.1ghz with 65w why would u even overclock it ?
2020-05-23 09:08
useless thread , your question is : should i buy the best cpu or the best cpu and if its good for csgo and streaming i mean duhhh , with any of those u can be safe for 5 years and thats minimum dont know if its bait or weird flex
2020-05-23 04:11
Ok, thanks. The question was most likely that which one is the better choice of the intels, since the 10900K is having this temperature problem everyone talking about. I do not know much about this stuff so not a bait.
2020-05-23 04:17
If that's a concern, you should just go for a 10800k or 10700k over a 9900k. edit: or AMD
2020-05-23 04:29
Thanks man. 10700K is not having the temperature problems? Also which one would you pick? AMD or let's say 10700K?
2020-05-23 04:31
I dunno, I'd probably look at performance benchmarks on whatever you want to run with it, and definitely consider price points if you're not totally loaded (difference in price could be a big difference on a potential vacation or something). If you're looking for general AAA gaming, RDR2 benchmarks are a great place to start. If you're actually just looking for CSGO and streaming you don't need anything anywhere near that expensive to max out a 240hz monitor omegalul
2020-05-23 04:36
Thank you man. And yeah, money is not a problem on this one. Roughly 11,6k$/month, paying 2-3k$ pc from it is not going to sting. Yes, just looking for CSGO and streaming, what do you suggest me to buy then for a good streaming and csgo experience?
2020-05-23 04:46
I don't know what to say because even a 2060 (a super is a better value anyways) and a current i5 could shred CSGO on 1440p240hz. I'd probably recommend 1080p240hz over 1440p just because it would allow more accessibility for viewers, and I don't see any 4k240hz monitors on pcpartpicker (scaling is important and most people are on 1080p monitors. 1440p doesn't scale well to 1080p). All of this exorbitant stuff being discussed is kind of pointless if CSGO is all you intend to do, but then the moment you decide you want to play RDR2 or something, even the most expensive build out there won't give you the full 4k experience.
2020-05-23 05:01
If he's making that kind of money, then he may as well buy two monitors, one for csgo and one for other games with that considered
2020-05-23 07:57
Asia Blitzer 
intel is living on the past 14nm for a enthusiast cpu... jesus! plus the new z490 motherboards are buggy asf atm go amd m8
2020-05-23 04:23
United States WindyInu 
2020-05-23 04:24
yeah, I agree on Intel living in the past. this buggy mobothing u talking about, are they really? what bugs? If I go AMD, Ryzen 7 3700X or which one?
2020-05-23 04:30
if money is not a problem and you want amd go for AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX VERY expensive but boy it is so many steps ahead of intel
2020-05-23 04:33
United States America! 
ive seen a rig with it combined with a 2070 he should be getting at least 500-600 fps on max settings and 600-700 on comp settings
2020-05-23 04:36
2020-05-23 04:37
Thanks man! Will consider this. Since it's only second time I've heard about this I have to read more about it.
2020-05-23 04:36
no problem, hope you end up getting a nice rig also #18 have a good day!
2020-05-23 04:37
Thank you :-) have a good day!
2020-05-23 04:49
Don't get a past-gen CPU, go 3990WX over that if that's what you want
2020-05-23 04:38
+1, but threadrippe will be an actual overkill and going from i.e. Ryzen 9 to Threadripper should not make a significant fps difference.
2020-05-23 05:00
90% of the hardware mentioned in this thread is overpriced and pointless now that I know OP genuinely only wants to play CSGO and stream it on the PC he's going to build.
2020-05-23 05:02
Asia Blitzer 
bios problems buy the r9 3900x, its the direct competitor of 10900k
2020-05-23 04:43
Thank you man, really appreciate it!
2020-05-23 04:47
Keep in mind that even tho 3900x can be considered as direct 10900k comp, AMD is about to release 4th gen soon. So basically Intel is glad that caught up with "old" gen AMD, while 7nm (Intel is still 14nm) version is just around the corner. Benchmarks show that MOBILE 4th AMD is crushing 10th Intel.
2020-05-23 05:06
2020-05-23 10:19
NiKo | 
United Kingdom p0mpouS 
Get the 10900k and a good cooler, more cores, higher clock speed.
2020-05-23 04:48
Thank you, what would be a good cooler for it?
2020-05-23 04:51
NiKo | 
United Kingdom p0mpouS 
2020-05-23 07:46
Yeah for 90°C
2020-05-23 10:20
hhahaha +100 he give it the most shitty aio of the world :( atleast take an artic freezer II in 280
2020-05-23 14:09
NiKo | 
United Kingdom p0mpouS 
Even though my 9900k at 5.4ghz is under about 80 on intel burn test with the fans on quiet. I honestly dont get how people this site get this dumb.
2020-05-23 19:52
sure 5.4 h24o/c with a 240mm aio let me guess you have the golden cpu with 1.2vcore and everything in auto ? dude people like gamernexus kingpin lumi linus and jayztwocents even the silliconlottery website don't have to sell an 9900k more than 5.2gh certified and you like 85% of liers in internet have a cpu @5.4..... And the most funny with this AIO you don't have enough a big radiator for take under 80c an 9900k .... because your vcore gonna be way more than 1.45v for this kind of frequence .... but i have forget you have the supersayan 9900k with 5.4g and a 1.2vcore :o so it's possible to have it but for educate me give me yoru spec and your way to o/c this and the batch of your cpu
2020-05-23 20:30
Yeah bro my 3000 core ryzen 12 is 20ghz at 1.1V with 200000fps in csgo
2020-05-24 01:07
shit you are lucky !!! in 1987 wih my amstrad cpc 464 with k7 i have realize and overclock of 65ghz cooled with ice from the everest. but for be serious an 9900k @5.4ghz it's possible but for this you need the real deal motherboard like an evga zen dark or one of the most expansive maximus and ofc the golden cpu who can take this kind ofo/c with low vcore and i don't talk about the right memory with b-die chips .... lumi realize an o/c of 9900k 5.5 with 1.337 vcore ( taking on the voltmeters on the vr vout ) with 62c with a custom water cooling loop ( a fucking strong one ) but it's one cpu like this for 100000 cpu.... and on youtube and forum like that you have all people with 9900k @5.5ghz with no vcore :o first half here don't have the money for buy the stuff you need like and high end motherboard with a good vrm floor for delivery the good power two they understand shit on o/c and how tweak the bios. me to i can boot my 9900k at 5.4 and my 9700k 5.3. but almost all benchmarck crash instant if don't give them more than 1.5vcore and the temps crush the roof of 110c in 20s
2020-05-24 13:10
Wait for ryzen 4000 series to come out and nvidia 3000 series trust
2020-05-23 07:52
If you care so much about future proofing the wait would be worth it
2020-05-23 07:52
lol they have new series every year, including ddr5 ram and upgrades of multiple components all the time, should i keep waiting for the rtx 4080?
2020-05-23 09:01
The RTX 3000 series is going to be ~30% faster for a similar cost, with many more RT and Tensor cores. Makes a huge difference if you want to use RTX in the future. Will probably enable proper 4k 240Hz gaming
2020-05-23 09:25
240 sounds a bit unreasonable when most got it rough at 60 fps, you have to find equilibrium here. Especially on max settings which is the goto.
2020-05-23 10:02
DLSS 3.0 my friend :) Works like a charm and looks just as good as running it natively.
2020-05-23 10:03
i use 9900k and its very good I get 300+ fps on every single map and even in DM i play 1280x960 all low
2020-05-23 08:01
Poland rude_wredne 
Classic 😂 one of the most powerful CPU and 720p resolucion
2020-05-23 08:53
+1 always wtf
2020-05-23 10:20
Poland rude_wredne 
He would probably get same amout fps in 2k resolucion. Maybe it would be more comfortable cuz FPS wouldnt jump from 600 on spawn to 200-300 mid round
2020-05-23 11:39
2020-05-23 13:49
i have 360-460 on medium settings with ryzen 5 3600..
2020-05-23 10:06
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Everyone talk about Intel 10th gen temperature whilst it hasn't been released. Just fake news by some random Chinese source. Get the 10900K if money isn't an issue, the new Ryzen 4 won't be compatible with Ryzen 3 chipset, you will not save any money here.
2020-05-23 09:17
AMD changed their minds about that. The older ryzens should be upgradable to the newer chipsets at release.
2020-05-23 10:05
Brazil nuke_brs 
I have been reading this thread and you keep saying that you don’t care about price but is “scared” of the 10900K temperatures. Dude, if money is not a problem just get a damn custom water loop and temperature won’t be a problem.heck, you can even get a 360mm closed loop water cooler and it won’t be a problem. One more thing, all about this sounds like a weird flex. If are genuinely curious go to YouTube or google. This is hltv, we are just a bunch of baiting retards
2020-05-23 09:33
for streaming and cs go you need 10700k max
2020-05-23 13:50
amd if poor
2020-05-23 13:52 you need to take in the equation you gonna need an high end Motherboard for a cpu like that. the room for the future O/C is smaller and you gonna need a good aio( artic freezer 2 280mm or 360 ) or a minima noctua nh d15 after normally the MB z390 gonna be compatible with the 11th gen of intel. but for gaming intel is still 1st even a 1060k@5ghz on all core is first in gaming if you compare of a 3900x and even better than a 10900k somnetime. but in applications amd is better right now. so the question is do you want buy an architecture who have no future in 14nm just for gaming or little bit lose fps in BENCHMARK. because yes you don.t gonna see the diff if you don't do benchmark all day for flex your peepee front of every nerds on benchmark website. i have an 9900k and i don't gonna buy an intel in my next computer build for sure. even if i have some good fun in O/C with my 9900k ( 5.3ghz h24 with an air cooler for 1.32vcore on VR Vout mesured ) AMD give some hard time to intel now
2020-05-23 14:03
It doesn't fucking matter.
2020-05-23 14:05 Keep in mind - its not even top r9 CPU :D
2020-05-23 17:57
if you only play games, just get the 10900k. Its gonna be good for many more years. Definetely a solid pick, no matter what everyone says. 3900x is also good. But a little worse for gaming (5-7.5 %) and much better in everything else. I plan on upgrading to zen3, soonish.
2020-05-23 18:00
many leaks says that r7 3750x and 3850x will announce soon. you can wait 3850x but i think buy r7 3800x intel i9 10900k heats a lot or you can buy 10700k 10700k almost same as i9 9900k but intel 10th gen dont have pci e 4.0 i think you should buy amd bcz nvidia rtx 3000 series will use pci e 4.0 so that means if you buy intel, you cannot upgrade ur gpu in future
2020-05-23 18:07
daps | 
Canada JC_123 
If you get B450 MAX from MSI and grab whatever Ryzen 3xxx part you have an upgrade path to ryzen 4xxx eventually
2020-05-23 19:51
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