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flusha | 
Turkey Berhava! 
Tarik putting effort in the game so Tarik IGL -stan +floppy Ethan and Cerq needs to wake up aswell.
2020-05-29 13:35
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Portugal CrappyJayPee 
stan is awful as a person and as a player
2020-05-29 13:36
flusha | 
Turkey Berhava! 
Yep sad but true Daps kicked for this...
2020-05-29 13:38
Portugal CrappyJayPee 
ImAPet got kicked cuz of him and turok...
2020-05-29 13:38
flusha | 
Turkey Berhava! 
ImAPet is replaceable tho. And i dont think this decision made by stan amd tarik only. Brehze Cerq Ethan most important players in this team
2020-05-29 13:41
pm | 
France ProfNori 
-stan +daps at least they will make it to the quarter finals
2020-05-29 13:38
D0cC | 
Netherlands Flevo 
i like this man
2020-05-29 13:38
flusha | 
Turkey Berhava! 
Why would daps downgrade tho. Ethan 0.9 cerq 0.9 in dreamhack tourney these guys supposed to be superstars with brehze.
2020-05-29 13:39
gen g >>>>>>>>>>>>> EG so this move makes zero sense for daps
2020-05-29 13:40
pm | 
France ProfNori 
this is probably the most stupidest """"""""fix""""""""""" ever made so lol
2020-05-29 13:42
daps is having good results with his own team, even if its na. also gen g wont let him go
2020-05-29 13:44
I would consider -cerq +maka. -ethan +nivera aswell but maka and nivera wont go to na xd and downgrade
2020-05-29 13:42
-stan +Steel
2020-05-29 13:44
ethan and cerq job are kill and they are sleeping, stanislaw is not doing anything and tarik is not in form at all
2020-05-29 13:45
-stan +lekro/alex
2020-05-29 13:47
-peanut +literally anyone
2020-05-29 13:48
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