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-trk -TACO -kNg
Brazil philosopheRRR 
Just get rid of those three garbage players and go international already!
2020-05-23 22:17
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Better option is fallen n fer to faze, mibr = die
2020-05-23 22:18
Brazil MrLucas 
thats why brazilians are considered the worst fans in the scene
2020-05-23 22:19
gAuLeS | 
Brazil mthatnio 
"mibr please, stop changing your line up, it will never work if you keep doing that, you will never play well again" "mibr, please, what are you waiting to change your entire line up? it's been 3 weeks already! this one won't do!"
2020-05-23 22:21
TACO has always lacked firepower to defend bombsites, kNg can't keep his cool and trk was competing against Twitch streamers about a month ago. How is that supposed to work?
2020-05-23 22:27
Can you prove me wrong? Or are you just gonna ask for more time?
2020-05-23 22:21
Brazil MrLucas 
the guy joined the team 4 days ago, are you stupid?
2020-05-23 23:59
So fucking what? Since when does being the newest player on the team justify all the duels that he lost and the trades that he failed to capitalize for the simple fact that he lacks the firepower to be competing at that level? Are YOU stupid?
2020-05-24 00:25
cry=free shouldnt kick meyern for some semipro bot
2020-05-23 22:22
Brazil _Awper 
Meyern is worst than Taco and TRK
2020-05-23 22:25
oh rly a guy who sucks vs bad news bears and meyern who carries his weight against this tier 10 team who would you pick
2020-05-23 22:26
Brazil _Awper 
2020-05-23 22:27
Brazil _Awper While Meyern plays Coldzera roles and Taco does his shit roles. Taco is bad af, but Meyern has to be the worst player on mibr core in the last 21 years
2020-05-23 22:28
Wtf. Kng is playing Coldzera roles you delusional dumbfuck
2020-05-23 22:30
Brazil _Awper 
KNG was playing as entry fragger in the last 3 months and before that he was being the team lurker. Look at your flag, i think you're the delusional.
2020-05-23 22:32
Meyern was 2nd entry and bomb holder. Idk what game you were watching
2020-05-23 22:35
Brazil _Awper 
He was doing the trades just like coldzera, also playing on most of Cold roles as CT. Stop being delusional.
2020-05-23 22:38
even with last 3 months Meyern has better stats than taco
2020-05-23 22:28
Brazil _Awper 
The first time Taco was kicked, they had Felps waiting and bought Stewie, fucking Boltz and after that taking Tarik.... Fer Fallen Coldzera Boltz Felps
2020-05-23 22:25
f0rest | 
Europe Eloved 
-fallen -fer
2020-05-24 00:00
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