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Does law of attraction exist? Poker
United States KKonian 
I was playing poker and i just had a bad feeling about a hand when i raised. It went to an all in then i saw that he had the same hand as mine (ace 4 off suit) when mine was ace 4 suited. He ended up winning the hand by getting a 4 card flush which statistically only had a 2% chance of happening. Then i buy into another tournament and go 47 hands without getting a single winnable/playable hand and i tilt. It just all started when i had a bad feeling about the ace 4 hand that ended up being horrible luck because he had a 2% chance of winning. Something like this happening just confirms my "negative thoughts" that when something goes wrong everything there after for the time being goes wrong and there is no stopping it
2020-05-28 00:44
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idk I dont play poker
2020-05-28 00:45
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I had a bad feeling about a hand then the guy ended up beating me which only had a 2% chance of happening then after that its all bad
2020-05-28 00:46
it's very real the universe is an interesting place trust in it
2020-05-28 00:45
What does this have to do with attraction.? Did u want to fuck him or not?
2020-05-28 00:45
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Law of attraction: In the New Thought philosophy, the Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life I have a bad feeling about something then after that its all bad
2020-05-28 00:47
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Would be just better if you nailed him, honestly.
2020-05-28 00:47
Finland 0lter
who cares
2020-05-28 00:46
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you cared enough to click on the thread and spend 3 seconds writing a comment
2020-05-28 00:50
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Finland 0lter
yep but i didnt care enough to read
2020-05-28 00:51
2% is pretty good chance to win in online poker.
2020-05-28 00:50
fnx | 
Portugal RMOC
never heard about this law but sounds interesting. I don't play poker but I had similar experiences like this
2020-05-28 00:52
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