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"navi still top 1"
Iceland IM_FAN_OF_YOU 
how is navi still top 1 for navi fans? syman 2 - 1 navi virtus pro 2 -0 navi hard legion 2 - 0 navi ence 2 - 0 navi navi 2 - 1 vitality (close match)
2020-05-28 20:16
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06/28/2020 navi will be in top10 place already
2020-05-28 20:18
Bulgaria VaNKaTa 
2020-05-29 12:07
if you count their latest form they are barely top 10 they double naded themselves popdog, i dont know when was the last time i laughed that hard at a csgo pro match
2020-05-28 20:18
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
u got a clip of that i wanna see it
2020-05-28 20:18
upon watching this clip i noticed that it was only one nade, the other ended where it was supposed to, nonetheless it looked completely uncoordinated and damaged three teammates
2020-05-28 20:23
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
what the absolute fuck is perfecto doing boombl4 and flamie are trying to line up their nade combo, and sure flamie shouldn't have jumped, but perfecto is literally walking in front of both of their paths back and forth for a solid few seconds like a retard like even tho u said that the nades were missed, even if i didn't know that beforehand i could've guessed it dude is walking back and forth for absolutely no reason just asking to block his teammates nades
2020-05-28 20:49
he's a retard with good aim, expected from cis
2020-05-29 13:03
Finland Etska000 
Omg that clip is pure comedy gold
2020-05-29 11:47
but they didn't kill each other ? That wasn't doublenade, they just took some damage, nothing special, just a mistake, in some match flamie knifed simple by mistake, so what ? And you laughed that hard on this ?.. Mate, you've got some problems, lol Beside all this stuff, decision was good, cos there was guy in pop
2020-05-29 12:33
yes i corrected myself somewhere else again, it was only one nade that caused team damage. they did not kill eachother but e.g. they wouldve been onehit headshot from m4 and generally easier to kill, that nade damaged three teammates! the funny thing besides was IMO that it looked super uncoordinated. perfecto running from right to left to right as if he does not know what to do or whats happening. yes i laughed, looked like gn3 mm the decision itself was good. good read on the enemy team, yes. execution was super shit, the one nade that fell down didnt even do 1 hp damage to aerial.
2020-05-29 12:36
Totally agree, execution was shit :D
2020-05-29 12:46
same hahahaha
2020-05-28 20:20
Not double naded. Just flamie's one
2020-05-28 20:21
yeah i just saw the clip, youre right the second one that ended up in pop did not even hit aerial tho on top of that this shit looked uncoordinated as hell regardless
2020-05-28 20:22
+1, that was hilarious
2020-05-28 20:28
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
only navi and s1mple fans think navi was ever #1 for winning a singular event (no crowd) in a 1 year stretch it was always fnatic/astralis rn its looking more like g2, given that mouz and fnatic are falling off, navi was never there, and astralis are missing 40% of their team
2020-05-28 20:18
think fnatic is a bit shaky as well lately. astralis isnt in top form either. tbh the team that looks most like the top1 team currently really is G2 and even they do blackout sometimes
2020-05-28 20:19
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
i made a point that fnatic was falling off and astralis are missing 40% of their team did u not read my final part at all?
2020-05-28 20:20
sorry i'm tired and lost my concentration halfway through yes i agree with you on pretty much everything then
2020-05-28 20:24
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
its fine
2020-05-28 20:41
Xyp9x | 
India Zyncc 
+1 Navi was never a no.1 team because only S1mple and electronic are good. they carry their team all the fucking time. Navi needs to make some roster changes and a more balanced team.
2020-05-28 20:20
you are right my man, for navi fans navi wins 2020 katowice - goats of 2020 LUL
2020-05-28 20:22
Netherlands Hugedonger 
They were greatest of 2020 for a while. It's just weird the inconsistency with so many teams. Mouz does great for a stretch then drops off, same with Navi and some others. Even Fnatic is struggling a lot at the moment after being great for some time. Makes for fun watching imo.
2020-05-29 11:52
+1 I feel like online CS means anyone can win anything right now
2020-05-29 13:12
Russia ZippSluvik 
my thoughts exactly, mate
2020-05-29 11:26
hey guys! remember this new logic, if there is no crowd that means it doesn't count as a real win, remember this new logic by bebm device fan.
2020-05-29 12:46
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
ur inability to read doesnt shock me given ur too scared to show ur flag where did i say it didn't count? i mentioned no crowd because thats is an obvious astericks, but the bigger part was that they only won 1 trophy in a 12 month stretch which prompted navi fangays to call them top 1 thats the part that doesnt work
2020-05-29 15:19
Israel, what you gonna do? call me a Palestine? gonna write "free palestine" ? what you gonna do? call me a jew that is smarter than you? go ahead , I have no problems with nazi and holocaust black humour too kid
2020-05-29 15:21
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
where did i say any of that lmao, ur too scared to show ur flag doesnt mean im gonna roast you about it, i pointed out a simple fact that every hltv user too afraid to show their flag doesnt have a valid opinion however regardless of all of that, i still exposed ur inability to read so u can be upset about that
2020-05-29 15:22
your just gonna keep running away , "where did i say any of that" , I really question my self, are you really dumb or lacking a simple logical sense? you are clearly trying to indicate something when you say "ur too scared to show flag" or "no crowd" and then you are pretending to be innocent "where did i say any of that", so either ur dumb or actually lacking a simple logical sense (indicating all the time about something)
2020-05-29 15:27
I think ur really lacking a simple and basic sense of logic, u dont know the meaning of the word "scared" and you try to convince urself that you know it to the point where you think you are right based on ur defective logic .... ur surroundings probably find it hard to have a conversation with you cause your logic is pretty damn fucked and you convince yourself that you are right and everyone else is wrong
2020-05-29 15:30
I think ur really lacking a simple and basic sense of logic, u dont know the meaning of the word "scared" and you try to convince urself that you know it to the point where you think you are right based on ur defective logic .... ur surroundings probably find it hard to have a conversation with you cause your logic is pretty damn fucked and you convince yourself that you are right and everyone else is wrong.
2020-05-29 15:31
United Kingdom Vitheeshan 
i didnt read that but good for you :)
2020-05-29 15:38
a person would never write something like "no crowd" just because that is an obvious astericks, we both know that you wrote it to humiliate them in a way, cause playing with no crowd has absolutely nothing to do with being number 1
2020-05-29 15:24
Ukraine |s1mple 
2 - 1 astralis 2 - 0 astralis 2- 1 astralis 2 - 1 faze 2 - 1 faze
2020-05-28 20:22
hahahahahaha astralis_4_majors_navi_0_major /CLOSED
2020-05-28 20:22
Ukraine |s1mple 
1.6 ?
2020-05-28 20:22
we are not living in 2010
2020-05-28 20:23
Ukraine |s1mple 
a ok nice!
2020-05-28 20:23
To that: Better luck defeating Astralis in the 2021 major since Navi don't really look keen on qualifying for the rio one
2020-05-28 20:30
Poland Recruitn1 
Astralis will win its next major once xyp9x and gla1ve comeback astralis will be unexpected and every move they made will be insanely unknown to the teams even if Navi somehow qualify to RIO they ll get smashed instantly with no preps and knowledge how astralis will play.
2020-05-28 20:34
Yup. I'm enjoying all the Astralis laugh threads rn because Astralis are gonna reform at the last moment and fuck everyone over.
2020-05-28 20:35
2020-05-28 23:58
im sorry but i dont see anyone saying that navi 2017-18 is better than astralis
2020-05-28 20:44
I liked 2015 navi when guardian was top 2 player and main carry
2020-05-28 23:56
I mean, it was their all time peek in csgo
2020-05-29 00:00
Yeah but if you're tryna bring up the NaVi - Astralis rivalry, like the dude above me was... you gotta take the good with the bad. That's just how shit works. I'm just trying to point out that although NaVi have defeated Astralis at prominent tournaments, Astralis have always managed to fire back when it mattered. Team Liquid learnt it the hard way, NaVi will do so too.
2020-05-29 07:20
If they just play the rtr tourneys with their original roster they are pretty much qualified already lmao But lets see what they do and plan;o im curious
2020-05-29 12:06
Yeah me too. Although I wish they kicked Boombl4 and flamie. Flamie has been carried for too long and I just don't see this team going anywhere with Boom IGLing.
2020-05-29 14:58
Oh sorry i thought u meant astralis amnost out of it so i was like wtf? Was reading to quick through that i guess
2020-05-29 15:22
No worries lol
2020-05-29 20:12
Didnt get in my mind navi could bottom out vs tier 2 and tier 3 cis teams lmao
2020-05-29 15:23
Yeah ikr. Again s1mple was hard carrying to no avail
2020-05-29 20:12
THere is not a single player from 1.6 lineup on a team. Are you single digit iq idiot or smthn.
2020-05-29 00:02
If you're talking the current lineup then yes. All source or GO players. But in the core 5, Xyp9x is the only 1.6 player.
2020-05-29 07:21
Astralis won all major in go, tf you talking about?
2020-05-29 11:20
What? He is talking about 1.6 majors
2020-05-29 12:12
Not a single player from current na`vi lineup was on 1.6 major winning lineup. Another one with single digit iq.
2020-05-29 12:18
Are you brain dead? I said whaf to astralis won all major in go, and also if Navi have 4 1.6 majors not with the current lineup, this doesn't mean they don't have 4 majors, your English sucks so badly you can't make sentences and you don't even know wht people are talking about proving that your iq results being -1.6
2020-05-29 12:21
> I said whaf to astralis won all major in go > your English sucks so badly you can't make sentences Thanks for proving my point about single digit iq.
2020-05-29 12:38
Yes too stupid to exist, talking about my spelling mistake, and not even talking about the argument, probably you are angry at your bedwars teammate which quitted during game 8yo kid
2020-05-29 12:40
I am talking about your single digit iq and not being able to speak even basic english.
2020-05-29 12:43
You can't even understand English, probably using translate not gonna lie using words of your first grader Bullies, get lost and play some fornite
2020-05-29 12:45
Dude, stop using hltv and get some medical help. There is still chance to save your potato brain, so youll be able to do at least smthn useful in your life.
2020-05-29 12:46
Potato brain xd, nice words you got there, probably read an article about brain from a Karen Favourite website and heard iq word,
2020-05-29 12:48
Flu`ke fan, ruski and dumb. Name me a better combo. I think we done here.
2020-05-29 12:49
Not Ruski, not dumb, not fluke fan either, still talking about brain Give me a fucking legit argument and then we start talking
2020-05-29 12:51
Stop embarrassing yourself.
2020-05-29 12:58
Stop acting ignorant
2020-05-29 12:59
Jesus, don't give that advice to someone else when you're the one who made me cringe because you couldn't understand basic grammar
2020-05-29 14:54
Indian talking about grammar.
2020-05-29 15:45
nt generic stereotype
2020-05-29 20:10
nt streetshitter
2020-05-29 21:39
Would rather streetshit all day than be a plastic and toxic asshole like you :)
2020-05-30 08:02
Expected from streetshitter.
2020-05-30 13:16
Liechtenstein 2002GOD 
2020-05-28 20:36
loli | 
Japan Peine 
They won against vitality because vitality threw the game otherwise they would have lost 2-0 not even close Navi fans overhyped them because of their run at Katowice but since they're back to normal, an average T1-T2 team
2020-05-28 20:37
bruh can't you just get it, the teams are inconsistent Af and name a better top5 then current top 5,you can't bc it is what it is, will you put liquid or EG in the top 5 or sth, this is what looks best for now even tho it's worst or either most competitive top5 ever to exist, (4/5 teams are falling off (G2 is the one that isnt Falling off) but they don't have an event win to make them number1 rn
2020-05-29 12:14
loli | 
Japan Peine 
Replace navi by faze and mouz by Vitality/Furia/Spirit/nip (if +lekro) either of this four
2020-05-29 12:56
Nip, impossible, Spirit, nah not yet, Furia, NA Tournaments maybe top5, Vitality, no, not top5
2020-05-29 12:57
Ok changed my mind about vitality Rtr run and maybe top 6
2020-05-29 12:58
loli | 
Japan Peine 
Spirit looks way more promising than navi could ever be with their current roster
2020-05-29 13:01
Nahhh not yet bro, it's just Rtr CiS they have long way to top5 top 10most likely top15 definetely
2020-05-29 13:02
loli | 
Japan Peine 
They easily beat fnatic and almost took down Faze without their best player and playing with coach
2020-05-29 13:08
Ik still not a worthy top5 not yet Atleast need more
2020-05-29 13:09
loli | 
Japan Peine 
current top 5 is trash anyway since there's navi,mouz,fnatic and Astralis will probably drop off
2020-05-29 13:10
Liberia weALLcheat 
their only chance is when all team overperforms heavily, like happened in Kato. Or yesterday it was mix of throw and Elec going nuclear in third map. No way this team will ever have an era with such shaky CS
2020-05-28 20:40
Poland v1ctorex 
no1 said that lol
2020-05-28 20:41
Every day you see some threads "navi still top 1"
2020-05-28 23:57
all online matches ! see on lan haters
2020-05-29 11:54
Navi and Mouz fans hating on online lmao cause they losing... I dont remember any tech problems with navi out of all their losses against tier 2 teams, so shut up. Its exactly the same thing as lan stop crying
2020-05-29 12:03
Stupid argument, so if online and lan is same, Navi won Katowice, they should be able to win more events aswell, so accep the fact that online cs is shit, not that it affects teams drastically but it's worse than playing on lan in any kind of way like ping problem pro100 had with Navi back in Rtr, these are just few examples
2020-05-29 12:23
wrong, katowice was long ago, boomich is read like a book now by tier2 teams
2020-05-29 13:19
Yes bro navi lose to ence because they playing on bootcamp navi play from home
2020-05-29 12:16
allu | 
Finland Mutakuono 
mad cuz bad nt no scene
2020-05-29 12:17
they can't be top 1 rtn with such inconsistent play and bad map pool.
2020-05-29 12:30
But they are #2 rn lol
2020-05-29 12:33
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
"how is navi still top 1 for navi fans?" you answered your question right there
2020-05-29 12:41
It isn't, //closed
2020-05-29 12:46
I mean Navi isn't top1 right now
2020-05-29 12:46
I dont know i think they are just delusional. I am a Fnatic fan and i know that the way they play atm i think they are at max a Top 10 Team
2020-05-29 13:10
NaVi needs to get somedieyoung and kick perfecto because he socks
2020-05-29 13:13
Signed up 2019-10-05
2020-05-29 15:21
yeah but I started following cs pro scene in 2014 november or so when the dreamhack 2014 winter major happened
2020-06-03 09:03
and you didn't learn nothing since that time???
2020-06-03 13:41
United Kingdom macrocephaly 
Who said Na'vi is still top one?
2020-05-29 15:33
Just ignore the Na'vi fans, they get one tournament win every once in a long-ass while and the fans go wild.
2020-05-29 15:37
Denmark Kon10R 
"Numba one" doesn't really say a lot these days: Numerous roster/coach changes, playing online where even top #50 has something to say: Anybody can beat everyone.
2020-05-30 13:37
Sweden shonk 
show me the person who cares about some meaningless online matches fnatic and navi are still the only 2 teams that should be called #1 right now.
2020-05-30 13:41
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