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144hz monitor
Romania andyGAD 
I want to upgrade from my old 60hz monitor to 144hz monitor any sugestions?
2020-05-25 10:41
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Poland MateuZinho 
cheap one 22-24
2020-05-25 10:43
24 euro?
2020-05-25 10:55
Poland MateuZinho 
2020-05-25 10:58
hey that's my penis size
2020-05-25 12:07
Proof or liar
2020-05-25 12:08
pic or didn't happen
2020-05-25 12:11
we want pic come on, no homo just curiosity
2020-05-25 13:22
Finland runENCE 
everyone in hltv has 20+ inch penis
2020-05-25 17:33
yes i have a suggestion
2020-05-25 10:43
Romania andyGAD 
Can you share it with us?
2020-05-25 10:44
benq zowie xl2411p este foarte bun my romanian friend
2020-05-25 10:47
i think benq is most quality for monitor
2020-05-25 10:51
Russia mmmmmmajestic 
What quality do u mean? I have BenQ XL2411P and i remember that colors were utter shit before i got used to them. Idk mb it's better in 240hz ones. Also my monitor has some barely noticeable blurry effect but it's kinda annoying anyway.
2020-05-25 10:58
the basic color are shit but you can tweak that with the settings
2020-05-25 17:49
Lol no... Zowie monitors are pretty shit, basic and bad colors.
2020-05-25 11:00
who needs amazing colors for competitve anyway
2020-05-25 17:49
For other games mostly ofc but its also nice for cs, they charge a premium price for their 240hz monitor but without premium features. Because they can and ppl still buy it cuz they think its the best because majority of pro players use it.
2020-05-25 22:49
and he is from romania... i think the benq color look amazing compared to the colors he sees outside of his windows
2020-05-25 17:50
2020-05-25 22:44
2020-05-25 22:50
i bought it 28 days ago best shit ever
2020-05-25 11:20
Poland Totali_ 
AOC has cheap 144hz monitors
2020-05-25 10:47
Germany ske0 
go wait for a few month when the 360 hz monitor are going to be released then all prices will drop and u can afford 240hz
2020-05-25 10:49
8475638 IQ
2020-05-25 11:02
Germany DavLy 
2020-05-25 13:32
Poland kruky 
If i had 60hz I would skip 144hz and just go for 240hz. afaik there is not that much difference in price
2020-05-25 10:49
Are you dumb, stupid, or dumb, huh?
2020-05-25 14:56
Poland kruky 
180€ vs 230€ in polish retailer. Much difference, very saving
2020-05-25 17:04
2020-05-25 17:20
Just don't buy VA, terrible response times/ghosting.
2020-05-25 10:52
Denmark felab 
it ofcourse depends on your financial situation, but if u can afford 240hz and want to improve do it. 144hz will be great for you aswell. remember to make sure your PC can get over 144hz consistently. Give me your PC specs if. u want help
2020-05-25 10:54
why you want to steal his pc wtf
2020-05-25 10:55
Denmark felab 
we take those
2020-05-25 10:55
Romania andyGAD 
I have I5 7400 1050 ti nvidia 16 gb ram 3200mhz at cl15 speed 250-300 fps at low settings in csgo
2020-05-25 14:10
2020-05-25 10:54
Portugal NabasKi 
AOC 24G2.
2020-05-25 10:55
rain | 
Norway apx- 
I like Acer Predator. Have BenQ XL2411P now, and the colors are absolute shit. Nice ingame tho, but not good for daily use, need another screen for that. :/
2020-05-25 11:00
Portugal NabasKi 
Yeah, that's why you shouldn't but TN panels for daily, overall use.
2020-05-25 11:01
Don't take a zowie montior.
2020-05-25 11:01
Sweden swediztann3 
I have a benq 240 its 10x better than some asus tuf 144 hz 1440p monitor i had. Better viewangel, colors and no ghosting etc.
2020-05-25 11:16
Asus tuf is asus budget brand, so not a good comparison. Rog swift crushes any zowie monitor in every aspect, Acer predator/nitro, alienware etc is better imo. I've had 2 zowie monitors unfortunately so talking from experience, never gonna buy these mediocre monitors again.
2020-05-25 11:46
Sweden swediztann3 
I paid like 4500 sek for asus. I was going to buy asus swift but it has gsync and shit. And the colors in csgo looks 10x better than swift. Zowie monitor is made for csgo. All pros use it aswell swift looks ridicilus aswell like a spaceshift + its a old tn panel aswell just like zowie. And isp monitors shit too when it comes to high refreshrate monitors
2020-05-25 12:00
Rather have gsync or freesync which u can turn off and more features tbh, then some useless "shields" and nothing else. My acer predator looks way better then the zowie monitor i returned, with g sync, bluelight filter, overdrive mode to 0.4ms, flickerless, zero frame design and a lot more features for the same price.
2020-05-25 13:11
Asus TUF Gaming VG249Q I'm not sure how much this costs in your country but I do recommend it for it's IPS display and overclockable refresh rate along with 1ms response times
2020-05-25 11:04
Portugal MCDOUG 
Around 250€. The cheaper ones are 180/190€, the "normal" ones, 200€ Good ones start at 250€. This one is a good choice. The best ones, are more expensive, have a look:
2020-05-25 12:06
China CantBanMe 
What's a good one that's 240hz with nice colors? I heard people complain about the benQ colors but it was for the 144hz I believe, any recommendations?
2020-05-25 11:05
i have a dell alinware 2518hf for the money its the best and its 240 hz i think its around 300$
2020-05-25 11:12
Sweden swediztann3 
It has atleast as good colors as asus swift but for csgo it looks better than swift. Zowie is the best 240hz monitor at the market and it doesnt have features like gsync that defeats the purpuse of a 240 monitor
2020-05-25 12:33
No it doesnt lmao, you can just turn it off for cs and use g sync on games where you get fps way below the monitors refresh rate to avoid screen tearing.
2020-05-25 13:14
Sweden swediztann3 
Tearing is caused by your graphics cards, settings and game engine, like v-sync: off. Maybe to try with odd signal formats that confuse the circuit set in the screen. A screen that provides tearing has some kind of error because it goes against the basic design of how a screen should work. Even if you only render a game at 100 FPS, for example, there are no points with lowering the frequency on the screen. DyAC is designed to reduce backlog levels and there may be a point in lowering the frequency because it affects how the picture looks. Why did benq not put adaptive sync to the monitor? Because the target group that this monitor is for does not have any need for adaptiv sync.
2020-05-25 13:21
U can buy my monitor. Benq xl2411z 144hz for you my friend 120€
2020-05-25 11:09
i'm sorry but its useless af
2020-05-25 13:20
2020-05-25 14:34
Old monitor, there are so much better monitors right now
2020-05-25 14:53
There will be always better, but its enough for cs
2020-05-25 17:46
what i meant was newer 144hz monitors are cheaper and better
2020-05-25 18:37
aoc c24g1
2020-05-25 11:12
2020-05-25 11:23
aoc have great deals
2020-05-25 11:46
benq zowie xl2411p
2020-05-25 13:12
i have acer kg241q its cheap and supports hdmi 2.0
2020-05-25 13:18
Imagine even thinking about getting a 144 or 240 hz monitor in 2020. 920 hz monitors is where its at atm.
2020-05-25 13:21
2020-05-25 13:22
Finland Qurko 
240hz is a waste, theres literally 1 game you benefit using one being csgo, 144 you can actually get in many games and the difference is nowhere near what 60 --> 144 is. look for a good brand and don't buy the cheapest there is, because they fucking suck
2020-05-25 13:27
240hz is not a waste for many other games even if you get 100fps. it looks a lot smoother than 144hz screen, with 0 screen tear without activiting any gsync or freesync thing also lower input lag
2020-05-25 17:48
even now scrolling on hltv the image is clearer while moving
2020-05-25 17:49
xl2411 or xl2546
2020-05-25 13:30
Romania decis1ve 
the only suggestion i have is a monitor that has 2k resolution. The thing is, i bought xl2411P and is great for cs, feels smooth af but when u want to play games with good graphics they look kinda trash bcs of the monitor. HD isnt enough when u want to play better looking games. Also u need at least 150 fps average in cs.
2020-05-25 13:42
Romania andyGAD 
Ty all i am gonna buy xl2411p, i dont watch movies or do daily use on monitor, i conect my pc on my 4k tv for that the monitor is just for gaming, and i play mostly just csgo so i think that this is the right choice
2020-05-25 14:23
I got a 27 inch one with kinda bad colors for very cheap, i just turn up nvidia saturation to 200% and use nvidia freestyle to enhance colors as well and I am very happy with it, i cant find the price anywhere
2020-05-25 14:28
EliGE | 
Estonia realmens 
I wanted to buy the xl2411p but all the reviews had a lot of complaints I paid around 50$ more and I bought this I highly recommend
2020-05-25 17:33
Czech Republic mOrOkura 
Buy LG 27GL83A-B if you don't mind that black is actually dark grey on this monitor (contracst isn't very good) but other than that it's one of the best value/money 144hz monitor. It's the same panel as mega popular LG 27GL850-B but cheaper with only difference being two USB 3.0 ports on 850-B which you probably don't need for anything anyway. It's super fast with great overdrive so it's perfect for CS GO.
2020-05-25 17:35
United Kingdom alcazar4 
acer makes good and relatively cheap 144hz and 240hz.
2020-05-25 17:47
get 240hz
2020-05-25 17:47
Portugal jojoestrela07 
asus vg278q
2020-05-25 22:52
Russia webx 
WQHD monitor ASUS ROG STRIX XG279Q, I personally use it, best gaming monitor ever
2020-05-25 22:56
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