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What game should I grind
Germany Biggest_Bigg_Fan 
Lost 300 elo in just a week time to give up on this trash game and try something New tell me nice competitive shooter
2020-06-02 08:05
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get good noob.
2020-06-02 08:05
What should I get good in? 1v5ing every round cuz my teammates throw/suck?
2020-06-02 08:06
North America TL0 
become good IGL and command your shit team to victory or cry a loser
2020-06-02 08:07
People who flank without shift cuz they think bomb is planted when no one entered site Lvl 7-8 EU btw
2020-06-02 08:08
North America TL0 
you gotta give them direction bro, communicate and have a plan. i know randoms be dumb and bad at the game. just be the bigger man and try to hold the team together
2020-06-02 08:09
Im a star player not igl I want to focus on aim or I will suck myself, I can only do all when Im fully focused but its hard to get
2020-06-02 08:11
North America TL0 
i frag out but had to learn to IGL cuz u cant rely on team of randoms to pull their own weight, the only way to do it is get 4 friends for a 5 man team or command the randoms u queue with
2020-06-02 08:29
Thats what Im talking about Im trying to pull weight of 2 people cuz I cant read enemies on every map, people from my team even called me out for aimbot few times instead of trying to do anything to win
2020-06-02 08:36
I have no friends who play cs competitively
2020-06-02 08:39
play retakes find some
2020-06-06 04:22
United States _icedtea 
>zeus if you can successfully tell your team to rush b together ez win
2020-06-05 21:26
Russia NorthRussian 
Become a player like NiKo
2020-06-06 04:01
Finland Jermu 
+1 but i have tried that. sometimes it goes i have to carry out some insane plays to wake them up, and even that doesnt work sometimes. its hell try to lead randoms usually
2020-06-06 10:41
every time i do that they tell me to shut up that im not their leader even though man just be trying to win a game
2020-06-06 19:17
im lvl 7-8 too. just kill everyone. best strat. 1.4kd soloq god.
2020-06-02 08:11
36-24 (14 entries) loss cuz teammates write bs on chat instead of playing since theyre all premade
2020-06-02 08:12
and i lost a 44 frags game. i lose 35 frags games over and over. its part of soloq.
2020-06-02 08:20
1700 games and I started from 400 elo was 10 for some time, faceit and csgo are really shit I dont want to continue
2020-06-02 08:23
then dont
2020-06-02 08:25
Other Entry_ 
honestly, it's not the game that's shit, i stopped playing csgo for a couple of weeks now, the level of toxicity and throwing lately has been off the roof, at least once per 2 matches. it has become unbearable to even think about playing faceit without a 4 of 5 stack, and i have no friends who play faceit edit: i have been winning 2 matches and losing 2 consistently for a month when i was playing
2020-06-06 05:05
Losing games with so many frags usually means they are not very important frags
2020-06-05 21:19
big oof
2020-06-06 03:53
+1 exit fragger/baiter
2020-06-06 05:21
oBo | 
Japan codv 
Flag doesnt check out
2020-06-04 07:54
As if people listen ...I tried to grind soloQ faceit but it's just sick soloQ is just sick dude ... People stay Afk push at the start of CT side and die making it 4v5 or 3v5 it's full of cancer ... And I don't have friends who play faceit o decided not to try so hard and enjoy the game and try to get better individually + 90 ping on Faceit is bad already idk y they don't have indian servers in 2020
2020-06-06 19:12
Brazil sakaaa 
Go to gamersclub and play ranked. People there while sometimes cluless actually try to play the game right, follow tactics, very low toxicity rate and often good games. i've never had a game that ended with more than 5 round differences, because everyone is trying their best and even if their best isn't good enough, the fun still happens. you're welcome.
2020-06-02 15:45
Im relying on teammates to win 1 round by themselves its impossible to entry the same way every time since lvl 8 arent this stupid
2020-06-02 15:53
Brazil sakaaa 
I understand the frustration, i really do. What I do that sometimes works is that whenever I feel my teammates are playing wrecklessly, I bait every entry they do. It usually grants us the site to plant or the domain of that specific region. I still have to talk my way through the clutch or after plant, but it does works more often than not.
2020-06-02 15:57
what you essentially said: "a good bait setup and trading frags works more often than not" what a surprise...
2020-06-06 03:59
Brazil sakaaa 
Also, if you're looking for another FPS you will have a bad time there too with your attitude of relying too much on your teammates, unless you're talking about going Battleroyale.
2020-06-02 15:46
Im either cursed by faceit or all people I play with are boosted
2020-06-02 08:07
Vietnam Sooaside 
Valorant because CSGO is trash game with trash community, and Valorant is a copy cat. or just quit playing fps games and get a life
2020-06-02 08:08
commit flair
2020-06-02 08:11
Vietnam Sooaside 
2020-06-02 08:24
Ukraine StupidPro1337 
Get some other games. Like Borderlands which is free rn (2 and The Pre-sequel), they do have a headshots crit damage which will make you feel powerful. It doesn't need to be a competitive game, just take a little break and have some fun.
2020-06-02 08:10
It has to be competitive cuz I want to go pro, I spent too much practicing aim alone that I get 73% hs on 30 bomb
2020-06-02 08:16
Ukraine StupidPro1337 
If you want to go pro, you don't need to get boredom from the games you play. If you don't want to listen me, then go Black Squad, I don't need to teach you.
2020-06-02 08:20
Latvia latvianguy 
Don't waste your life trying to go pro in a video-game, and spend all the time trying to, it's stupid. Chances of you going pro are 0.001%. It's true. I'm not saying you shouldn't follow your dreams, but what I am saying is that you shouldn't spend 12 hours a day trying to go pro in CS:GO. If you were at a 3k elo level even in terms of aim and gamesense, you would easily drop a 40 bomb every game in 7-8lvl to win the game, and pros are even better.
2020-06-02 08:42
I spent 1,5 a year playing this game and now I should stop grinding anything?
2020-06-02 15:14
Brazil moonski 
2020-06-02 15:40
Latvia latvianguy 
All depends on your age honestly. You can still improve, obviously. But, don't take your life away just cause you want to be a CS:GO pro.
2020-06-03 07:53
in 3 weeks I will be 18
2020-06-03 15:09
Latvia latvianguy 
You have time still. You can still try. If you were like 23 or 25, I would say differently.
2020-06-04 07:48
im 1460 elo now and became really toxic pretty funny for 1700 games
2020-06-04 08:08
ur garbage trash if ur at 1460 elo
2020-06-06 03:29
Germany Pandany 
I would give up on going pro in cs if i were 1460 elo for real. Try other shooters but don't aim to be a professinal get better first. These expectacions limit your success and gonna suck if you find out that you won't make it. Maybe go for valorant it's close to CS 1460 elo will get you like immortal 2 in the ranked system. Valorant players are around 2.5K -3k elo faceit players in cs.
2020-06-06 05:03
Its lowest low that I reached cuz of playing fully tilted with lack of sleep, I have lvl 7 again
2020-06-06 09:32
Germany Pandany 
Well wait for valorant ranked or grind out lvl 10 cuz lvl 7 won't get you anywhere faceit semi pro players start at 3k+ elo. Be realistic with yourself in your life. I think that's the best advice to keep in mind while trying to chase any dream. gl bro
2020-06-07 22:28
im realistic, I really am a good player I just rely on people in my team too much instead of focusing and doing my shit which fucks up my mentality and tilts me, I think my true elo is around 2300 but im not here yet
2020-06-07 22:37
>I want to go pro >lvl 7 hope your country has good welfare
2020-06-05 06:27
minecraft hunger gamed
2020-06-02 08:11
Ukraine StupidPro1337 
2014 leave me alone
2020-06-02 08:17
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
Rainbow Six Siege; easier than CS but still has a high skill ceiling and overall very fun
2020-06-02 08:19
Tried it but the New update is huge af I dont have enough gbs to download, I used to rush site with ash/iq and win rounds solo in gold 1 so maybe thats my game
2020-06-02 08:21
R6 is more skill required than cs
2020-06-02 08:25
So if I reached 10 in cs I could get max plat 1?
2020-06-02 08:27
depends, r6 is more complicated than cs, require undestanding of game, personal skill, strategic thinking and teamwork
2020-06-02 08:29
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
While it is more complex than CS, it definitely does not take more skill. Most of the skill comes from map knowledge.
2020-06-02 19:42
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
Your aim in CS will translate over well to R6. The gunplay is generally much easier since there is no spread and all headshots are 1 hit kills. Since you were gold 1 you could easily reach diamond/champion level in a couple of months if you grind it out
2020-06-02 19:44
and from there how it looks with getting on a team
2020-06-03 15:14
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
Get known, get noticed, or make a team yourself and qualify for CL; I don’t know too much about the process but if you want to know more go watch Braction6 or Aust1n
2020-06-04 01:12
and you think it would be easier to get dia/champ than 3k elo faceit?
2020-06-04 01:41
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
Oh definitely. For a person who's never played Siege it might take them 3 years to reach Diamond/Champ compared to 3k elo where it might take a person who's never played CS a VERY long time to reach that level. Most people in CL are around Plat level mainly cause they don't take ranked seriously and play scrims all day. R6 pros treat Ranked the same way CS pros treat MM. Not to mention Siege is way easier than CS.
2020-06-04 03:44
idk I have 300 hours in siege and around 1kd, but had seasonal kd 1.3 60% hs last season I played so should I give it a try?
2020-06-04 04:28
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
your stats are really good, your HS% is higher than mine i think if you really grind the game and are serious about siege you can do it, most of siege is learning how the maps play and you do that through experience, which is just grinding tf out of ranked coming from CS I think Siege is a good choice, been playing a lot recently and i've got a 1.53 seasonal K/D (1.38 overall) with a 54% HS rate
2020-06-04 05:52
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
yeah, it looks like gold is no problem for you even though you don't play regularly. If you are gold with less than 300 hours if you grind the game a lot you've got a good chance. I've seen people take 800 hours to reach gold so this is really good
2020-06-04 07:47
so besides these streamers what can help me improve? I will download the update when I get wifi transfer
2020-06-05 00:49
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
1. aim. aim isn't as important in siege but every day you play you will improve your aim in some way 2. map knowledge. most important thing in siege is map knowledge i.e. knowing how maps playout, what ops people like to play on each map. Callouts are an important skill; giving extremely precise calls is very important. Go on private server/t-hunt and just play around the maps 3. Attacking. Most difficult part of siege especially with the current meta. Know your role and play it well; most important ops are Thatcher and Thermite, if you choose to main/play them DO NOT get spawnpeeked. And drone, drone, drone. Drones are your most important tool on attack. If you lose both, you're playing blind. 4. Defending. Don't peek = win. Reinforce important spots and don't peek.
2020-06-05 01:19
I main zofia/sledge in attack when I dont rush, and on defence I like to roam with 2/3 speed ops is that good?
2020-06-05 03:34
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
Yeah, Zofia is a good entry fragger and both her and Sledge have the ability for vertical play to keep defenders on edge For defense depends on the op; Rook and Doc can roam but you don’t really want to roam with ops like Mira or Echo
2020-06-05 04:21
yeah ik I tried mira I like her smg pretty powerful weapon but a problem is that if roamers die im pretty fucked
2020-06-05 06:26
btw how do I fix fps? I used to have 200 now it dropped to 100 max after update
2020-06-07 20:13
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
Other than graphical settings, I’ve heard running Siege on Vulcan will raise FPS
2020-06-08 01:29
I achieved 200 fps with very high settings now it wont go higher than 90 fps and I have a 144hz screen so
2020-06-08 01:42 this season be hard, you still think I can make it to champion by end of the year?
2020-06-12 13:10
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
I don't know by the end of the year, but by maybe october if you grind you should be around mid-high plat unless you end up getting hardstuck, then you just need a 5 man squad
2020-06-12 13:29
yeah siege is definitely my game, I find it a lot more fun
2020-06-13 07:56
yo can you check again and tell me if diamond by october is possible?
2020-06-13 16:26
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
you've got rest of june, july, august, and september. If you can get a 5 stack together you have a pretty good shot at reaching diamond by maybe mid-october
2020-06-18 07:56
got plat3 just 12 days after coming back, big achievement for me but I got rekt by high plat smurfs so tells a lot about skill gap
2020-06-19 18:26
ive hit mid plat but Im feeling more anxious about soloq now what should be my next move except finding a 5stack which is hard
2020-06-20 17:05
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
Play more. The more you play, the better you get. But the difference between a diamond and a hardstuck plat is a group of friends to play with.
2020-06-21 02:24
I play everyday and I feel like I get progressively worse cuz I cant hit shit
2020-07-03 20:50
Brazil hltv_baiter 
grind minecraft speedruns
2020-06-02 08:20
2020-06-02 08:22
Thats for average people
2020-06-02 08:24
Latvia latvianguy 
Go pro in Minecraft Hypixel Skywars pepega, poggers.
2020-06-02 08:44
Germany den7 
lets start a minecraft building server
2020-06-02 08:45
Brazil batcompany 
I think you should try out vaLULrant. Even if it is a mere copy from CSGO in a few aspects, it's a way to start fresh and still you can make good use of the aim you mastered in CSGO. Remember that stupid teammates can be an issue in any game, so you should really consider playing with a closed team a few maps per day, or learn to IGL. I suggest you try valorant cause you don't seem to "love" CSGO, and feel demotivated about things that are pretty commom.
2020-06-02 15:27
I dont really think I would like valorant more
2020-06-02 15:39
play solo game like quake xD
2020-06-02 15:40
India skyl4rk 
2020-06-02 15:39
Hungary mEZENCEphalon 
TF2 very good if you invest some time in it
2020-06-02 15:42
Brazil batcompany 
I got myself almost 500 hours of turbine fortress 2 but I still don't know much about the game
2020-06-02 16:28
Hungary mEZENCEphalon 
yeah you need a few thousand hours to git gud in the game
2020-06-02 16:42
Finland t0ki 
why play games when u can be outside enjoying the summer
2020-06-02 15:44
Cuz Corona virus is a thing
2020-06-06 19:15
if u dont enjoy fps games anymore i would play rocket league. good game.
2020-06-02 16:44
Ukraine Dert38 
trash games
2020-06-02 19:43
Ukraine Dert38 
go cod with gamepaders mens
2020-06-02 19:43
United Kingdom macrocephaly 
Sekiro shadows die twice because it's fucking hard
2020-06-03 15:14
Germany GiantCoq 
2020-06-06 04:20
Krs7N | 
United Kingdom Proqy0 
try counter strike global offensive
2020-06-04 03:49
2020-06-04 06:44
Turkey adnanMenderes 
Every competitive shooters like that, they all trash Play Warframe or Borderlands, a whole lot more casual and not at all cancerous
2020-06-04 08:07
Canada Souljiaboiii 
2020-06-05 03:35
China SwooksarV2 
League of Legends.
2020-06-05 03:36
ptn | 
Denmark CTRL7 
warzone/apex legends/ minecraft
2020-06-05 03:44
Pubg valorant warzone all different but fun Best game to grind pes myclub, but wait for the next and start at beginning
2020-06-05 03:51
team based games are meant to be played with people.stop playing mm and pugs with randoms and u will get a better outcome.if u dont have friends.find them online.or u can quit and play games like fighting games and battle royals where u rely on yourself.
2020-06-05 04:32
XD what a joke
2020-06-05 04:59
how so?
2020-06-05 04:59
If you play 5 man with your friends, and you are the carry you only get shit results. You have to drag 3 scrubs with you while you can't even say shit to them because they are your friends. Playing 5 man is almost like playing the game with your girlfirend. You can just watch them doing stupid shit over and over and over and over again while you can do nothing about it. It's like you merge with 4 stupid people to form a half stupid person. Fact is 5 people have 5 different motivations to play the game. At least if you play in your elo you get 4 other people on the same level with the same goal.
2020-06-05 05:09
Csgo must be your first cs game.
2020-06-05 06:49
no. but maybe when you play with your friends, you are the guy they have to drag behind them, so you don't notice and think everything is perfect ;)
2020-06-05 21:13
So make new friends online with the same goals you want
2020-06-06 01:58
It does not work that way. You will just start at the same level and then deviate over the coming weeks until it's the same scenario. That's why you have a elo system. So that you can "update your friends" every game. But I guess i don't say anything we don't know. Just think about Niko and his 4 "friends" he played with in mousesports ;P
2020-06-06 02:57
I don't think understand how counter strike seems to me your more interested in pugging then scrimming with an actual team.
2020-06-06 03:45
But you don't talk about a team. You talk about your friends. Your friends are for fun. A team is if you wanna tryhard. But a team is not your friends. If it would become that you have the same problems as before.
2020-06-06 03:47
Um no.
2020-06-06 04:52
Finland 0lter 
Nope You can tryhard with your friends ofc i mean why not? You know pretty much all pros start by playing with friends in teams. Its very rare for people who just play solo matches to become pro meaning being able to play proper cs in a team
2020-06-06 04:57
Because it's a pain in the ass if you tryhard with your friends. Like i said, it's just 1 step down from tryharding with your gf. What's the point? You will just have a misserable time. There is a reason pro players don't have teams with their friends and a reason why a elo system exists. But maybe i am wrong and you guys all have friends that are amazing players. But my friends are Gold I - IV, maybe MGE on a good day.
2020-06-06 21:21
stop talking about shitty mm system..ranks mean nothing. in cs 1.6 an d css and csgo you look for 5 players that want to create a team and then you scrim with them against other teams.u dont get 5 people to queue a shitty pug system.ive made plently of themas in the past and joined teams that actually want to work together to improve.
2020-06-06 22:05
Guess that must be the US mentality.
2020-06-06 22:22
no its the counter strike mentality.i dont think u played counter strike long enough to understand what im talking about because u literally just keep bringing up mm.
2020-06-06 22:39
Finland 0lter 
I know plenty of people that are good at cs that i can play with
2020-06-06 22:46
2020-06-05 21:15
Canada iviike 
I got a simple solution for you. Quit playing the game, no one cares.
2020-06-05 21:22
North America Zykleee 
300elo is about 2 days
2020-06-05 21:24
Go play Valorant you're too weak for CS.
2020-06-06 04:11
If you want the beat shot of actually “going pro” Valorant is a new game so if you get really good and make a name for yourself (for ex, streaming) you could have a chance
2020-06-06 04:15
Finland 0lter 
why do you want to start another competetive shooter??? Plenty of great games out there why does it have to be competetive
2020-06-06 04:53
Like what?
2020-06-06 05:19
Finland 0lter 
lmao depends on what kind of games you like but fallout 3 and NV are great, the deus ex games are great, return to castle wolfenstein is a great shooter
2020-06-06 05:32
Ukraine Nzr0 
quake champions or quake live or you could try CPM but you will cry a river and leave
2020-06-06 09:37
Austria Dorsch 
2020-06-06 10:27
Bulgaria cuddleslut 
you need some time off, i recommend you playing ARK, a great survival game
2020-06-06 10:30
siege or rust
2020-06-13 08:01
Grind for what, to say to your friends that you reached a rank in a game. Ffs grow up, if you're not trying to go pro in cs stop grinding out. The main point of cs is to have fun, if you're getting tilted every game because you're playing with randoms why are you even playing with them.
2020-06-19 18:29
im trying to go pro in fps game
2020-06-20 17:06
2020-06-20 17:06
I know you are baiting but R6 is really nice, sad I sold my PC and can't play it, but 2 years ago it was awesome game
2020-06-20 17:10
not to go pro in.
2020-06-21 02:28
2020-06-20 17:10
2020-06-21 02:28
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