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Why cant I be happy?
FalleN | 
Brazil Trotta_Cavalcanti 
I always make funny posts, but this time is serious. I have everything someone would want. I am considered beautiful by most of the people. I have a big house. Me and my family have a great economical situation. I traveled for a lot of places. Every time I go to a party I pick up some nice girls. I have a decent number of friends. I was born with basically all types of privileges that anyone would want. And I still cant be happy. IDK I just few like I was born in the wrong time. I am tired of going to parties and pretend I like to be there. I am tired of picking up girls if I dont like them. I just make it cuz I dont want to feel lonely. Idk wy the fuck I am doing this post. It[s 6 am here in Brazil, I havent slept yet, so maybe I am just becoming emotional cuz I drink to forget my problems (with 17 years). I fucking hate loneliness.
2020-05-31 11:16
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at least ur not american trying to protect his store then getting jumped by 50 apes that cant even kill u because they are so pathetic
2020-05-31 11:18
u made me laught thx
2020-05-31 11:19
Romania Summerparty23 
do what u like
2020-05-31 11:18
Vietnam Sooaside 
maybe you do not like to party or pick up girls? Don't allow other people tell you how to make yourself a happy person.
2020-05-31 11:19
New Zealand Glyphiss 
you didn't get a deagle ace vs tsm on inferno
2020-05-31 11:21
Good one
2020-05-31 11:41
u should give me some money, that will make both of us feel a lot better :)
2020-05-31 11:21
Do something exciting and new, your earlier criterias(big house, beauty) don't make a person happy, necessarily
2020-05-31 11:21
Czech Republic fan_of_prokda 
shut up Trotta_Cavalcanti
2020-05-31 11:22
2020-05-31 11:23
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
You can only be truly happy if you let yourself be happy, friend. :)
2020-05-31 11:23
Japan eternaL_ 
Maybe you should stop going to parties and picking up girls for a while and instead try to find something you enjoy, a new hobby maybe? You can be happy alone as well, being alone doesn’t always mean you’re lonely right?
2020-05-31 11:24
Thx for the comments guys! The problem is that I started to make more of what I like, but that brings loneliness. If you start for example going to parties, people stop to calling you for going out... At the same time that I feel proud of myself for doing what I truly like, I feel that doing this I become more alone.
2020-05-31 11:24
Czech Republic nenz 
feel u
2020-05-31 11:25
Jesus | 
Brazil apenheul 
Try religion bro. Christianity made me happy.
2020-05-31 11:45
your favourite player is convincing
2020-05-31 11:54
Denmark Gomer_Pyle 
From the list of things you imply ought to make you happy, it could seem that your focus is leaning a bit towards finding what the world has to offer to you. If you could manage to turn this upside down and put emphasis on what you can offer the world. You might find more fulfillment, which is at the core of being content and haveing a sense of happiness and purpose.
2020-05-31 11:53
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