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Fallen to faze
Syria AbdulahGOAT 
cmon just fucking do it if you want titles
2020-05-23 23:49
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Fallen and his starts outdated, so nah
2020-05-23 23:50
at least igl who can give some calls
2020-05-23 23:50
Niko can do that too lol
2020-05-23 23:51
he can't do shit it's just his skill that maintaining him to play in t1
2020-05-23 23:52
Serbia Duff555 
Same for Fallen
2020-05-24 00:23
NiKo | 
Pakistan hawrU 
2020-05-24 03:29
gAuLeS | 
Brazil mthatnio 
updating strats = coach responsability he doesn't have one on mibr
2020-05-23 23:53
He had zews and his team still was shit
2020-05-23 23:55
Not going through your mind that maybe zews = outdated? Outdated coach can't update outdated igl. He left kinda saying "the problem is either me, fallen, or both of us" (their results got slightly better without zews, funny enough) As things are right now, FalleN is coach, IGL and main AWP. Too much for a single player to handle.
2020-05-23 23:58
U might say that zews = outdated but u seems forget one thing - when zews was in liquid they were quite successful
2020-05-24 00:04
True. Both Zews and Taco had a better time at liquid. But the most successful mibr ever was, was without zews, and with the current FaZe coach. Both zews and fallen had worse results after their reunion.
2020-05-24 00:17
Brazil _Awper 
This is not that true tho Liquid 2018 is more successful than 2018 mibr just because they have more 2nd places... It's just not coincidence that when Taco and Zews left Liquid and went to mibr, Liquid did better and mibr did worse...
2020-05-24 00:20
Liquid was better than mibr, for sure. But mibr then was better than any mibr since. They did better apart. That's what I said. As MIBR FalleN, he had better results with YNk, current FaZe coach, than with zews.
2020-05-24 00:39
NiKo | 
Pakistan hawrU 
Every change they made to the team ... They have gotten worse
2020-05-24 03:30
Brazil _Awper 
quite successful at never winning anything and started winning after Zews drop??????
2020-05-24 00:18
2020-05-24 01:19
Other khorkalba 
FalleN would just ruin Broky the way he's ruined meyern and trk. After a couple of months, Broky and rain would be kicked for TACO and fer. Then NiKo will leave to play for G2 and you will essentially be left with MiBR in FaZe colours.
2020-05-23 23:53
broky | 
Portugal sAA_ 
AHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAHHAHA imagine kicking broky and rain to put taco and fer HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
2020-05-23 23:53
lol true
2020-05-23 23:55
are you really saying broky = meyern and trk? LUL
2020-05-23 23:56
Other khorkalba 
I'm saying that FalleN has a track record of taking young talents and putting them in uncomfortable roles. He would 100% take the AWP away from Broky, and there's no way he's going to AWP from Olof's old spots, so Broky would effectively be the new Olof.
2020-05-23 23:57
Maybe he wouldn't. We've seen how he delivered and allowed fox to play with the AWP, even though fox, at the time, wasn't absolutely awful with rifles. FalleN is capable enough to understand (I reckon) that broky is much more dangerous with the AWP than himself. I personally think it would be a solid add to an already filled-with-talent roster.
2020-05-24 00:01
Other khorkalba 
The fox situation was very different. Firstly, they knew it was only going to be temporary, and secondly fox is a 1.6 legend who is 4 years older than FalleN. FalleN probably looked upto him like a hero when he first started to turn pro in 1.6. You don't invite someone you admire like that to play on your team for a few tournaments and then give them all of the bitch roles.
2020-05-24 00:08
Well, respectfully, I disagree. fox wasn't, certanily, a powerhouse back in January 2017 (and I am saying that as a fellow Portuguese), and FalleN was a two-time Major champion. I think that, almost invariably, vanishes that "idol" effect. On the other hand, fox was a stand-in, and SK Gaming could have opted to not break the tactical and role scheme, therefore forcing fox to play fnx's role. I think that would be a better option, to be completely honest.
2020-05-24 00:42
Other khorkalba 
Have you ever heard s1mple talk about f0rest in interviews? Even after becoming arguably the greatest CS player of all time, s1mple still talks about f0rest the way some kid kicking a football against a wall would talk about Messi. Pro players can be just as delusional as any other fanboy when it comes to their idols.
2020-05-24 00:45
I never heard FalleN (or any other SK-MIBR core player) talk about fox. But I don't necessarily see things that way. From what I saw, I must admit that it doesn't seem (at least in my opinion) that any of them saw/see fox as an idol. Also, FalleN isn't the same powerhouse skill-wise as he was back in 2017 or even 2018. I think that he has the selflessness to see that and to allow broky to shine.
2020-05-24 01:06
Hahahaha that paragraph, where s1mple is bigger than F0rest? Or u are the delusional here or u have came from a parallel universe. Also ignoring this, Fallen tried to give KNG his role, kng started to play cs after fallen
2020-05-24 01:26
Imagine comparing f0reat and Fox lul
2020-05-24 03:19
if the players dont hit their shots is not bc of roles is bc their are bad
2020-05-24 00:31
France SirC44 
would be hilarious, hope it happens
2020-05-24 00:13
arT | 
Brazil Maujubudo 
terrible fanfic 0/8
2020-05-24 00:22
Other khorkalba 
It's more believable fanfiction than SK joining MiBR and then signing two Americans based on a fluke major performance after failing to sign s1mple and flamie.
2020-05-24 00:25
arT | 
Brazil Maujubudo 
well, you have a point 3/8
2020-05-24 01:18
Failed to sign Niko and Shox*. That story line is what make me watch mibr games, its always a roller coaster.
2020-05-24 01:28
omg +9999 hahahahah
2020-05-24 03:22
United Kingdom SniffSniff 
Faze Krad
2020-05-23 23:55
FalleN | 
Italy Morokei 
every Mibr game is Fallen vs 9
2020-05-24 00:00
Poland Pelincha 
2020-05-24 00:18
Brazil _Awper 
Fer is playing well aswell, but Fallen usually has better ratings because HLTV system is bias towards Awpers.
2020-05-24 00:22
FalleN | 
Italy Morokei 
Fallen & Fer vs 8
2020-05-24 01:22
probably dont want to spend that type of money on their cs team
2020-05-24 00:15
Man, it would be a 500 IQ move. Fallen is playing out of his mind, and it would be nice to have the option of a double AWP setup. This guy is smart, and he could do a lot with this faze roster.
2020-05-24 00:22
Meyern coming..
2020-05-24 01:02
daps | 
Canada JC_123 
yes the IGL that lost a 12-1 lead in a grand final against a tier 2/3 team
2020-05-24 01:27
fer | 
Brazil GodSnow 
-Rain +Fer and Fallen
2020-05-24 01:28
Peru Ra1zennnnn 
2020-05-24 03:23
fallen will never leave the mibr, and he too is almost retired :( we all(br) wanted to see fallen on other team
2020-05-24 03:27
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