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CS:GO and toxicity
CIS 2ocean 
What's the point of being toxic? Why do people justify it? Toxicity gives no impact, blaming other people will never help you to win a game. It even makes it worse because victim can't focus on game. Sadly, most of players don't give a fuck about this shit. You can mute toxic player but it doesn't solve problem. They will ruin next game. In my opinion, FACEIT should give permanent ban for every kind of destructive behavior. First time and second time - just a warning (if you are having a really bad day and all of us can make mistakes), third time - you are never allowed to play anymore. Stop projecting your mental issues onto other people. Visit a psychologist, he might help you. Let me know your opinion about toxicity "Toxicity doesn't lose game, bad players do"
2020-05-26 17:22
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toxic and good > bot and nice
2020-05-26 17:24
Yugoslavia Momaq 
-1 rather have fun with a nice player than have to listen to a idiot
2020-05-26 17:25
Better to play with an toxic idiot who is fragging than a good guy who will loose u the game
2020-05-26 17:30
the toxic idiot loses the game 90%
2020-05-26 17:35
Lol loser
2020-05-26 17:31
Snax | 
Europe Bambi_AT 
expected from von habsburg
2020-05-26 17:33
How does it not solve the problem? BCko is right by the way
2020-05-26 17:24
Yugoslavia Momaq 
sometimes you have to be toxic to idiots that throw the game
2020-05-26 17:24
just sometimes, you don't have to insult bad player every round after every fail because you can say "bro, you did shit. try to focus and shine up" instead of "FUCKING RETARD OH MY GOD FULL BOT HOLY SHIT DELETE GAME REPORTED"
2020-05-26 17:27
Yugoslavia Momaq 
not bad player the throwing player if someone is really nice and bad what can you do but if someone is an idiot and throwing, not playing with team, toxic... they deserve others to be toxic to them
2020-05-26 17:28
even if you are insulting a thrower it gives bad vibes for your team. imagine 2 people screaming at each other in the middle of the round. kinda hard to focus. The proper way to deal with thrower is to mute him and report
2020-05-26 17:30
nah fuck him
2020-05-26 17:35
Depends on what kind of toxic though. If your teammate is an absolute bot anyone will get angry but if people are being toxic for no reason then yeaaa kick.
2020-05-26 17:26
United Kingdom rationale 
People are not toxic in CSGO, they are toxic by default. It's either the superiority or inferiority complexes both of which manifest in the same behavior: toxicity.
2020-05-26 17:29
pava | 
Europe Raco_br 
this is not a CSGO thing, on sports like football, basketball, formula 1, etc... if there is a competitive scene there is toxicity. However to be good on any competition you need be able to focus your mindset and not get into that, you need start learning how to deal with toxicity so you can achieve something in life and CS will teach you a little about that,
2020-05-26 17:31
You are right. Anyway it is painful to watch how your teammates are blaming each other without any reasons (like holy fuck we just lost round so who cares, win next, even if we lose game IT IS JUST A GAME). That's why I think toxicity should be permabanned.
2020-05-26 17:34
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I agree. The moment you become toxic, you've already lost internally. Sure, being into the game so much you're irked at your own performance, perfectly understandable. Raging like a child because of a simple game is just unnecessary... it's a lack of mental fortitude and a lack of responsible behaviour.
2020-05-26 17:35
Myanmar aligholiz77 
Personally if you rage or toxic in a video game go outside and get help you have problems.
2020-05-26 17:39
Russia WhereIsJopa 
2020-05-26 17:40
Chile esanchez47 
People warned me about the toxicity in CSGO... i tried playing LoL for a couple of months and yeah, it was toxic, but the caliber of toxicity here is kinda worst, even in this forums. The amount of people bashing on others, people with "my opinion is better than yours" "you're wrong because i say it" and on and on... And i don't get people justifying that "this happens everywhere". I mean come on, why no try to fix things here, instead of looking outside...
2020-05-26 17:55
Seems like other games are worse.
2020-05-26 18:11
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