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S1mple dream team
Russia Baritud 
In an interview, he called the team of his dreams -Zywoo -Elige -Xyp9x -Gla1ve -S1mple What do you guys think about this team?
2020-06-02 16:00
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Sri Lanka kvezee 
top 40 at best
2020-06-02 16:00
rain | 
Thailand mongboon 
sri lanka > india
2020-06-04 06:55
not even top 100
2020-06-04 19:49
ZywOo ZywOo ZywOo ZywOo ZywOo Top 1
2020-06-02 16:01
Poland v1ctorex 
cool fake s1mple fan lol
2020-06-02 16:02
im fan of s1mple, i was the biggest fan of him, but he s toxic and zywoo is more talented than him
2020-06-02 16:03
I was biggest fan of zywoo, but he is not as talented as s1mple, and that's why i am s1mple's fan
2020-06-02 16:20
zywoo is much better
2020-06-04 20:08
no just no
2020-06-08 13:24
Russia Islademuerto 
a team with 5 zywoos would be good(in PUGS) regardless of how much a simple fan he is
2020-06-04 08:29
Quake | 
Macau s1v9mple 
Must be from an old interview
2020-06-02 16:03
Right, now he s favorite team is ZywOo ZywOo ZywOo ZywOo ZywOo
2020-06-02 16:03
Quake | 
Macau s1v9mple 
It's because now the krieg is shit, so putting Elige anywhere close on the wishlist just doesn't make sense.
2020-06-02 16:06
Luxembourg kng_rdl 
Elige is still one of the highest rated players of this year though
2020-06-02 17:22
he was the best na player without the krieg and was the first big rifler to use it full time because elige is actually a smart guy 0/8
2020-06-02 17:34
2020-06-05 04:38
Europe N3sHie1k 
name has been checked out
2020-06-05 20:31
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
Elige is still a top 5 player in the world rn and arguably a top 1 rifler without the krieg, the players who got hit hard were members of EG, 100t, mousesports, and brollan
2020-06-04 05:16
-brollan +ENCE (Aug impacted them more tho) Brollan still plays really good without the krieg
2020-06-04 06:23
Finland iBait 
What? ENCE were absolute garbage during the Krieg meta.
2020-06-04 09:01
aug + krieg meta is when they were good, aug nerf hurt them more but the krieg nerf overall killed them. They always had a meh T side but when they had augs/kriegs on ct thats how they won games
2020-06-04 18:42
Finland iBait 
You do realize that the Krieg nerf was in April this year? ENCE had been garbage far longer than that.
2020-06-04 20:00
Finland HARD4ENCE 
That AUG meta thingy is so exaggerated when it comes to ENCE. Only 2 players of old ENCE "abused" it. There were many other teams even in the top 10 than abused it way more. ENCE success just happened to coincide with the AUG meta, but Berlin major proved they were still solid even without the AUG. I still think ENCE would have won Berlin major if it wasn't for the roster change mess announced just before the major..
2020-06-05 22:02
I agree its exaggerated, but the big thing with encE was outside of Sergej and to a degree, Allu they had no huge fragger. The aug boosted xSeven and Aerial a lot, and lent a lot of help to AleksiB as well giving them more even dragging power. When the aug died, xSeven for the longest time felt useless, while Aerial just saw a smaller dip in ratings and looked much more average, and AleksiB lost a lot of impact he had, but ultimately I feel didnt hurt his overall fragging, just his impact
2020-06-05 22:45
Finland HARD4ENCE 
xseveN and Aleksib were affected the most. Aerial and sergeJ mostly used M4A1-S and M4A4 respectively on the CT side while allu obviously had the AWP. I agree about the fragging part though. But that was never the recipe for their success in the first place but similar to Astralis they functioned well as a team and playing off of each other. They obviously never had the fragging power of the likes of Liquid.
2020-06-05 23:41
I dont think any team on paper had the raw fragging power except for maybe FaZe, and even then it was debatable. The one thing Thorin always had right about Liquid was they were and still to this day, possibly are one of the highest raw skill potential teams, the only player on their roster that was an outright star in any of their respective teams before Liquid (or in elige/nitros case, before the roster) was NAF, and even then he was still a huge part of Renegades early successes
2020-06-06 00:06
United States RAK47 
2020-06-04 10:11
Top70 at best but expected from fatwho. Sam2k with personality disorders or that obnoxious basement dweller cum2k returned
2020-06-04 11:06
Great balanced team concerning roles,but who will be sniper at t-side?
2020-06-02 16:05
prob Zywoo because s1mple bullies him into it
2020-06-04 06:24
Brazil sakaaa 
That's actually a good lineup, but I can already see the casters going like '... there's still 10 secons left on this round and the team is not moving, waiting for a bait..' 'oooh, there goes gla1ve, misses everyshot, s1mple gets one. Xyp is hiding waiting for a clutch and elige is on another map' 'oh look, zywoo is holding the complete opposite angle of where everyone is... amazing read'
2020-06-02 16:08
2020-06-02 16:55
2020-06-02 17:30
2020-06-02 17:33
2020-06-03 19:02
NAF | 
Iran Strider0 
2020-06-03 19:13
gxx- | 
Belgium ZxTox 
what read did just I
2020-06-03 20:23
Russia Ceo_of_navi 
2020-06-03 20:23
India mr_magician 
2020-06-03 20:23
Brazil moonski 
2020-06-03 20:27
2020-06-04 05:23
2020-06-04 05:25
2020-06-04 08:17
France FanchD 
2020-06-04 09:12
2020-06-04 19:52
''amazing read'' lmao
2020-06-05 04:40
Expected mindset from a brasilian
2020-06-05 21:34
2020-06-05 21:56
Japan Legoshi 
definitely a top 1 team but could be better
2020-06-02 16:56
how would you change that team?
2020-06-04 07:37
Japan Legoshi 
-elige + krimz or brezhe
2020-06-04 09:37
no way on earth that either krimz or brehze would be better than elige. just no. maybe, just maybe krimz instead of xyp9x as a support or maybe niko instead of elige but not krimz/brehze instead of elige.
2020-06-04 09:38
Japan Legoshi 
elige over hyped even blameF better
2020-06-04 09:40
ok 0/8...enough. bye
2020-06-04 09:40
Japan Legoshi 
why waste time even typing a reply if your just gonna say bye expected from world flag user
2020-06-04 09:41
Ukraine McSwell 
Elige markeloff Guardian ISSAA s1mple
2020-06-02 17:23
NiKo | 
Russia reguix 
marik igl?
2020-06-02 17:26
markeloff and guardian in 2020 ?
2020-06-02 17:30
India mr_magician 
s1mple will get mad on issaa when he will pick cache lol
2020-06-03 20:24
Denmark tense198_v2 
u fucking retard or what?
2020-06-04 18:51
India mr_magician 
why bro? we won on that map :/
2020-06-04 19:13
Denmark tense198_v2 
who the fuck want to win? we can win on another map.
2020-06-04 19:18
India mr_magician 
zzz :/
2020-06-04 19:41
this ISSAA Bad team
2020-06-05 04:41
zywho 2019 = s1mple 2019 zywho top 1 because more mvp than s1mple
2020-06-02 17:30
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
-s1mple then could be good
2020-06-02 17:30
2020-06-02 17:30
very good team, easily top 1-2
2020-06-02 17:33
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
considering this move would destroy liquid, astralis, navi, and vitality and fnatic and mouz are self destructing themselves, this move would result in the most dominant team of all time
2020-06-04 05:17
2020-06-04 21:02
2020-06-05 04:41
Gilzera | 
Kazakhstan stanf1 
no niko, no best team
2020-06-03 12:26
2020-06-05 04:41
-Elige -Xyp9x +NiKo +mir
2020-06-03 12:34
Good team but Pretty sure he would pick electronic instead of elige. But in the interview he wasn’t „allowed“ to pick Na’Vi players.
2020-06-03 19:06
Reunion FakeFrenchie 
Probably not. EliGE is an aggressive entry rifler, whereas electronic is more of a closer. Based on the other 4 players EliGE would better suit the team.
2020-06-04 02:11
Estonia illuwe 
S1mple and Elige hated each other while they were both in Liquid. Elige threatened to leave the team several times lol
2020-06-05 11:51
Thailand hahahoha 
no electronic? fake interview
2020-06-03 19:11
one con. not from navi)
2020-06-04 20:00
s1mple electronic niko woxic coldzera ez top 1
2020-06-03 19:11
-woxic +gla1ve niko sucks as igl
2020-06-05 04:42
You do realize S1mple left liquid due to arguments with elige?
2020-06-03 19:12
Russia mmmmmmajestic 
He actually named this roster in interview
2020-06-03 19:43
India mr_magician 
this shows that the quarrel was from the side of elige and s1mple still likes him
2020-06-03 20:26
No it shows that that was 4 fucking years ago and theyre adults who can leave things in the past. Both players brought problems to that Liquid team, stop acting like s1mple is a saint
2020-06-04 02:09
India mr_magician 
chill dude i know, i was just having fun there. i know he had problems with adren and nitro as well because of his toxicity. i am not a blind licker of s1mple, where he is wrong i say he is wrong.
2020-06-04 07:27
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
no this shows that s1mple has grown from 2016 when everyone knew he was a toxic kid and likely their conflict was his fault but he is older and more mature now s1mple had a conflict with everyone, elige only had a conflict with s1mple easy to tell this was s1mple's fault but flair checks out on u
2020-06-04 05:18
India mr_magician 
2020-06-04 07:27
Germany DEBlL 
it was 1 year ago, in 2020 he said that his dreamteam is: snax s1mple zywoo neo byali
2020-06-03 19:12
2020-06-04 02:08
-zywoo +pasha
2020-06-04 05:25
2020-06-05 21:36
Brazil Goecker 
- s1mple + coldzera or niko now we have a dream team
2020-06-03 20:20
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
-prime baiter +out of prime baiter or shitty IGL baiter ill pass
2020-06-04 05:19
It's better to pass your stupid comment
2020-06-08 13:31
2020-06-03 20:23
f0rest sucks
2020-06-05 04:43
Not as much as pokimane.
2020-06-05 11:41
I was biggest fan of zywoo, but he is not as talented as s1mple, and that's why i am s1mple's fan
2020-06-03 20:26
France DJEB 
link of the interview ?
2020-06-03 20:28
nah. Dreamteam is zywoo s1mple Elige niko cold
2020-06-03 20:29
nah too much ego
2020-06-04 02:08
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
zywoo and elige egos are fine, rest of them seem to be friends so they could work it out if u added a shox in the mix however the entire thing would implode
2020-06-04 05:20
Elige has a bit of a star mentality. Definitely likes to have say in the team, just too many voices. Yeah theyd prolly be top 3-5 due to skill but not as dominant as youd think
2020-06-04 07:28
Croatia cLutcheR7 
niko n cold are friends. but I dont think they will be like turok and snakeislaw
2020-06-04 10:05
Man zywoo s1mle niko elige cold U know what does it mean? Most high skill ceiling in cs history, they will fuck everyone without even covering
2020-06-04 10:47
shox | 
United States raymoney 
shox s1mple stanislaw tarik NiKo so much ego that the other team runs away
2020-06-04 08:14
Denmark tense198_v2 
dont forget flusha.
2020-06-05 21:33
Idk if there could be better team than this
2020-06-04 08:44
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis 
-s0mple and we're good to go
2020-06-04 09:22
Zeus | 
Ukraine Gigska 
S1mple dream team: S1mple S1mple S1mple S1mple Electronic
2020-06-04 09:58
Canada Souljiaboiii 
how are you gonna have 4 baiters in 1 team
2020-06-04 19:36
wtf, nice idiot, he picked electronic but not zywoo, nc baiter
2020-06-04 10:21
how are zywoo and s1mple gonna get kills if no one is gonna be bait for them?
2020-06-04 18:53
Terrible dream then. This team much like FaZe will never achieve anything.
2020-06-04 19:42
could be a good team if they kick simple and take in a non toxic
2020-06-04 19:49
Sweden Zeepter 
If you want to build the perfect team w him: S1mple - Awp/madfragger Gla1ve - IGL Krimz - Support Naf/Apex/dupreeh - Entry Lurk - GT/flusha Coach: cArn
2020-06-04 19:49
Europe N3sHie1k 
apex naf omegalul
2020-06-05 20:32
Europe Drofwer 
where is niko!
2020-06-04 20:12
Lithuania Edze 
Ok, but who baits for him?
2020-06-04 20:15
Russia SW@G 
he forgot jdm
2020-06-04 20:17
it would be still 1vs9
2020-06-04 20:44
S1mple, mir, electronic,xsepower,boombl4
2020-06-04 20:57
s1mple Zeus electronic edward dosia
2020-06-05 05:32
Amazing team. My only thought would be to -EliGE and +NiKo to make it an even more amazing team IMO. And maybe even -ZyWoO and just have s1mple primary AWP and +Coldzera to rifle?
2020-06-05 05:00
Netherlands dabadpad 
all that talent just for baiting..
2020-06-05 05:12
GeT_RighT olofmeister coldzera ZywOo s1mple gg
2020-06-05 05:17
and im the couch
2020-06-05 21:38
Ukraine Dert38 
smooya muh
2020-06-05 21:48
Finland HARD4ENCE 
Such a disrespect to his team mates. Should have named current NaVi.
2020-06-05 21:55
Poland SebL 
s1mple electronic chopper mir iDISBALANCE
2020-06-06 00:08
s1mple s0mple LULmple s1mba sosomple
2020-06-06 00:15
Sweden Fizze 
Why is it an army of people from india in this forum?
2020-06-06 00:20
Ukraine |s1mple 
elige and s1mple LOLOLOLOLO 0/0
2020-06-06 11:09
no no, thats s1mple's dream team: s1mple device coldzera allu Snax
2020-06-08 13:36
Kazakhstan tsebmai 
2020-06-08 14:36
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