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pleas help
NiKo | 
Japan GR8B8M8IR888 
So today my mouse (asus rog gladius 1) doesnt work properly. From time to time every 1-2 min the sensitivty gets very slow for 2 sec. I did everything ther is (raw input on, mouse acceleration off, reinstaled drivers and even put all the dpi options on the same dpi so i dont change it on acident and nothing helped. This is not the only problem as the scrolwhell is skiping scrols sometime to. I dont know if its a hardware problem or Software one. If its a hardware i coud at least stop trying and just buy a new one as i already plan on buying the asus rog gladius 2 origin but i woud be very pised if the problem woud just continue on the new mouse. So anyway thanks for help and sorry for bad london hahah <3
2020-06-02 00:58
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OK | 
South America TheJuan 
Buy new mouz
2020-06-02 01:01
did you changed USB hubs?
2020-06-02 01:04
yes :/
2020-06-02 01:21
oof, just check yoru mouse on other PC then you can see clearly where is the problem - PC or mouse that's all I can say sadly :(
2020-06-02 01:24
i did on my borthers pc and same problem. So the mouse is broken and its not a software problem?
2020-06-02 01:30
yeah, prolly (95%) mouse is broken how old is it?
2020-06-02 01:42
1 year but i bought is second hand. Who knows how much work it has behinde it already
2020-06-02 01:47
yeah then its just broken, get a new one
2020-06-02 01:49
Singapore Asturobot 
wtf u buy asus mouse for ?
2020-06-02 01:50
Asus mice are awful, just get a new one
2020-06-02 01:52
didnt even know asus sold mouses, last thing u want to do is buy them. if youre buying a new mouse always buy from logitech or zowie, top tier brands for peripherals. also to answer your problem, if you have one of those setting configuration apps for your keyboard/mouse try resetting all your options to default and see if it fixed anything
2020-06-02 02:01
they are a big thing but you myb know them better under the name rog "republic of gamers"
2020-06-02 02:11
Brazil sakaaa 
see if the behavirour also happens on another device. if it does, change it.
2020-06-02 02:07
it does the same thing on my brothers pc
2020-06-02 02:10
Brazil sakaaa 
Then change it. Probably defective optical board, usually not worth fixing it on a mid range mouse.
2020-06-02 02:12
thats what i wanted to hear even to i woud be hapier it woud work again but at least i dont lose my minde trying to fix something that is not fixable. Was really tilted the whole day playing with the setings and watching tutorials. thank you :D
2020-06-02 02:17
Brazil sakaaa 
i feel you dude, my hyperx died on me a few days ago too and due to pandemic, support is taking 30 business days or so to change it :/ good luck finding a new one
2020-06-02 02:20
i already ordered the gladius 2 origin. Same shape (got used to it) and has a 3360 sensor that is considered as one of the best. And every rewiu says its a good mouse. I wanted to go for the zowie ec-2A but in my country its WAY overpiced 120€
2020-06-02 02:25
Brazil sakaaa 
Good luck with you new one, hope you'll enjoy it. just for the sake of information, this Zowie in BR costs around R$600 haha ;(
2020-06-02 14:23
and in eu and na its around 60-70 wtf hahahha
2020-06-02 15:51
Brazil sakaaa 
well, 1 EUR worth R$6 so it kinda makes sense hahaha
2020-06-02 15:52
damn why its only in my country DOUBLE the price :(
2020-06-02 15:58
Brazil sakaaa 
This happens here too. With mid range appliances, if a brazillian company produces the same kind of products, every imported competition is overtaxed, so the final prices goes up. This happens in order to make the internal market better for national companies. Other reasons might be that they simply don't have a distribution center on your country and are paying full taxes in order to sell to you haha. The only fuckers that goes beyond this is Americans, they get EVERYTHING cheaper than the rest :(
2020-06-02 16:01
yeah the 2 point is probably what is happening here well gotta live with it
2020-06-02 16:04
Don't you have great offline mouse stores in Japan?
2020-06-02 16:06
im fakeflager from bosnia haha
2020-06-02 16:13
asus only good at monitors buy a good logitech mouse
2020-06-02 02:21
no men asus top 1 in mainboards and also good in graphics cards(cooling architecture)
2020-06-02 03:17
i had some asus mouse aswell in the past with wierd mouse lags ppl told me its common asus problem only thing that fixed it was lowering polling rate but its shit for gaming i would recommend you to buy new one
2020-06-02 03:13
i will buy a new one but until then i will try to lower the poling rate. Do i need to go lower then 500?
2020-06-02 03:46
i think i was on 250 but mb 500 not sure
2020-06-02 03:52
puting it on 500 fixed it thanky you, now at least i have something to play with until the arives
2020-06-02 15:55
did u smash on the wall or table?
2020-06-02 15:57
So asus rog 1 breaks and you buy asus rog 2? I have a logitech g402 for 4 years and works perfectly. You should change brands.
2020-06-02 16:16
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