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Blacks vs girls
Europe jood 
would you say it’s harder living as a black man or an ugly girl ?
2020-06-02 22:39
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As a human
2020-06-02 22:39
zon1Q | 
Germany iigga 
Racista I report you
2020-06-02 22:40
as a black (ugly) girl
2020-06-02 22:41
Magisk | 
United States JeyyR 
cromen wtf mens
2020-06-02 23:10
Ugly white girl is probably easier than 9/10 black guy.
2020-06-02 22:41
how so
2020-06-02 22:42
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
be female men orbit you constantly men send you money for free profit be 9/10 black doesn’t change the fact that you might be born in a bad neighborhood, but let’s assume that he grows up in an upper middle class family still have to workout, study, find a job, work 9-5 women will love you, but they still won’t send you money
2020-06-02 22:47
that doesn’t work when you’re ugly Your comment is filled with bullshit
2020-06-02 23:03
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
Yes, it absolutely does. Maybe not the money part but if you’re female you will have orbiters. There’s been experiments of this done before.
2020-06-02 23:03
Absolute incel spotted
2020-06-02 23:04
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
Nice argument. Doesn’t change the facts.
2020-06-02 23:05
Imagine declaring your personal biased opinion as “facts”
2020-06-02 23:19
Estonia mr_abdul 
2020-06-03 12:17
Feminism, simps, white privilege, a 4-5 white girl could easily get a 7-8 guy, etc.
2020-06-02 22:48
you can be a porn actor if you are 9/10 black guy
2020-06-02 22:44
as a 4-5/10 girl you could also probably become a porn actress and have more views and money than the 9/10 black guy.
2020-06-02 22:53
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
Who says living as an ugly girl is hard? Living as any type of female is so much easier as long as you’re in a first world country. Women live on Tutorial mode. Black men live on Realistic difficulty.
2020-06-02 22:42
If you’re ugly no one would want to pay for your expenses and you’d most likely have a low self-esteem hence it’s hard
2020-06-02 22:44
Men are born with the "no one wants to pay for your expenses" and if the only way you value yourself is by your looks then you're doomed anyway ugly or attractive
2020-06-02 22:46
Keep living in your fairytale world.
2020-06-02 22:49
I dont see how im representing a fairytale world. Seems like you just dont have any counterarguments so you just threw out a bullshit defense mechanism. Either that or you just have terrible English and cant comprehend my comment. Are you insinuating that lots of people want to pay for mens expenses? cause i havent experienced that Are you insinuating that valuing and defining yourself by your looks heavily isnt bad?
2020-06-02 22:54
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
bruh disabled women can find men who will take care of her while the average man is fighting for scraps
2020-06-02 22:48
as a ugly black girl.
2020-06-02 22:42
you don’t have to mention it twice in a row
2020-06-02 23:00
what do you mean? some black girls are hot af.
2020-06-02 23:00
2020-06-02 23:00
Brazil BRAZlL 
2020-06-02 23:21
2020-06-03 12:14
Russia Slavaa 
white boy
2020-06-02 22:45
Sweden GeT_CoRrEcT 
All women can easily get any man = free money
2020-06-02 22:45
its hardest to live as a white straight male because everyone is calling you racist for no reason))
2020-06-02 22:52
only on usa.
2020-06-02 22:59
no no its also in europe)) if u dont agree with the left they call u racist))
2020-06-03 00:10
OK | 
South America TheJuan 
As an OK sayer on HLTV
2020-06-02 23:07
2020-06-03 21:02
Finland 7ones 
Noone is that ugly, just maximize ur potential looks wise and if it is not enough then do some cosmetic operations.
2020-06-02 23:10
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