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Liquid roster changes
United States twistzz_top_1 
If they perform poorly in Cologne 2020 (Which will be a LAN Event), then nitr0 is off the roster very likely, but the question is who will replace him? adreN could fill in as a temporary stand-in, but not in a long term. Imo I think it'll be a young fpl talent, but I want to know your thoughts
2020-05-26 03:24
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Australia sad_faze_fan 
wtf ://////
2020-05-26 03:25
NA should do what they do on league, just import EU players lmao
2020-05-26 03:25
pretty much all eu players imported have been bad for NA :)
2020-05-26 03:37
And Korea NA is garbage tier idk how the LCS going rn but pretty sure it’s still shit
2020-05-26 04:49
It is still shit. LPL>LCK>LEC>>LCS
2020-05-26 17:06
Idk what it’s like now but I still think LCK>LPL even after Invictus
2020-05-26 19:24
I think T1 is slightly better than every other team, but LPL got more T1 team compare to other regions so it is more competitive.
2020-05-26 19:56
its a joke? bro lpl eat lck , lck is so overated they wont win any more tournament they only know play like pussys
2020-05-27 00:22
Cologne is cancelled my dude
2020-05-26 03:30
Dosia | 
North America Gc_29 
2020-05-26 03:32
There was an announcement a while back that it has been pushed back due to Germany suspending public gatherings. I don't think Covid19 going away any time soon, so no lan events gonna happen anytime soon.
2020-05-26 03:39
Dosia | 
North America Gc_29 
On May 5th, the event was moved to a closed studio environment and postponed to the end of August, with the arena playoffs being cancelled, due to COVID-19 restrictions set by the German government.
2020-05-26 03:46
2020-05-26 03:30
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
2020-05-26 11:05
2020-05-26 13:45
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
2020-05-26 15:04
hes obv not an IGL
2020-05-26 16:07
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
0iq german
2020-05-26 16:45
2020-05-26 17:01
2020-05-26 17:06
swag | 
North America Jeebur 
he is literally the IGL rn
2020-05-26 18:57
NiKo is IGL rn too
2020-05-26 18:57
Malaysia Amerka! 
2020-05-26 18:57
United States fatburger 
he literally is the igl lmfao
2020-05-27 06:59
are u dumb af? lmfao expected from fatburger
2020-05-27 14:15
Expected from proven nazi
2020-05-29 01:26
please dont talk about warcrimes murica lmao
2020-05-29 02:52
United States porcupine2020 
0/8 plays entry and B anchor, the two worst roles for stats
2020-05-26 18:53
Dosia | 
North America Gc_29 
-nitr0 +cooper maybe?
2020-05-26 03:32
2020-05-26 03:38
Dosia | 
North America Gc_29 
idk maybe they would resort to getting an awper unless other teams like eg also change roster
2020-05-26 03:45
They wouldn't resort to getting an absolute shitter no matter what. Seriously what is it that people see in this guy? Or is it that everyone mentioning him is secretly his alt accounts because I don't see what makes him even passable for tier1 CS, he could barely hold his own against top50 opponents.
2020-05-26 03:51
Dosia | 
North America Gc_29 
lol chill its just an option i mean they aren't any other players, they'd have to do something like chaos did and pick up an unknown player, which frankly there really are none. Other than that I see them going the Envy way and going international.
2020-05-26 04:06
They'd be better off keeping nitr0 than gambling on some AWPer that can barely do well against top 50s. Nitr0 has shown some significant improvement in form since stewie2k took over IGLing.
2020-05-26 04:41
Dosia | 
North America Gc_29 
but then you would u replace
2020-05-26 04:45
They don't need any replacing, it doesn't work out long-term.
2020-05-26 05:11
Dosia | 
North America Gc_29 
ah my bad i read it wrong
2020-05-26 05:14
Cooper performed well on SP He has ability he just needs a stable lineup I was thinking him going to Chaos over Voltage, guy is low impact
2020-05-26 04:50
huNter- | 
Korea Jew2K 
That "stable lineup" shouldnt be TL tho. He played well for a few games online and everybody's suddenly acting up as if he's NA's savior or some shit.
2020-05-26 11:06
2020-05-26 17:08
liquid best fix: +DISBAND
2020-05-26 03:36
Same with Sharks KEKW
2020-05-26 04:51
Nah only if he keeps underperforming, which I hope he doesn't. Seems like such a chill dude.
2020-05-26 03:39
North America humaa 
bruh bruh bruh im pretty sure smooya was looking for an NA team he even said it was his dream to be in one he could replace nitr0 and be the main awper he is british no language barrier he is really noice wit the awp experienced he wud be great but ion think is ever guna happen :'(
2020-05-26 03:44
Personality will not suit and Nitro plays support most of the time
2020-05-26 17:09
swag | 
North America Jeebur 
Smooya is going to Tiger I'm pretty sure
2020-05-26 19:03
North America humaa 
yeeeah saw that but if that doesnt work outt
2020-05-27 06:55
swag | 
North America Jeebur 
honestly hope it doesnt work out at this point lol, smooya to liquid might make a huge difference
2020-05-28 22:00
North America humaa 
yeah jus think bout his consistency with the awp and an actual awper who is way better overall when compared to nitr0
2020-05-29 01:17
why not wait until the major. Maybe once the LANs start liquid will get good again.
2020-05-26 03:47
Sweden Lagge15 
Depending on how much money they wanna pay they might either go for ethan or Brehze, depending on how far EG have dropped. Or they could go for s0m. S0m is the perfect fit for the roster. He is a team player who can clutch and not be afraid of either playing slow or fast. He got the individual skill they look for. But if they don't wanna spend money they will go for whoever is in form in Triumph
2020-05-26 04:26
Other ustad_gaul 
are they ok to have two stewies?
2020-05-26 05:12
Sweden Lagge15 
Who would you say is like a Stewie?
2020-05-26 10:57
Other ustad_gaul 
s0m? their playstyle are different but somewhat similar
2020-05-26 13:55
Sweden Lagge15 
I get your point. Their skill set is similar but their playstyle differs. I would say all of the Liquid players are versitile enough for it to not become an issue unless they make it an issue. The current roles in Gen.G and Liquid are quite similar but I think s0m is poorly utilized in Gen.G atm.
2020-05-26 13:58
ropz | 
United States VadeCS 
Yea they're asian
2020-05-27 07:06
France Lili___ 
floppy !!
2020-05-26 04:27
- Nitr0 +Alex - Twistzz + CerQ/Brehze (i would day more CerQ, Liquid need a solid awp player) I would give a try to s0m maybe
2020-05-26 04:33
United States twistzz_top_1 
2020-05-26 04:50
I feel like getting rid of Twistzz would cause an issue. Sure he hasn't been playing top-notch these last couple of months, but Liquid need him because he has close ties to EliGE and nitr0.
2020-05-26 14:06
curry, amazing young and upcoming talent
2020-05-26 04:47
+kassad NEEDS to happen as far as i'm concerned. They need someone who wont take shit, and that's willing to put their foot down and tell them to stop being little bitches. If nitro doesn't get his game up either, then +CeRq, Cooper, auti, even someone like fucking syrsoN or snatchie, as long as they can get a .95+ rating in most top 10 games
2020-05-26 04:59
Philippines _SweZ_ 
+autimatic no doubt cuz they need an awper. they can trade in nitr0 and some money for timta to join
2020-05-26 05:05
Team Liquid is perfectly fine idk what you guys are on. Any change to the player lineup is a hufie mistake. Change to coach or wait just a bit longer to see what changes will happen as Stewie2k IGLs more. It's already starting to look much better, but then again it's online so it might not directly translate to better LAN performances.
2020-05-26 06:59
It's going to be online for several months, maybe even years, so we have to judge online for LAN.
2020-05-26 14:07
No, we don't. Obviously online is the only thing we can judge rn, but fuck no it doesn't mean anything for LAN.
2020-05-26 15:40
actually, What is the biggest difference between online and lan? Why would the great lan teams play like shit online
2020-05-26 17:12
Biggest? Probably atmosphere, but there are so many factors that just make the results completely different. Another important one is how ping changes peek interactions. Either way, the fact that they're very different environments with drastically different outcomes remains
2020-05-26 18:24
It seems like the team with thick playbooks got affected a lot by Online CS but Fnatic and Mouz went to final in Pro Leauge (first tier 1 online event) so I just could not tell why their performance can become that bad from an event to next
2020-05-26 18:26
Yeah it's a mystery for sure. Online cs has never been known for its consistency though
2020-05-26 18:51
+1 Adren should go, this guy doesn't look like he is helping
2020-05-26 17:13
-nirt0 +floppy
2020-05-26 10:58
Other T3rry_0 
Jonji could be a Great addition to team LULQUID
2020-05-26 11:01
Czech Republic KOKOT1234567 
adren shouldve never joined in the first place
2020-05-26 11:04
I'll take this opportunity to remind people that Liquid despite being the second or third best team for basically all of 2018 didn't win anything of note before Adren or Stewie showed up.
2020-05-27 00:14
Czech Republic KOKOT1234567 
definitely not because of adren tho
2020-05-27 01:36
>NA >FPL talent Pick one
2020-05-26 13:54
INS | 
Australia CLEGGY 
If you cant play good online you wont play good on lan u fanboys need to stop trying to defend liquid like this How can you play worst at a setup you're very comfortable with than a weird setup with not even ur own monitor or computer infront of a crowd of thousands, makes no sense
2020-05-26 14:00
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
By that ideology your saying that onliners like chaos will beat teams like G2 astralis fnatic etc on LAN? Atmosphere is different. You have your teamates right there next to you on lan whereas * online *you have to push a button to talk everytime to comm something. Also you retard. Teams like chaos and cloud9 are together. Liquid are separated rn. Clearly you can see how much impact playing together brings compared to playing separately in your house.
2020-05-26 15:20
The biggest difference I can tell is IGL missing on some vital info because they could not see other's screen
2020-05-26 17:14
United States porcupine2020 
other teams might not be accustomed to such an environment, when you play together you can coordinate strats together, you have the comfort of knowing your teammates are next to you and can provide support both in game and mentally
2020-05-26 18:57
But Fnatic and Mouz both did well at Pro league. I just don't understand why their performance become shit since then
2020-05-26 18:58
United States porcupine2020 
online=inconsistent ig, liquid got 1st at epl then 4th at rtr, dropping series to chaos and c9, while beating EG 3 times in a row in a week
2020-05-26 21:51
Bulgaria unfckwithable 
-nitr0, adreN +CeRq, Kassad keep Stew at making callouts easy top3
2020-05-26 15:20
jdm64 | 
Brazil LukFD 
-nitr0 -stew +jks +AZR
2020-05-26 17:08
why stew dude plays the hard positions 0/8 but jks would be cool
2020-05-26 18:32
I wouldn't kick Stew, he's actually doing ok as an IGL. He had 29 flash assists for his team against MIBR and had the most utility damage
2020-05-26 19:03
2020-05-26 18:33
2020-05-26 18:54
2020-05-26 18:55
United States V1zual 
Honestly Stewie is semi experienced as caller so if they wanna go that route maybe they could pick up someone like osee or cerq, but if they want to keep the awping duties with naf and Stewie and have a dedicated caller they could maybe pick up daps, but I don't think he'd leave gen.g unless he's kicked which I don't think he will be, or maybe go international and pick up karrigan or something.
2020-05-26 22:00
United States JustBitsy 
2020-05-26 22:09
rain | 
Netherlands Yourii 
Alex or Lekr0 I think a EU player If you want NA player then floppy
2020-05-26 22:10
I think you let things settle with the current changes. It's very possible Nitro's form picks back up. If it doesn't spend some money and reunite the Asian duo. They need a dedicated AWPer if you want to pick a role. No one is stupid enough to do any of the moves listed by HLTV like -Twistzz (lul). The problem will be the same it's always been in CS. Buyouts. Coming off all this online nonsense people like Floppy look real tempting but I wouldn't want to spend 500k on a guy whose best has come online with only a few decent LAN showings in 2019.
2020-05-27 00:18
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