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Czech Republic pppeka 
So what y'all think is it gonna hit next big bull run this year?
2020-05-31 06:55
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United States vikingswine
hopefully soon
2020-05-31 06:59
I hope it let's me have a bit of time to invest more😎
2020-05-31 07:02
United States vikingswine
I've held on to mine for a while now
2020-05-31 07:04
Portugal xxxruixxx
-1. I have around .25 bitcoin (bought most of while it was around 6000 USD). I am hodling it for now..
2020-05-31 07:12
United States vikingswine
why did you give me a -1?
2020-05-31 07:14
Portugal xxxruixxx
Lol sorry that was a typo. It was supposed to be +1
2020-05-31 07:16
United States vikingswine
awww that makes me feel better. Thank you fren
2020-05-31 07:22
I don't care but bitcoin is really good. Think about it. Country like in China or Russia. they can seize citizen's asset and kick them out from country. They can't do that with Bitcoin because it's not made by government. Crypto is a dual blade. Good and bad. It helps dictator countries but it helps regular people to avoid from governments tyranny. Ex) Seize asset and kick out. I think crypto faces a new era. I'm not talking about price here. Roles crypto can take. I think dark coins will face huge advantages. For example, if your BTC asset is known by government and you ran oversea. But government can track your address and make governmental order to seize it when you sell it on exchange. (It would be little to no matter if you sell it on foreign country exchange. Most of current crypto exchanges are centralize. When we see totally decentralize exchange then total free from any type of tyrants. And that's what crypto needs to go. But it would be another matter with hacking. If it is totally decentralize then no one can compensate you if you lost by hacking. Binance compensated it when they got hacked. And it is a centralized exchange.)
2020-05-31 07:05
Nice input. Yeah I guess bitcoin will be the biggest crypto since it has such a huge market cap compared to others and it could very well work as a storage of value. Then other altcoins could be used for daily transactions and stuff.
2020-05-31 07:08
One thing that I don't like about current Bitcoin is manipulated by whales. And transaction fees could go up high. Those two that I don't like about Bitcoin. But that doesn't mean I like alt coins. Although I hate current two major problems with bitcoin, I'm still a Bitcoin maximalist.
2020-05-31 07:28
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