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Valorant haters
Canada diamond_space 
Remember when HLTV hated the wallhack or healing abilites in the game? Well look at it now, people have figured out that these powers aren't so bad after all.
2020-05-27 02:36
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2020-05-27 02:37
Poland rude_wredne 
Nope, people just got bored of this boring game
2020-05-27 02:37
+1 who car about this game lol
2020-05-27 02:39
Poland rude_wredne 
Idk mens. Tried watching it and its just so boring. I dont know how the fuck they managed to do that. After soooo many years of playing and watching dd2 and its still cool af. Valorant? Bored after 3 min. 😔👌
2020-05-27 02:41
North America Swboy1010 
Same mens I like csgo more because the guns are satisfying to fire and hear being fired.
2020-05-27 03:07
Poland rude_wredne 
Menssss this +100 plus some skins look cool af
2020-05-27 03:28
small, claustrophobic maps cancer abilities and horrible gunplay/movement mechanics why bother watching a game like this? tbh its never going to be a competitive powerhouse like cs, mark my words
2020-05-27 05:28
Poland rude_wredne 
Oversnatch better
2020-05-27 11:59
What do you mean by that? Are the abilities weak and not viable?
2020-05-27 02:42
I'm not saying the abilities are weak and not viable. I'm saying that the abilites are not as gamebreaking as hltv said they would be.
2020-05-27 02:46
Well they don't have to be gamebreaking to be against the competitive spirit of a shooter and frustrating to play against
2020-05-27 02:53
France Nairelav 
Tbh it's not so frustrating
2020-05-27 03:38
the healer in valorant is still stupidly overpowered but ok
2020-05-27 02:44
Only kids can like that baby game Magic and that nonsense A cartoon style Did they really think it was similar to CS?
2020-05-27 02:45
syrsoN | 
China fu22Y 
+1. Never be able to like any of these games like valorant, ow, fortnight, etc. You can bring cartoon charas into some other casual games, but fps is game for men and it needs reality.
2020-05-27 05:25
They are just mad, valorant will definetly kill cs. no doubt in that
2020-05-27 02:47
Poland rude_wredne 
Interesting personalities
2020-05-27 03:00
2020-05-27 03:08
United States boombl4eatyou 
Remember jixxah? so happy that idiot is gone
2020-05-27 02:49
he said he stopped playing video games, looks like valorant made him quit lmfao
2020-05-27 06:19
wallhack is an ability??? what a shit game
2020-05-27 03:06
North America Swboy1010 
Laughs in Widomaker.
2020-05-27 03:08
2020-05-27 03:09
North America Swboy1010 
2020-05-27 03:12
you can wh there too?
2020-05-27 03:12
North America Swboy1010 
yep Soldier 76 has that as his ultimate and widomaker throws this grenade that can reveal enemy positions.
2020-05-27 03:14
kinda sad
2020-05-27 03:26
Well Sage and Cypher are two of the strongest characters in the game right now. Sova's skill isn't even wallhack. If you're revealed by that ability it means you're in line of sight with it. Anyways, the worst part of valorant are the maps. Even with those shitty gimmicks, none of the maps end up remotely as good as even dust2 or mirage.
2020-05-27 03:11
Chile gentleeH 
Yeah, the mechanics are fine imo, but the maps are hallway simulator 2020, actually trash.
2020-05-27 03:58
United States Phamous3k 
Yeah, Im not to fond of the maps... I like Bind, and Haven has it moments... Split can drive you nuts starting on attack in a pug. It's just a big FUCK YOOUUUU tbh. Hopefully this 4th map they add is stellar... They got Volcano making maps so idk.
2020-05-27 05:59
United States Phamous3k 
Lol.... HLTV secretly love Valorant... Btw, Valorant being successful will only make Valve put more effort and money into CSGO. Remember; in any economy you want a competitive market and not just one company monopolizing.
2020-05-27 03:50
This. I'm not playing Valorant, but it'll be good for CS, because Valve now will actually have to give two shits about it.
2020-05-27 04:00
+1 Just look at how many updates we got since valorant beta came out. Doesnt matter if you prefer valorant or cs, both games will be good for each other.
2020-05-27 04:12
Jamppi | 
Other Ame^v^ 
who ask ?
2020-05-27 04:16
ropz | 
Canada Bucket0 
shit game
2020-05-27 06:09
what do you mean? theyre still stupid
2020-05-27 06:27
Denmark Alphamon 
Biased users on a CS site hating a game that's a direct competitor? I am baffled. Your insecurity is showing guys. You wouldn't need to shit on the game so badly if it was actually as horrible as you're claiming it is. I mean the game would just kill itself then right? If you were confident in CS:GO's ability to maintain #1 and in Valorant being garbage you would just stay quiet. Exciting times.
2020-05-27 12:06
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