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Get_Rice | 
Macau Emo_roids 
winrate 52% over more than 1000 games (same as simple, decent winrate but not that great) kills per match 19.83 which places him among the good pros but not ropz/woxic/frozen/etc level, actually broky is at 19.9 so not that far k/d 1.09, again pretty good relative to other pros but not insane, broky is at 1.2 (he is in the top 20 for that) but he is 16 so all those 1000 games were probably when he was 15, which means he is still in his fast progression phase my prediction is that he can match the level of broky later and maybe approach the top 20 at best, but not more but that's still WAY better than olof anyway
2020-05-24 02:11
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take this as you want but ive never been wrong about any new recruit from FPL (the most underrated way to judge a player's potential) since 2016
2020-05-24 02:13
you brought me hopes
2020-05-24 02:15
Russia LeGoBoys 
Show me your other predictions
2020-05-24 02:16
India Grimm_jow 
niko played with him in fpl and i am sure niko finds him best suited according to their playstyle. Same as in broky case?
2020-05-24 02:17
Asia Blitzer 
pug environment is completely different from the team environment and he barely had any officials (so far) there is clearly potential but he will need time
2020-05-24 02:17
different but not that different if you can make consistent big impact with various random teammates over hundreds of games that says a lot about your performance in teams later, and it almost always translates
2020-05-24 02:20
f0rest | 
Mexico bfish8 
no... NiKo calls strats in FPL and Bymas always follows suit, bc he is 16, and worships NiKo's nuts. Byman follows NiKo's pug strats in FPL, he'll follow in officials as well.
2020-05-24 02:33
the problem is that they dont need another rifler
2020-05-24 02:21
still better than olof who wasn't even igl
2020-05-24 02:22
well its not like thats hard, but we dont really know how he will perform. kd isnt the only thing else faze would actually be a contender
2020-05-24 02:26
hmm no they just have 3 top players like many other teams, idk why people talk like faze is a superstar team, rain is t2 and olof t3
2020-05-24 02:28
before the corona rain played pretty decent he had 1.10+ rating but thats not the point the point is that synergy and teamplay is what makes teams great and faze lost that when they kicked karrigan
2020-05-24 02:30
i can agree with that
2020-05-24 02:30
Asia Blitzer 
niko wants to igl and niko is free to do whatever he wants on the team
2020-05-24 02:23
yep but i was thinking more of an awper
2020-05-24 02:24
Asia Blitzer 
will remain dependent on the map and spawn
2020-05-24 02:26
Broky also was unknown and he presentd very good performances let's just support him our new youngstar #Faze_up ♥
2020-05-24 02:24
hundreds of games in FPL is not unknown, he was known to be a very good player fpl performance almost always translates
2020-05-24 02:25
Asia Blitzer 
it's completely different m8 broky had a long stint on epsilon where he proved himself epsilon reached the top 30 with him
2020-05-24 02:26
bump for truth
2020-05-24 19:09
Afghanistan NICE_BAITMAN 
thx for good thread
2020-05-24 19:13
chances of him crumbling under pressure? i mean you're playing with niko and rain and fucking coldzera with ynk as coach. those are big names.
2020-05-24 19:15
i don't know any example of good prospect from FPL who crumbled under pressure after being recruited
2020-05-24 19:16
oh ok thats good to hear. like the only example that comes to mind for me is maybe Tenz and S0m. Hope this kid does good. I don't like Faze, but don't wish bad on the kid either
2020-05-24 19:46
maybe he is playing since he is 5 and hit his ceiling.
2020-05-24 19:17
good remark but your brain still grows a lot, until your mid twenties, you're just not as smart at 16 even the rookies who played since 7 or 8 (like zywoo) usually exploded in their late teens/early twenties even if they were already strong at 15/16 on a personal POV i find it funny how i got back to sc2 for fun after a 7 year break and became better in 20 games than i ever was when i played 4h a day 7 years ago, i was playing mechanically much faster but holy shit i was so much more stupid
2020-05-24 19:54
oh boy looks like i'm right yet again... suffering from success
2020-05-26 18:08
2020-05-26 18:10
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