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Bymas do good
Russia ^_^1337 
olof role, 0.9 k/d he did good
2020-05-25 20:46
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1.0 rating but he had a 1.17 in T side, its CT side he needs to work on.
2020-05-25 20:48
+1 faze didn't need to go to map 3 today, if bymas fixes his CT play they'll be real strong
2020-05-25 20:51
Poland aiken 
Don't make general conclusions on small samples. Also CT side frags distribution depends more on enemy team strats and player position. Some CT positions are more likely to get player more frags in particular situations. If you take all pro games on a map and count Rating of players on given positions you will find that those are not equal.
2020-05-25 20:55
Of course, but it clear to see he has talent, he peeled open multiple sites with spray transfers.
2020-05-25 20:57
sdy | 
Sweden god_sdy 
Give him time and he will improve, but today he was just a spectator IMO. FaZe individually was always going to win this game no matter what
2020-05-25 20:49
No he had genuine impact on T side.
2020-05-25 20:50
Switzerland Schwandi 
2020-05-25 20:53
United States SparklingBlue 
He did good especially since its like his first real match. TBH I was expecting him to go under 0.8 rating. He will get better for sure I have high hopes for this guy :D
2020-05-25 20:51
2020-05-25 20:53
Dude he's probably nervous, it's his big chance.
2020-05-25 20:55
i dont say he is bad, he just play only 1 game and he is only 16 yo. need time of course
2020-05-25 20:57
Lithuania KingOfPing 
As a 1st pro game not bad for Bymas. As a first game show little bit of everything: win a clutch, impact on important round (nuke last 2 rounds), kill a teammate, do a big fail (inferno last round) :D
2020-05-25 20:56
2020-05-25 20:57
India _Jazz_ 
+1 He's probably going to be a big name in the future.
2020-05-25 21:01
fer | 
Brazil LK22 
ok wtf
2020-05-25 20:57
ppl just looking at stats oh man HLTV what uv became
2020-05-25 20:57
i never said he is bad player or 0.9 k/d bla bla need kick him fast as possible i just say he did olof role as past 1 year.
2020-05-25 20:59
United States SparklingBlue 
Most HLTV users are kids who only look at the stats and not even the games. Sad TBH
2020-05-25 20:59
learn to read first of all
2020-05-25 21:02
United States SparklingBlue 
I was replying to what he said. And I clearly read what he wrote?
2020-05-25 21:06
TaZ | 
Poland Cedzik 
2020-05-25 21:03
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