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-Bymas +10 variants
Russia KamaraD 
1) Team Vitality l ALEX 2) NiP l Lekr0 3) Team Heretics l jeyN 4) Heroic l Snappi 5) rallen
2020-05-24 05:03
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Russia KamaraD
And 5 from u
2020-05-24 05:03
Romania Obuz8
my mom
2020-05-24 05:06
Denmark nrth_LUL
His mom
2020-05-24 05:09
their moms
2020-05-24 05:10
What’s the actual problem with bymas? He seems to be doing fine. He isn’t horrible in fpl. Niko likes him. He’s a cheap player to get. Nobody knows how he’ll play at a t1 level. Seems like a bargain that could pay off huge or be slightly worse than they had it before. Kinda like a broky investment it seems low risk high reward.
2020-05-24 05:10
Brazil moonski
all of their moms
2020-05-24 05:34
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Brazil drako420
all the moms in the world
2020-05-24 05:38
1. alex wants more free time not a busy schedule with a t1 team 2. lekr0 probably high buyout - faze dont want to spend that much money 3. jeyN toxic , prob. kicked from heretics 4. snappi is going to destroy chinese noobs so he will be star player in tiger 5. rallen - these poland players still struggling , i would say bad choice bymas is not a bad choice , he is doing great at fpl, and he is probably free agent so why not trial him...
2020-05-24 05:44
ALEX yes Lekr0 yes jeyN no wtf snappi sucks rallen no
2020-05-24 05:45
Bymas is temporary solution until olof comes back or they can get Lekr0 for much cheaper/free.
2020-05-24 05:46
2020-05-24 05:53
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