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Execution and Productivity
Germany Jerman2k 
probably not the best place to ask, but lets give it a shot did you read something or take some course that tangable make you better at getting things done and be more productive person ?
2020-06-02 07:12
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robert glover no more nice guy
2020-06-02 07:13
really ? I thought it is about smt different
2020-06-02 07:15
This would definetely change you sight on things
2020-06-02 07:17
ok, thanks
2020-06-02 07:20
not course but ive been working on it for past 2 years.I made a little bit of progress but still there is a lot to do. I learned to wake up 5.30 or 6.00 and i learned to train my body everyday it helps a lot. My perfect day looks like that. Wake up(around 6am) - train(end around 8am) - work/school stuff(end around 4-6pm) - chill. Sometimes i get shit done sometimes i just cant. Its fucking hard but progress is progress
2020-06-02 07:16
nice to hear you're doing great, keep going where do you train? at home?
2020-06-02 07:22
Yea i train at home right now. But before corona i was just running a lot.
2020-06-02 07:37
I implement a daily habit of Wim Hof breathing right now, but when I prolong breath for too long my brain starts to hurt a little bit latter xD
2020-06-02 07:39
breathing exercises are great to relax when u need it. Iam kind of person that skips warmups (which is bad dont do it).
2020-06-02 07:41
well, I get why this comes. Some people are not productive. Even myself is not. But I do not receive any kinds of benefit. Stimulus check in April was my first and last so far. I quit work because I'm not that desperate. I tried to go back to work during April/May but I had to revoke it due to Corona. But here is the thing. The work place I work had full of African Americans, Some Whites, and bunch of Hispanics. I did feel Asians for that kind of labor is not welcome. Therefore I decide to take a break. No need to stress out for cheap money. I feel I can't live with those jobs in US. Therefore I'm kind of forced to take a path as white collar but I don't know it'll work or not. It's just annoying right now. I just want to don't think much and work and chill but I guess I'm not free from that. More likely I realized what is the truth of this world. And why we say cruel world. I realized with age of 27. I don't know why but unlike before studying is fun right now. I used to curse study but now, it is fun. I wonder why I hate it so much. I should of studied harder while I was younger.
2020-06-02 07:22
so what do you live from ? so you realize that adult life is crappy, far away from your dreams and not funny at all ? welcome to reality
2020-06-02 07:30
Currently I live in US, but I want to move to other country. I feel US is not safe. And if I want to migrate to another country. I feel they don't need a simple labor. That's why I decided to study harder than before, but my old habit of being slacking some times knocks me down. I'm way too much of free soul at that. That's why I don't hate liberals. Even I share some ideology. I hate their lies but my some ideology stays with them.(I don't share 3rd gender thing. Just nonsense. But I share abortion. I share some with them and not)
2020-06-02 07:30
come to croatia
2020-06-02 07:31
When I become as a useful person then I'll think about it. For now, I'm useless and I want to be a person at least somewhat useful. It'll take time but better late than sorry. It's funny that I don't hate study that much. I used to rip books or throw it away to release my stress while studying.
2020-06-02 07:34
everyone is useless on the balkans dw
2020-06-02 07:34
dude im not your therapist
2020-06-02 07:33
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