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Thoughts on 5G
Ivory Coast Ez4Olof 
I think its not that dangerous But it could effect long term /discuss
2020-05-23 10:29
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the reason why it was regarded "dangerous" was because it wasn't really proven how 5g effects the surroundings of itself but the fact that there are people thinking it spreads corona and burning them down shows how some of us really don't deserve nice things
2020-05-23 10:32
Not about corona the radiation effect Btw probably i spell radiation wrong
2020-05-23 10:41
Europe MIBR_TOP_1000 
the only reason its considered dangerous is because a bunch of stupid people who have probably never had any previous experience with tech got bored while in quarantine and then just started saying stupid shit because theyre going mental
2020-05-23 11:55
It's safe
2020-05-23 10:32
Why do morons think 5G is not safe?
2020-05-23 10:35
Cuz of radiation cancer effects etc
2020-05-23 10:41
Why do u think it is safe?
2020-05-23 10:59
light has higher frequency and is it dangerous?
2020-05-23 12:04
some light is dangerous
2020-05-23 12:08
what light?
2020-05-23 12:10
that is dangerous
2020-05-23 12:40
uv rays or x-rays for instance
2020-05-23 16:52
because they have more energy than visible light the energy is proportional to the wavelength squared, meaning that visible light has billions of times more energy than 5g
2020-05-23 17:44
I was just replying to the guy above you, telling him that some light indeed can cause harm. I know 5g cannot harm in anyway like uvradiation or xrays.
2020-05-24 21:52
Its not only about the frequency. Its also about the amount of radiation. 5g has an up to 100x time larger density of radiation.
2020-05-23 12:53
100X larger density than what? than light? what kind of lamp are you talking about?
2020-05-23 17:45
4g no lamp
2020-05-23 17:52
ok so it's still a few billion times less dangerous than light then?
2020-05-23 17:54
It's safe and u can see in some countries education sucks
2020-05-23 10:36
Thanks mr huawei But its frequency is so high that causes the stations close each other that maybe cause raditation spread faster
2020-05-23 10:44
Denmark Gomer_Pyle 
I was always taught that radiation spread with a constant speed.
2020-05-23 11:29
Just shows that laws of physics doesn't apply to stupid people - until they do of course like when stupid people fall down taking selfies.
2020-05-23 11:51
Poland kenze_n 
Idk, i don't trust 5g
2020-05-23 10:43
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis 
There is one 13 year old rightard kid in Lithuania who made whole petition against 5g, thousands of people signed it lol
2020-05-23 10:47
Bulgaria R4D1 
overrated 1g has more viewers
2020-05-23 10:54
2020-05-23 11:03
5G is good because it will boost internet speeds greatly and anyone against it is dumb
2020-05-23 11:04
why do we need faster speeds? is it really neccessary? we already have reallly fast internet speeds in developed countries
2020-05-23 11:54
Europe MIBR_TOP_1000 
pretty sure u get 5g speeds once u just walk past a pole which is like 50+ gb/s speed, but flag checks out
2020-05-23 11:59
thailand has one of the fastest speeds already in the world you imbecile, without 5g. It just seems extremely uselesss to get higher speeds, especially on data. Do you want to download netflix movie in 3 seconds? smh find something more important in life.
2020-05-23 12:02
Europe MIBR_TOP_1000 
so what? its not dangerous, so why not? also thailand may have the fastest speeds but its just one of a few countries with fast speeds
2020-05-23 12:04
Are you really that fucking dumb? Do you think the only thing the internet is used for is watching netflix and playing games. Saying 'why do we need faster internet speeds' is the most retarded argument out of all this 5G nonsense.
2020-05-23 21:59
tell me other reasons then for us to have faster data speeds in public, lets see if your answer will truly help society move forward. Youre just another fool who thinks internet speed is revolutionary, fucking indiotic imbecile. Learn to better yourself and the people around you. Theres no need for fucking faster data speeds more than 4g.
2020-05-24 00:11
2020-05-23 17:46
2020-05-23 11:09
Romania Summerparty23 
its gonna kill the birds F
2020-05-23 11:13
Serbia strninja 
peoples had same thoughts about 2g,3g,4g and now 5g,just monkeys spreading fake news about new stuff
2020-05-23 11:14
2020-05-23 11:35
stop being mean to brazilians
2020-05-23 11:58
United Kingdom dRe4Ms 
Cya in 10
2020-05-23 12:06
Finland Niilo22fanboy 
2020-05-23 12:29
+1 but nowadays everyone has internet access and the option to say his opinion, this was not the case in times of 3g and 4g
2020-05-23 13:00
Finland Misttaa 
come on, people where saying the same stuff about 4g and that turned out to be fine
2020-05-23 11:15
Denmark Gomer_Pyle 
Actually the increased adaptation of 4G has spured a parallel increase of neck deformaties.
2020-05-23 11:27
5g 10x of 4g so the danger 10x more
2020-05-23 11:32
Greenland rain4prez 
But 4g = 0 danger, so 10x0 = 0 so it’s 0 danger?
2020-05-23 11:56
Korea XigNw0w 
Shit, the link didn't work. Anyway, there are negative health effects.
2020-05-23 11:25
Denmark Gomer_Pyle 
Its totally safe as long you wear a certified tin-foil hat or lead earmuffs.
2020-05-23 11:23
imagine believing in conspiracy shit it's basically the same waves as 4g, 3g...
2020-05-23 11:34
10x to a 100x times higher density of radiation than 4g. If I eat 10g of sugar im fine but when I eat 100g of sugar I will become sick. But its still the same sugar. Where does your argumentation make sense
2020-05-23 13:04
let's suppose 10sugar makes x impact, then 100sugar makes 10x impact. now let's suppose 4g makes 0,0001x impact (which it does lets be real) then 5g will make 0,01x impact which is nothing. it's just waves - and the amount doesn't matter anyway. wavelenght is too long
2020-05-23 13:45
I´m not an expert but I do know experts on this topic. The biggest health concern is your sleep. During sleep your brain usually lowers the hertz of its waves leading to the recovery of your body and immune system. Having alot of EMF like Wlan, Smartphones, 5G... in your room prevents your brain from changing its waves leading to poor sleep. Problem is that their is not enough research. Same with cigarettes. It took 47 years!!! for research to find out that smoking is harmful. Its just not correct to assume 5G cant cause any harm with so little information. (I´m not saying it will kill us but it could definetely harm our health)
2020-05-23 14:28
Israel JoustingBunny 
It’s just as dangerous as eating pickles
2020-05-23 12:01
Portugal EddyParera 
The radiation from the Sunlight is much more energetic, thus able to harm us much more than any Radio wave. X-Ray is super harmful and I don't see anyone complain about it being used as a medical checkup measure... This is the eletromagnetic spectrum, from the smaller amount of hz (less dangerous) to bigger amount of hz (more dangerous)*SFNOX592cYHek..
2020-05-23 12:07
You dont sit in the sun for 24 hours. You dont get X-ray every day do you?
2020-05-23 13:06
Portugal EddyParera 
No, yet... 8h sun exposure is way worse than 24h exposure to radio waves. The ultraviolet rays are much more energetic and dangerous because of the intensity. 5 min X-ray once is way way way worse to body cells than radio wave exposure 24/7. Wave intensity exposure is always worse than time exposure.
2020-05-23 14:25
Russia sumHappy 
There is already a stone that "protects" you from "5g radiation" - its called shungite Degenerates can really make a market demand out of nothing, huh
2020-05-23 12:08
another good source for spot the retard
2020-05-23 12:12
2020-05-23 12:26
Brunei cyLoL 
Some1 said 5G gives covid19
2020-05-23 12:31
Europe LoookATme 
2020-05-23 14:28
Im not about im talking about cancer radiation etc
2020-05-23 21:52
Brunei cyLoL 
I’m not
2020-05-24 13:22
Brazil kenji99 
ok r-word
2020-05-23 12:40
Thanks for your expert opinion mr ez4olof
2020-05-23 13:01
Microwaves = safe waves
2020-05-23 15:06
They censured films, comments if you have other opinion than MAIN STREAM. Why? What they are afraid of? WHERE IS FREEDOM OF SPEECH?
2020-05-23 15:12
got a huge tumour on my head, but it do be fast doe ;)
2020-05-23 17:53
2020-05-23 21:51
i think it's better than 4g probably . Those are my thoughts
2020-05-23 17:55
why isnt 4g good enough for some people man wtf
2020-05-23 17:55
why excactly is it dangerous
2020-05-23 21:52
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