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China SwooksarV2 
Betting on a showmatch for a charity tournament. Oh my.
2020-05-31 07:02
People can be stupid
2020-05-31 07:09
2020-05-31 07:02
Brazil MadeInBathroom 
i mean they could have tried a little bit, they should have wanted to win more money for charity its kind of embarrassing they treated like a MM game i do agree that people who betted on a charity game are clowns though
2020-05-31 07:12
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
it was literally the same value as an mm game mr12? cache and tuscan? this match had no value what so ever, the same amount of money is gonna be donated to charity regardless of who wins
2020-05-31 07:26
no the winner donates $50k more i just got a really bad taste in my mouth watching the liquid player streams, they were just dicking around the whole time i think they should have fun in these games but at the same time they should at least attempt to win
2020-05-31 07:28
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
"the same amount of money is gonna be donated to charity regardless of who wins" read that carefully next time if liquid win liq donate 100k 100t 150k 250k to charity liq lsoe liq 150k 100t 100k 250k to charity regardless of which team wins, the same is donated to charity (250K)
2020-05-31 07:29
okay, i thought teams donated to a charity of their choice still i find it disrespectful the way they played
2020-05-31 07:32
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
nobody cares the result of the match did not change anything at all, it was a fun match for charity the ONLY people that got hurt by this were bettors so unless ur a bettor u shouldn't care u wouldn't care if it wasn't on HLTV, the only reason u do is because HLTV shows it as an official match nothing would've changed if liquid won
2020-05-31 07:33
i just dont like showmatchs being a complete fuck fest, its not even fun to watch a showmatch can be fun and competitive at the same time is all I'm saying
2020-05-31 07:37
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
it can be competitive, doesnt mean it has to be, and just because it isnt doesnt mean u should get ur panties in a twist showmatches hold no obligations on the pros that play them, whatever happens happens which is why u shouldn't bet on them
2020-05-31 07:38
i just think they should have tried a bit, still joked around with stupid shit oh and im not a sped and bet on a showmatch game lmao
2020-05-31 07:41
To each their one I guess. I agree what my fellow dane said, but ofc that doesn't mean you can have your own opinion. Imo they did the right thing to just try and get some fun out of it.
2020-05-31 09:43
true i just dont you can expect people to not be a little bit upset with how they played
2020-05-31 17:53
Portugal xxxruixxx 
Totally agree with Stewie here
2020-05-31 07:14
Canada rayrayrayray 
pure degeneracy
2020-05-31 07:15
United States twistzz_top_1 
he pretty much roasted all csgo bettors
2020-05-31 07:26
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
there is a difference between betting on a real match vs betting on a first to 13 showmatch on tuscan
2020-05-31 07:27
North America Swboy1010 
Imagine betting on csgo.
2020-05-31 07:39
s1mple | 
Brazil s1mg 
+1 bet on LOL> bet on CSGO
2020-05-31 11:34
Malaysia Amerka! 
Imagine betting
2020-05-31 09:29
he is right, its great to see Valorant Pros helping the cs scene!
2020-05-31 07:42
2020-05-31 07:43
Thailand JULUL 
Nah, kinda off the point I mean the team's there in a sponsored context, not about allowed/not, is just too bratty
2020-05-31 08:43
Honestly, if it were not for bettors, i doubt Liquid and especially Stewie2k would be getting much attention overall. They are underperforming badly in a already shitty scene. Stew got to worry more about his performance and less about bets
2020-05-31 09:27
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
2020-05-31 10:06
"if it were not for bettors, i doubt Liquid and especially Stewie2k would be getting much attention overall." Dude they won tournaments vs astralis and got number 1 ranking after stewie joins wtf
2020-05-31 10:18
Dude what are you talking about? They are getting rekted recently, even against fkng Chaos. My point is, a huge portion of stream viewers are dependant of bettors. That being said, GWB was way more attracting due the fact that bets were possible, otherwise, what would be the fun of watching an declining NA team fooling around? So for visibility and charity purposes, the possibility of betting was a good thing for the event From a professionalism stand point, it was childish of his part to not fully commit in to it. Ok, this time it have might not make any difference, but, do you think the next event people and sponsors are gonna support the same way? Me personally would not spend my time watching Lulquid if not for money.
2020-05-31 11:35
Lmao you take online cs way too seriously.
2020-05-31 11:42
so what? navi lost against hardlegion and syman fnatic lost against nonamer tier 3 online CS is a joke
2020-05-31 11:48
ropz | 
Germany lor3nz 
he basically saying he did not even try to win and this guy wants to be a professional
2020-05-31 09:34
Europe _Tacoo 
"and this guy wants to be a professional" bruh he won a major 0/8
2020-05-31 10:12
He played better than usual. Bettors should be mad at the other members. Stewie is just boosted and doesn’t belong with the other Liquid members.
2020-05-31 09:44
Sweden Lagge15 
I feel that way about all bettors, but sure, it is even more clear with charity showmatch Imagine if people would bet on a showmatch in IEM Sydney or IEM Beijing
2020-05-31 09:52
United Kingdom macrocephaly 
I'm fine with bettors losing their money on every match, they made the choice to bet it's just funny how they try to blame other people for their brain damage
2020-05-31 10:15
Kazakhstan I_eat_horse 
device tweets > stew2k tweets
2020-05-31 10:17
s1mple | 
Brazil s1mg 
2020-05-31 11:43
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