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Congratz mouz
Zeus | 
Ukraine witalikys 
Epic comeback, navi disband tomorrow pls
2020-05-31 23:37
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2020-05-31 23:38
Lithuania Edze
dw, boombl4 just tryin new strats, 10sec left go hit site against 3 players
2020-05-31 23:39
2020-05-31 23:39
chill charity navi would have fucked them 3-0 in a offical.
2020-05-31 23:39
nah they wouldn’t
2020-05-31 23:40
navi sucks atm
2020-05-31 23:45
kid mouz now are in terrible form they play like his 20% power and wrecked this clown team if match will be on LAN they will get destroyed 3:0 by mouz and even pimple won't carry this overrated team
2020-05-31 23:44
Using "mouz is just in bad form" as an argument when navi is in bad form aswell. Why do you hate so much? Its a fucking showmatch in a charity event
2020-05-31 23:52
Navi in bad form hahahaah they win last 2 matches with faze and nip and here we go excuses will come: mr12, showmatch bal bla bla bla cry is free
2020-05-31 23:54
You didnt watch R2R? NaVi is clearly in a bad form rn. I dont get why you care so much
2020-05-31 23:56
United Kingdom alcazar4
2020-06-01 00:16
does the winner really get 750 000 $ ?xD
2020-05-31 23:41
to give to charity
2020-05-31 23:41
For their charity, yes.
2020-05-31 23:41
I know this is a charity tournament but I think it's the first bo5 loss ever after a 2-0 lead, atleast between notable teams
2020-05-31 23:46
It will be first reverse sweep after nearly 2 years. Last time such a comeback happened on astralis vs liquid 2018 bo5 event. Pretty sure liquid won train and second map was mirage and device was playing like a bot but then mah man goat gla1ve played with awp and fooked Lulquit. Astralis won 2 maps straight after that.
2020-05-31 23:51
Czech Republic Rewask
When did that happen? I definitely do not remember it.
2020-05-31 23:55
This is the first time reverse sweep to happen.Match not done yet though.
2020-05-31 23:59
Czech Republic Rewask
Thought so.
2020-06-01 00:02
do you even remember gla1ve 5 sec m4a4 ace vs liquid on mirage ??? that was the same event
2020-06-01 14:28
United Kingdom alcazar4
that didnt happen
2020-05-31 23:57
do you even remember glaive 5 sec m4a4 ace vs liquid on mirage ??? that was the same event
2020-06-01 14:27
United Kingdom alcazar4
wasnt 0-2 down, there has never been a reverse sweep in a bo5 final.
2020-06-01 16:25
Astralis also never came back from 0-2 to 3-2
2020-06-01 00:00
it wasn't 0-2 it was 0-1
2020-06-01 14:27
thats not really a comeback then
2020-06-01 14:48
device was like 3-13
2020-06-01 15:20
Cool story mate, I dont get why u mentioned one of the many finals where liquid got stomped by astralis, just only cuz that time they were able to win 1 map thanks to unexpected veto
2020-06-01 15:30
Only thing i care and i want everyone to care is that gla1ve awped and carried astralis. that's it
2020-06-01 15:58
United Kingdom alcazar4
dont speak too soon boyo
2020-05-31 23:57
Lmao get shit on, disband mouz ahahah
2020-05-31 23:59
2020-06-01 00:02
PepelAUGH !!!!!!!!!!!1
2020-06-01 00:12
Other Zytoep
karrigan t side lmao
2020-06-01 00:13
2020-06-01 00:14
Ahahahahaha navi the most entertainment team to watch admit that
2020-06-01 00:15
2020-06-01 00:15
this aged well
2020-06-01 00:20
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