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I r8 ur BLAST fantasy and help
arT | 
Brazil Homem_REDPILLado 
First (if u want to), join Long Dickers League EU: NA: And post ur team and ill help, GL :)
2020-05-28 16:24
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Poland rude_wredne 
2020-05-28 16:26
Ok menss
2020-05-28 16:35
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W 
shox hs machine misuta leader krimz defender brollan multi fragger f0rest noob (incase dignitas choked which wouldnt suprise me).
2020-05-28 16:32
Germany Neckarstadion 
noob role is trash, don't use it
2020-05-28 16:34
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W 
as i said it's if dignitas chokes and goes 16 2 against mad lions, so he doesn't ruin my fantasy and if he does well and dignitas do well, it doesn matter -2 points.
2020-05-28 16:36
If dignitas chokes again, any player will fck ur fantasy boi
2020-05-28 16:37
bumba meu boi
2020-05-28 21:10
Germany Neckarstadion 
If you think that dignitas choke, you should not pick f0rest, because the +5 points from the role will be nothing compared to the like -20 you get for the bad rating. You fantasy will be ruined either way. If you think f0rest is going to do well, it is stupid to give him the noob role because you will be throwing away points. That's why you should never use the noob role. The goal in fantasy is to go into the top 3, no one who ever used the noob role did this because there would be others instead who have the same team but not the noob role
2020-05-28 16:41
+1 cant agree more
2020-05-28 16:44
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W 
they can win mad lions and mouz i hope i may change his role to attacker
2020-05-28 17:23
Mad lions are good, mouz will choke again
2020-05-28 17:25
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W 
yeah but dignitas can win any tier 2 team imo. they just need xizt to not be -30
2020-05-28 17:25
Xizt needs a kick fast
2020-05-28 17:30
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W 
nah they are just stealing paychecks enjoying in game they played togheter in 2013.
2020-05-28 17:31
kek, makes total sense
2020-05-28 18:30
2020-05-29 13:56
5/8 fnatic js playing like a shit, noob is a bad role
2020-05-28 16:36
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W 
2020-05-28 16:36
2020-05-28 16:39
2020-05-28 22:35
B1T | 
Ukraine devitt 
wtf, didnt expect they gonna do fantasy for showdown thats good, gonna make my team soon
2020-05-28 16:37
Me too bro, waiting for ur team and gl
2020-05-28 16:39
NA: 8/8 M8, I think mibr and 100t gonna smash, very nice EU: 4/8, Fnatic and nip are playing really bad for now, its a gamble
2020-05-28 16:43
flusha and krimz are playing well, so if they win it's gonna be a lot of points, but yeah i'm not sure about NIP
2020-05-28 16:46
Yeah, flusha and krimz can make a lot of points if fnatic wins but nip is a bit too hard
2020-05-28 17:03
2020-05-28 20:23
Imo, -flusha +allu, so -sergej or -sunny and +anyone from fnatic, maybe +jw if u got the money, but if u think fnatic gonna win more matches then ence, keep this team
2020-05-28 21:10
NA I havent made EU yet cuz wait for CIS cup , hope VP will win so I can choose vp players in my team
2020-05-28 16:41
NA: 7/8, Beting all on furia, they are top 3 in NA for sure, but azr is a bot, even if 100t wins he make low poits EU: yenkidar is playing very well, lets wait
2020-05-28 17:07
Thanks men)))
2020-05-28 17:08
Gl bro
2020-05-28 17:09
up up
2020-05-28 18:45 NA, but probably gonna hold until as late as possible for the results to come in, and then redo it
2020-05-28 17:00
They are some matches in dreamhack so somethings can chance, nice poit
2020-05-28 17:08
2020-05-28 17:09
thanks, that's what i usually do, first test the waters with the prices, but as things develop, change it. E.g shox looking real good for 185k, but wwas that a one off?
2020-05-28 17:12
Shox is a gamble that i gonna make, only 185k and look his performace against nip, 1.77, insane
2020-05-28 17:20
yeah ik, and vitality kinda favourites in their group, considering astralis roster changes. But ima hold until I see how well ence play and stuff
2020-05-28 17:25
In last tournament allu did 1.40+ rating and 0.50 awp kills, lets see today
2020-05-28 17:29
2020-05-28 20:17
Jamppi multi fragger allu main AWP JW CT rating shox T rating Acilion Support
2020-05-28 17:30
7/8, i liked, nice roles too, gl and NA?
2020-05-28 18:31
Hen1 CT rating Fallen Main AWP jks T rating VINI HS machine Liazz Support
2020-05-28 18:32
8/8, all of them can make a lot of poits, but if u are beting on furia put VINI as IGL
2020-05-28 18:34
Ty True actually Furia will probably win all of their games
2020-05-28 18:35
I hope so, i pecked many furias players lol
2020-05-28 18:36
6/8, jugi and snappi = 10 points
2020-05-28 18:35
Sweden ZikEiBoY 
nice 3 awpers
2020-05-29 16:19
NA: 8/8, really nice, all players can make a lot of points and furia and 100t can be on top of group, nice roles as well, EU:6/8, mouz will choke again and karigan scores -50, and astralis maybe lose some matches with the new chances, but gl bro
2020-05-29 14:40
It's impossible to guess EU because fnatic and mousesports have been shit, you don't know what you'll get from Astralis, Vitality players are very inconsistent, don't think MAD Lions are good enough, no idea what to expect from ENCE and NiP, Dignitas and sAw aren't good enough
2020-05-29 15:33
kek, u said all, EU is a complete doubt now
2020-05-29 16:02
2020-05-29 16:05
2020-05-29 16:10
7/8, all can be a star player, and good roles too, gl and about na?
2020-05-29 16:23
5/8, dont think EG can win more than 2 matches
2020-05-29 21:29
Sweden ZikEiBoY 
2020-05-29 21:33
7/8 if chaos go to play-offs, xeppa and vanity playerd very well but failed to win, so gl, no much people pick these players so if they win u gonna strike
2020-05-29 21:41
also i think allu is gonna be the main awper, maybe jamppi can do better with entry fragger, but its ur choice
2020-05-29 16:24
NA: 8/8, FURIA and 100t can go to the finals, about roles, sonic got a better T rating, but idk EU: 7/8, but theses roles? wtf bro, but rpk as hs machine and krimz as defender and shox as stat hunter
2020-05-29 19:19
arT bottom frag tho, always taking the worst fights and baiting for his teammates
2020-05-29 22:07
Art likes to play agressive, and he makes a good job, i think furia got the best aimers, they allways look for a 1x1 duel
2020-05-30 05:56
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