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actually interesting Chaos fix
Argentina druwugs 
-Voltage -Jonji +Cooper (if he didn't quit cs lol) +MarKE Chaos is one of my favourite teams rn, would love this to happen
2020-05-24 23:46
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You're kidding, jonji is carrying and you wanna replace him lmaoo gtfo.
2020-05-24 23:47
Argentina druwugs 
MarKE is better, he's just outperforming because of steel's solid structure
2020-05-24 23:49
they can stay on valorant
2020-05-24 23:48
Argentina druwugs 
did Cooper switched to Valorant as well?
2020-05-24 23:50
not yet, but he will eventually
2020-05-24 23:53
Argentina druwugs 
if he didn't then he wont.
2020-05-24 23:53
United States laiff 
bald boi cooper might join his brother soon and marke hasn't proven shit in NA career
2020-05-24 23:58
Argentina druwugs 
lol he's been rekting americans for years now
2020-05-25 01:11
United States laiff 
in rank S/fpl? very impressive
2020-05-25 01:28
Sweden Lagge15 
Chaos have been having this hole roster for 12 days. Better fix the team then. They have had 6 roster changes and 2 standins during 2020. You can fix this team, at this point, in any other way than to give them time. Do you actually think #56 in the world beat Liquid often?
2020-05-25 01:16
Argentina druwugs 
call it an improvement then
2020-05-25 05:53
France SirC44 
steel will always be limited in terms of the people he can get on board or retain due to the whole ban situation, it's sad to say but he is cursed to roam NA tier 3 since even tier 2 teams aspire to have a spot in the major
2020-05-25 01:41
Really hope cooper finds a good csgo team. He plays well, it would be a shame if he wastes his talent on T5 teams/V*lorant.
2020-05-25 01:44
Argentina druwugs 
isn't Chaos one of the best choices in NA rn?
2020-05-25 05:54
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