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fnatic olof
Germany Golllum 
i want olof to fnatic so bad((( i miss old good times when olof were rekting everyone during fnatic era Do you think there is a way for olof to comeback to fnatic sometime?
2020-06-01 10:56
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olof trash its not 2015
2020-06-01 10:57
Let him be delusional. I am also delusional, and when Olof is back he will be TOP 1 2020.
2020-06-01 13:36
yes men i believe u
2020-06-01 14:50
lol remember when olof was better than jw, krimz, flush and brollan.
2020-06-01 10:59
meh he's like 3 years older than all of them, doubt they'll be this good in 3 years (besides brollan)
2020-06-01 11:30
Flusha could as well, krimz maybe still solid
2020-06-01 13:09
I seriously doubt that olof was ever better than flusha and krimz, except for statistics. He got all the good positions in the maps and fnatic’s system set him up.
2020-06-01 11:34
United States flex_ 
olof was definitely better than flusha and krimz during his peak
2020-06-01 11:40
Sure, but I say that Krimz and flusha were-are better. Krimz aim is better and flusha’s aim is almost on par with olof and his gamesense beats him + flexibility
2020-06-01 13:35
Well, you dont know CS apparently.
2020-06-01 13:22
Do you think there is a way for olof to comeback to fnatic sometime? yes, -weird olof +olof
2020-06-01 10:59
Fnatic with olof is unstoppable.
2020-06-01 11:00
Europe XXXPAK1 
2020-06-01 11:27
f0rest | 
Germany _187_ 
yeah, old times when olof and flusha cheated their ass off, good old times
2020-06-01 11:00
Denmark MDEneverdies 
+1 why the fuck are people nostalgic about a scene that was so blatant lmao
2020-06-01 11:07
f0rest | 
Germany _187_ 
because they are just dumb even so many pros called flusha out and these kids still think there was no cheating but hey, tour de france is btw also clean
2020-06-01 11:10
2020-06-01 11:11
asstralis fan
2020-06-01 11:10
Ukraine ksay 
at least they were blatant gla1ve and xyp on other hand don't know how to cheat and entartain at the same time
2020-06-01 11:26
everything checks out
2020-06-01 11:31
INS | 
Australia CLEGGY 
-JW +olof
2020-06-01 11:00
Bosnia and Herzegovina Foxxeh 
-JW +hallzerk, fnatic top1
2020-06-01 11:02
Europe XXXPAK1 
jw gets more kill with knife than olof with ak/m4
2020-06-01 11:27
2020-06-01 13:14
Propably not -jw cz no matter how bad he is, fnatics style is basically jw go create weird situations so we can kill...
2020-06-01 13:11
Sweden Emmanu3liY 
i, probably most of fnatic dont want him back
2020-06-01 11:04
2020-06-01 11:08
Germany LeopoldLoewe 
Because it dien‘t work out. That is why they changed the lineup. And you would need a role for him and who should leave? He would get brollans role and to kick him would kill fnatic.
2020-06-01 11:15
Sweden Emmanu3liY 
washep up. plus the only one i see they can/should switch is jw and i dont think olof is sucha an great awper
2020-06-01 11:37
Will be a Tier2 team.
2020-06-01 11:06
Denmark KalasYoP 
not going to happen
2020-06-01 11:12
He could replace golden/JW/ even brollan within a year, my body is so freaking ready, wouldnt be fnc without JW but perhaps worth sacrfice for olofm.
2020-06-01 11:21
Italy Wakkaa 
your loyalty to the fnatic players is truly something to respect man
2020-06-01 11:26
Ez 6th player with olofm FeelsGoodMan, there we go ez fix.
2020-06-01 13:05
Italy Wakkaa 
fnatic is perfectly fine as it is. olof choose to leave simple
2020-06-01 13:11
Germany LeopoldLoewe 
Why would they kick their IGL, their Awper or star player for olof, who left the team because it didn‘t work our and they achieved nothing in the end? There would be nothing to gain with a change of these players.
2020-06-01 11:31
Olofm for JW makes sense, olofm would main awp instead,but you dont wannt kick JW for obvious reasons. -golden + flusha igl have been done before, failed last time but this time with olof/JW double awp it could become bloody SICK, noone can beat their fire power and tricky plays. Brollan star yes, but olofm can become the star player instead, and brollan instead of twist in nip would be sick.
2020-06-01 13:08
flusha igl didnt work and wont work. run and gun meta is outdated for like 3 years already olof wont return to star role like ever. faze gave him chance and he failed noone could beat this "firepower"? you cant be real man. there are tons of teams with bigger firepower...olof to fnatic would be HUGE downgrade in every aspect
2020-06-01 13:41
Also olofm instead of hallzerk would be crisp.
2020-06-01 11:22
Europe XXXPAK1 
haha never again brollan>>>>>>>>olof
2020-06-01 11:27
Macau Be_Happier 
+1 I cant understand guys who think Olof is must needed player to Fnatic , Brollan 20times better
2020-06-01 11:33
United Kingdom ukHorizon 
He needs to go back but its who he would replace, I doubt they will do any moves especially with their current rank.
2020-06-01 11:28
Sweden ezchip 
okey,then fnatic back to shit
2020-06-01 11:33
2020-06-01 11:34
I dont think there is a way, the only one that he could replace would be Krimz i guess but Krimz is better then Olof atm. Maybea there is a way when they go get a 6th man roster but i dont think fnatic would do that. They stick with the traditional i guess.
2020-06-01 13:12
replace krimz...? for real?
2020-06-01 13:38
Poland kvvach 
i see him only in nip in place of twist
2020-06-01 13:18
Brollan Krimz Nawkk Plopski Golden That would be a superteam
2020-06-01 13:24
In this case Flusha > Plopski bc you need some kind of Supporter and Flusha is better in Supporting then Krimz. Krimz definetly has more firepower but Flash definetly the best game sence
2020-06-01 16:33
not gonna happen if fnatic wants to be t1 team
2020-06-01 13:36
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