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I figured I'll talk about this instead of the Riots for a while. I was totally behind the lock down when it first started. It was a new virus, and we had no idea how fast it would spread, or how dangerous it would be. But I don't think we can justify shutting down an entire economy over it today. We know how dangerous it is: not particularly. What was it, 100,00 deaths in 3 months? (In the US) That's not exactly a lot, considering that the demographic is almost exclusively people who are very old, or already very sick. The death rate is like 5%. We should definitely take precautions going forward, especially since a 2nd wave will probably happen, but It's just not dangerous enough to justify a total shut down imo. It's no Spanish Flu or Black Plague. Anyways, I would love to have my mind changed on this, as I'm still pretty iffy on this one. TLDR: We should reopen the economy, or at the very least allow those who want to go back to work to do so /discuss
2020-06-02 06:07
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100,000* deaths
2020-06-02 06:08
"It's only 5% death rate" hey remember when HLTV won't shut the fuck up about the death rate being only less than 2% and the flu was way worse?
2020-06-02 06:10
y almost everyone was like that and also everyone said that they only expect individual cases in eu i was like hey china is completely locking down one of they bigest citys must be more than just a flu
2020-06-02 06:54
damn bro, this is the big political thread? im disappointed jk i mean i agree we should just continue to take precautions as we move ahead keep social distancing while going back to work, people who are vulnerable should still stay in isolation
2020-06-02 06:10
I never said it would be big :p
2020-06-02 06:13
Not saying I disagree with everything here, but a 5% deathrate (I know it's lower than that) is still pretty bad.
2020-06-02 06:11
It's increasing so it doesn't matter if it's lower than that
2020-06-02 06:13
I don't know what that means
2020-06-02 06:14
the % is going up every single week or so
2020-06-02 06:16
Down you mean?
2020-06-02 06:16
US, no anywhere outside of the US, yes
2020-06-02 06:20
In the US too yes
2020-06-02 06:21
doubt, even before the riot happened, NA people were not social distancing
2020-06-02 06:26
2020-06-02 06:12
2020-06-02 06:13
It's just a flu, bye.
2020-06-02 06:12
2020-06-02 06:13
2020-06-02 06:14
+1 can't believe I had to shut down my kebab stand due to a flu
2020-06-02 06:15
i havent had a kebab since i was like 4 can i have a kebab
2020-06-02 06:16
kekekekekekekek I don't know can you
2020-06-02 06:17
2020-06-02 06:17
Sure habibi, come kebab house near Malmö University and when you're paying say "Azim, he is the Syrian refugee but the Sweden, he is the kebab stars" and your meal will be free.
2020-06-02 06:21
ill be sure to come by if i ever go to sweden
2020-06-02 06:22
do you make halal snack packs? and is all your meat halal?
2020-06-02 06:23
Halal snack pack is literally Australian, lol I only know what it is cause I've visited relatives there. but yes ofc, all meat is halal, the only time I am haram is in bed with Swedish college girls ;)
2020-06-02 06:28
lmaoooo cool that you know that lol maybe i will visit sweden one day ;) have a good one
2020-06-02 06:42
Well it's correct but that'll delay to finish Corona. Whoever calls it'll end soon is just a lip-service. It won't 100% die out. It'll keep have minor pandemics. But I do understand for economical part so I honestly don't know what's the best. Whoever returns to work needs some benefits as well. Whoever decides not to work also needs benefits as well until end of Summer maybe? I didn't think what kinds of benefits. That's for government's part.
2020-06-02 06:20
Russia Thfthf 
Man just look at different countries. In US died 100,000 in European countries 20,000+, in Japan(no quarantine) 500, in Belarus(no quarantine) 100. Is this virus killing on a national basis? Definitely they are just imputing all the deaths who have the virus as if they have died because of it. It's a world show. Cruel and hypocritical. How much people lost their job just because the politicans want to justify another crisis made by their hands.
2020-06-02 06:27
There is research showing that the Virus does mutate differently according to different Ethnics or something. Or maybe it is just because of the slow reaction of the western government, or maybe it is because of a lot of western people thinks that it is just a flu while Asian taking it seriously at the beginning
2020-06-02 06:58
the economy will shrink regardless of action, it can only grow back to accommodate the population and if you lose a significant number of people you'll probably have a recession anyway
2020-06-02 06:35
Personally, i've been watching videos about the Paris attacks from 2015 because i want to understand what happened but the more i look into it the less i understand, and i can't stop crying like a baby.
2020-06-02 06:37
leaf | 
Canada ZHF 
I think a 5% death rate is pretty big, it will probably get lower as more cases finish. I also think 100000 deaths is a pretty big number also, and long term effects like lung and kidney damage were noticed in people of all ages who recovered which is enough for me to consider getting the virus a pretty big deal It would be nice to get things up and running again with continued precautions. New cases in Canada are slowing down big (we only had 758 new cases yesterday), but I'm afraid that people will act like the virus has just dissipated and not be careful when outside, making us go back into lockdown Over in the US though, you guys are still getting around 20000 cases daily, and with protests around the country cases will have a huge spike. I think it's still a big deal, and countries most likely will have to go into lockdown again or the virus will become rampant. I don't know too much about how the US government reacted to COVID-19 but I do know that they sent a one-time check of like $1200 dollars for people who lost their jobs over the lockdown. Imo that's not a lot compared to what they did in other countries who set up much bigger benefits. In Canada citizens who lost their jobs received monthly checks of $2000 for up to 4 months, and not only was the time extended but also the people who could receive it Sorry for bad english if there's any im really tired
2020-06-02 06:40
While George Floyd situation is sad af, everything the media and government does is smoke screen They'll begin tracing people etc, NV gov signed quietly today the cdc also admitted Im from las vegas, the literal melting pot of people that come from all over the world...MANY chinese tourists..the strip employees would have contacted the virus in January and spread it to there families and we all would have been dropped dead by March...but that didn't happen Than Neil Furgeson, weird scientist dude from England comes out with the report[unchecked and unpeer reviewed] March 15, 2,000,000 million dead in US, 500,000 dead in Great Brit. All hell breaks loose march 16 and we have been in this state of paralyzed, artificial fear perpetuated by people for a more controlling and authoritarian government under the guise of some universal basic income. <--- March 16 With Covid being the joke that it was in Las Vegas Valley, 426 Dead[RIP] , 8,000 infected , the way the reporting work[hospitals reporting to get more $$] , the algorithms that control our internet news feed and social media turned the switch on to direct our sense of lowered fear back into over drive... I'll always vote third party, but Trump was gonna win in a land slide even further after the "you aint black comments" by get the idea #RonPaul2020
2020-06-02 06:46
China SwooksarV2 
The death rate (count) is only that low because of the actions the US took. (They did a pretty bad job, but bad action is batter than no action) Economies shutting down, this I can see. People are getting affected, even the rich (wealthy, but not the Uber rich) but reopening the economy is like increasing the chances of death, in order for the people to enjoy benefits which they can use if they're alive. Which is kind of ironic (I know I phrased this poorly. But at the current stage, countries can start re-opening their economies and they are doing so. I know that Canada and the US have taken steps to re-open the economy, and the 3 major East Asian countries has had most of their industries open for a while now. So, I'm pretty sure you can work as long as your job isn't in a specific industry, like night-clubs (This "fucked"/inconvenienced one of my friends family as they ran multiple, and clubs were closed in china for a long time), gyms, and other. Many essential work places are reopening and more should be opening in the bear future.
2020-06-02 06:44
Asians listen well and obey government while EU/US keep saying back and questions and don't follow the orders. We kept social distances and had economical work to very minimum while wears masks every time while go out. EU/NA don't do much so they had much more casualties. We listen well because we had monarchs 1 century ago.(excluding Japan-still have monarch. But they listen well because it's just Japan thing. Their custom to obey the high position. It's hard to explain.) Kind of habit. New generations don't listen much like EU/NA.
2020-06-02 06:59
nice racist name kiddo gg
2020-06-02 06:58
This is not a racist. I don't see a thing. You guys just keep saying "why" made bad result from Corona. I'm not saying say yes all the time but should of listen during pandemics. Well, even your VIP is very stubborn.
2020-06-02 07:02
True. EU/NA still going to beach for sun I am like wth are they thinking
2020-06-02 07:01
I don't know if this is the right timing for EU/NA to re-open their economies because there are still at least 200+ new cases every day (20000+ for the US, 1000+ for the UK). The number looks ok if you compare to the population but the number can increase quickly if people do not take it seriously (take care of the social-distancing and wear mask), especially at this period of time. I think it is better to re-open some crucial sectors but not everything.
2020-06-02 07:06
I've never had the flu in my entire life, I got it twice Nov/December, with my place of work losing up to 60% of labor force calling in sick at its height. We all already got it, the citizens that keep saying"oh we cant open to fast this and that" some are on unemployment making more money than they would at work, what incentive would they have to go back? 40 million people on the internet spreading the same lies and fear to keep there new and dehumanizing way of life
2020-06-02 06:53
China SwooksarV2 
I've had this cold for around 5 months already. Idk why I haven't recovered yet.
2020-06-02 06:58
Maybe it is corona?
2020-06-02 07:01
China SwooksarV2 
No. I got it checked. My immune system is really weak I'm guessing.
2020-06-02 07:15
Lithuania UnReportable 
do you people even know how bad was the spanish flu before talking about it?
2020-06-02 06:59
How bad was it
2020-06-02 07:06
Lithuania UnReportable 
the guy thinks the spanish flu was scary and corona isnt. corona has only a 5% death rate and he thinks that its not much, well the spanish flu had only a 10% death rate. by the op's logic neither of them should have been scary lul.
2020-06-02 08:14
i major in clinical medicine 5% death rate is very high considering other regular viruses u cant say because it doesnt reach ebola's 90% death rate so it isnt dangerous :(
2020-06-02 07:12
but i do agree with u that economy should now be reopen except one country which is US because they are not controlling well enough EU should return to normal life now
2020-06-02 07:16
Every event like this strips freedoms and the excuse is always "for your safety"
2020-06-02 07:50
2020-06-02 11:10
Korea XigNw0w 
Not a chance while these rioters keep it spreading like a wild fire.
2020-06-02 11:15
It cannot be said that the death rate is 5% when 80% of cases are symptomatic. Death rate is about 0,2% when we assuming much more ppl infected with no symptoms. So its almost Just like flu.
2020-06-02 11:19
Source for 80% asymptomatic cases? I know for sure the death rate is lower then 5%, but I doubt it's that low.
2020-06-03 21:09
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