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f0rest | 
Italy morpheus0 
what the fuck is wrong with your country? Bolsonaro "im sorry for the covid victims but we're all gonna die" he just said we're all gonna die like its no big deal or his responasibility? WHAT THE FUCK?
2020-06-03 10:39
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Like Italy's reaction was any better 👍
2020-06-03 10:41
oh here comes the novaxxer again
2020-06-03 10:44
no vaxxer? Did this come out of your ass? Or you are like the soycialists that claim everyone who disagrees with them is a nazi? Try harder
2020-06-03 10:45
you're a low iq trump fan, probably flat earther as well
2020-06-03 10:46
So now that? You are funny, haha
2020-06-03 10:47
He's not wrong though.
2020-06-03 10:42
2020-06-03 10:54
2020-06-03 23:57
please, shut up. He have the #1 country in deaths by day. about 30k in total and no minister in health folder.... He has fault in everyrthing thats happening....
2020-06-04 01:03
we are top 1 bro, viva brasil 😎😎😎💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
2020-06-04 02:14
Brazil urisco 
2020-06-09 13:11
We’re all going to die. What’s wrong with saying the truth?
2020-06-03 10:42
he doesnt give a fuck
2020-06-03 10:44
United Kingdom macrocephaly 
Or maybe there is literally nothing they can do because they don't have the medical infrastructure of a first world country.
2020-06-03 10:47
dude he said corona is just a flu and ignored any guideline whatsoever now 1800people are dying in 24h
2020-06-03 10:48
Sweden also ignored guidelines but do you hear someone blaming it on Stefan Lofven? No. No, because he is from the right party
2020-06-03 10:51
again with this right left bullshit you still didn't understood this left right is just a show they put on
2020-06-03 10:53
but do you agree the mainstream media treats different way politicians from different parties?
2020-06-03 10:55
they just wanna create division and chaos both left and right are controlled like chess from above
2020-06-03 10:57
United Kingdom macrocephaly 
Japan also ignored the guidelines and they had less than 800 deaths. They didn't even have a lock down
2020-06-03 10:55
japan mentality is on another lvl
2020-06-03 12:31
United Kingdom macrocephaly 
their economy is too, Brazil is not on the same level as Japan economically.
2020-06-03 12:33
its not only about economy, japan people are almost like robots, they follow every rule and are extremely careful every day
2020-06-03 12:41
United Kingdom macrocephaly 
There were no lockdown rules implemented, you moron
2020-06-03 12:43
do you have any idea how japanese behave, they use a mask even if they have a headache
2020-06-03 12:43
Dude, here in brazil many people don’t respect quarantine because they would starve to death if they did Government sent money to them but was not enough Also he is the total opposite of a fascist, he supports freedom of speech, liberal economy, gender equality and others liberal topics If you ask ONE fascist action he took from the people that call him fascist they wont be able to give it to you
2020-06-03 14:14
Several governors and mayors completely ignored Bolsonaro, followed each and every WHO guideline and yet thousands were led to their deaths mostly because the majority can't afford to stay home regardless of danger.
2020-06-03 23:49
Brazil do have the health infrastructure needed, specially on the larger cities, such as São Paulo, a city with more than 100,000 confirmed cases still have intensive care units availiable. The problem is the lack of social distancing and higiene measures.
2020-06-04 11:35
There is nothing wrong. He is ignorant and can't help anyone. He also can't call for help because it'll probably be against his support party. Don't blame him, blame the people who chose someone who lived from politics for more than thirty years and never did anything.
2020-06-04 02:31
Still mad about 1-7 xaxaxa
2020-06-03 10:49
Brazil yureka 
2020-06-03 13:13
ur poor BRA71L
2020-06-03 15:11
Brazil yureka 
where's Greece? nt nonscene anywhere hungary 11-1 greece, so hi gr11c1
2020-06-03 15:16
KEKW 11-1 in 1938 which is irrelevant. You lost in final lmao in 2014. + I am half turkish. So 1 turk in top20 So 0 BRA71L in top20 KEKW TURKEY>GREECE>BRA71L
2020-06-03 19:01
Brazil yureka 
damn did it take you four hours to think of such a dumb answer? where's greece and turkey?
2020-06-03 19:39
top 20 players 1 turk 0 bra71l and in top 5 there is 1 turk and 0 bra7ll1ans XDDD EZZZ bro ur country sucks + its much bigger lmao. Poor dog
2020-06-03 23:37
Brazil yureka 
four hours again greece? nice try
2020-06-03 23:43
lol shittest excuse ever lol, I have a life compared to you, and exams coming up, that i am trying to prepare, but I know, you dont have any university because you dont have a future, sry poor bra71l
2020-06-04 11:00
Brazil yureka 
so you're gonna do your college and die working, I don't need this shit. I've inherited enough money to buy your family and a little more.
2020-06-04 11:20
ur poor bro, hahahhhahaha and no i dont need money, but i want to have a job instead of not doing anything with my life lol
2020-06-04 11:22
Brazil yureka 
Listen to this music and relax, stress is not good.
2020-06-04 11:28
calm down bra71llian nobody said anything, dont cry tho :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2020-06-04 11:43
Brazil yureka 
I'm trying to make you relax before you find out your life sucks and you'll probably commit suicide some days. gr11c1
2020-06-04 11:48
calm down bra71l, just because you are poor and i am not, it doesnt mean ur life is shit, but sadly it is.
2020-06-04 11:53
?? coldzera 2 times b2b major mvp and top1
2020-06-04 00:03
2020-06-04 02:14
2020-06-04 11:01
he's a retard and protofascist, brazil is fucked up
2020-06-03 10:57
finally someone smart here
2020-06-03 10:58
supported by a lot of retarded protofascists.
2020-06-03 12:46
felps | 
Brazil Nyxoos 
protofascist? I mean, i don't like him too, doing so much shit in the government, but he is so dumb i bet he doesnt know what is fascism
2020-06-04 11:47
Idk why ppl voted him 0 IQ like USA ppl
2020-06-03 12:48
Brazil TaxIsTHEFT 
said the manuel from a country with almost 120% of debt as a percentage of GDP and this gonna increase at least to 150% until the end of the year/first half of the next year... portugal, itally, Greece, spain is completely fucked up, u guys just dont know it yet...
2020-06-03 19:12
U rly wanna compare with any of these countries? XD
2020-06-03 19:23
arT | 
Portugal kadoopL 
Nah, we're good but, are u really defending Bolsonaro?
2020-06-03 23:45
Brazil TaxIsTHEFT 
he is defending our freedom so yeahh. im defending bolsonaro atm btw u portugueses arent good, wait me until the last of the year. we gonna have a global credit crisis and portugal will be very effected... its the same with brazil...
2020-06-04 01:31
Well our president is a dumbfuck, piece of shit but the translation to his words is that " to the people who died from corona it was destiny" this still makes him an idiot Just the translation was incorrect.
2020-06-03 12:48
he is crazy and retarded :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
2020-06-03 12:49
why so many people voted him???????
2020-06-03 12:53
Brazil lul321 
Because we are mostly crazy and retarded aswell tbh
2020-06-03 13:01
are you saying brazil = usa :(
2020-06-03 13:10
Brazil lul321 
Way worse coz at least USA is a rich country
2020-06-03 13:15
usa isnt really rich tbh, a lot of poor and unemployed
2020-06-03 13:16
Brazil lul321 
Ofc they aren't the perfect country or system, ppl are allowed to be racist kek, but BR is a USA wannabe but with shit $
2020-06-03 13:20
Think like that Our last leaders were corrupt sick pieces of shit, and there was Bolsonaro, everyone knew he was Dumb and he Said shit, but at least he was something diferent from the others
2020-06-03 13:29
So It was a Gamble, it is not being diferent from the others (bad london Sorry :()
2020-06-03 13:30
my question is: why is the alternative to corruption equally stupid and terrible? why can't there be a good alternative? this happened in america as well, corrupted hilary and the clintons vs dumb as fuck trump
2020-06-03 13:30
There was a Guy called João Almoedo but he was not popular here, he looked Nice but he never had a chance
2020-06-03 13:33
he seemed like the best choice
2020-06-03 19:16
Because he brainwashed a good portion of Brazilians to believe that if we had elected the other guy our country would become a Venezuela and somehow he made people believe that he would save Brazil from criminality and corruption (KEK)
2020-06-03 23:47
felps | 
Brazil Nyxoos 
because in the elections he said "We are not going to make Brazil turn into a Venezuela" "PT (wich is one of 9999 socialist parties in Brazil) is a gang, robbing our country for 13 years" And this made him get elected :(
2020-06-04 11:51
He didn't say we are all going to die from COVID, he said every single person will die some way or another. It's a figure of speech in Brazil.
2020-06-03 12:54
its still extremely stupid to say something like that in this context he never cared about covid and still doesnt care, meanwhile 1800 dead in the last 24h
2020-06-03 12:56
Brazil LigG_aLe 
He only cares about economy, for him, doesn't matter a big number of people dying. We voted for him because the country has being governed by PT, thats a left political group, and many brazilians were looking for change. We beted him, beacause many people prefered the bet, and not the same thing for more 4 years.
2020-06-03 13:06
Dude, the government is doing all he can But the last government just let us with a HUGE debt, the gave BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollar to countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Moçambique, etc They devasted our country in an way that you cant even imagine, this is the first time we are having a clean government, with technical ministers On the last government we had a communist old man called Aldo Rebelo who didn’t know how to use an email (he had an worker just for it) as the minister of science and technology, now we have Marcos Pontes, the Brazilian astronaut, just one of manu examples i can give you If you want more true infos from here i can give you as much info as you want, just contact me I can proof everything i said till now I know this situation can shock you, but here in brazil people have no condition to hold an quarantine or lockdown, people have no money, we were recovering from the last government disaster Its hard, our hospitals in normal condition have long queues, no materials to work, etc... We can’t do the same as you guys from europe
2020-06-03 13:45
there is no sense in worrying about something you cant control, he is just being stoic
2020-06-04 00:00
PLEASE BRAZILIAN AND NON BRAZILIAN READ. Bolsonaro is a fucking idiot, but the people who dont like him keep screaming in the street calling all the people fascist, so 2018 he were elected exactly because the people dont like the corruption or violence of the left (or today the corruption and violence of bolsonaro) in Brazil. I hope the impeachment will grow up and he will get out, but this dont happen with a fascist calling urself antifascist, screaming and destroying the country. Bolsonaro is a fucking idiot, corrupt, protect your family from corruption investigation, but the most part of the people being afraid of some groups destroyng the country and calling al the people fascist, so this "most part of the people" will vote again in this stupid person called Bolsonaro when they see this groups.
2020-06-03 13:23
so you're basically living in hell
2020-06-03 13:21
No, he is the best president we ever had We lived in hell on the past government Do you have any idea about what is living in a country with 60k~70k homicides per year? We finally have a president who fights for a liberal economy, liberty of press, family, and freedom He is the first one to fight corruption, he is pursued by the media, corrupt politician and judge from the supreme court, he is victims of fake news EVERYDAY He is the first hope this country has seen in decades, after PT and left parties just destroyed our country with corruption, our justice just leaked private videos of our president to desmoralize him, but they showed no crime, just showed a president fighting for us
2020-06-03 13:35
Brazil PaPum 
Brazil is a gotham city without batman. In the city hall there is a penguin in the presidency doing a lot of shit, and the joker as opocition. And guess who most people who hate the penguin will want in the city hall believing it to be the best option? joker
2020-06-03 19:16
You can't blame them, Joker > Penguin any day.
2020-06-03 19:21
yes, but honestly, at least we are not france or spain
2020-06-17 13:23
move away from brazil. go live in china.
2020-06-03 23:58
Ok ok bolsominion (bolsotard) agora vai lá dar cargo pro centrão
2020-06-09 13:05
2020-06-09 20:49
fer | 
Brazil Lucassolda 
bolsonaro is an idiot, he does not represent the population and takes the covid as a joke, the people cannot take this worm anymore
2020-06-03 13:23
mantuu | 
Lithuania rageN1x 
2020-06-03 23:48
Jesus | 
Brazil zeh_ 
since that day Brazil is going downhill
2020-06-03 23:55
In 7-1 we SAW brazil is going downhill, but he always was going downhill
2020-06-10 13:08
2020-06-03 23:57
2020-06-04 00:04
fake flager.
2020-06-04 00:22
im czech, but i a actually live in belo horizonte ^_^
2020-06-04 00:23
no brazilian, no opnion about brazil.
2020-06-04 00:24
ok uga uga
2020-06-04 00:25
2020-06-09 13:12
felps | 
Brazil Nyxoos 
Bolsonaro2022 OMEGALUL after Dilma and Lula the worst president we ever had, Temer is better than him
2020-06-04 11:54
trk | 
Brazil gunFIT 
u pathetic
2020-06-04 00:24
Brazil llskll 
Just send help guys. We're totally fucked because of this tard
2020-06-04 00:27
fnx | 
Brazil Mumuk 
Brazil was never good with choosing their presidents and politics, Bolsonaro is a really dumb ass, but his opponent was just a puppet of the ex-president that is in prison right, so Brazilian election day is kind off playing Russian Roulette with a Pistol 9mm, unfortunally, like most part of the world, people are just a mount of dumb ass :/
2020-06-04 00:28
Brazil nicknameBR123 
We're on a very fragile spot. Not only because of our poor medical infrastructure and stupid president who is more worried about protecting his family from investigations than solving the coronavirus thing, we've got so many economic issues that the more time we stay on quarantine/lockdown situation the greater the loss in all aspects, this is a huge and hard country to manage and the high corruption levels won't allow the population to recover along other countries. I'm afraid Brazil's gonna face a terrible recession in the years to come due to these vile governmental actions. President Bolsonaro is literally destroying Brazil and still there are a lot of blind fools supporting him. Unfuckingbelievable!
2020-06-04 00:31
Brazil freezing1 
fcking nazis in brazil
2020-06-04 01:29
Why "wtf is wrong with your country" if you only said things about Bolsonaro? lol
2020-06-04 02:15
bolsonaro is fine, china spread this virus and the chaos to the world, now the communists that got rekt on the elections want the power again. 6 years ago our communist president said it was a shame to blame him for the lack of hospitals due to the world cup investments, now he says it is a 'blessing' to have coronavirus, since it shows the necessity of a powerful state. I mean how bolsonaro can do anything? neither the other two powers let him do anything, they want the impeachment because he is not bribing anyone. I can't wait for him to close the congress already, we are sick and done from communism here, 70% of the population is supporting him and we dont care about your opinion since you dont live here.
2020-06-04 02:20
we have a lot of blind people in Brazil apparently
2020-06-04 02:33
felps | 
Brazil Nyxoos 
He can do alot of things conversating with the "centrão"
2020-06-04 11:56
with your country or with your president?
2020-06-09 13:06
Brazilians are way too dumb. I wanna leave here asap.
2020-06-09 20:52
same with italians
2020-06-17 13:32
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