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kennyS | 
Sweden Shvetsiya2k 
Dat moment when u matched with hot Russian exchange student girl on Tinder.. And realized ur bank account is only 3 digit xDDDDDDDDDDDD ahha mens)))
2020-06-03 17:09
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JW | 
Sweden Hasklon 
girls in 2020
2020-06-03 17:10
2020-06-03 17:12
2020-06-03 17:19
normie tinder, lmao
2020-06-06 15:20
2020-06-06 15:21
RpK | 
Russia Axuzoxa 
Not in 2020. That's the way it's always been. Just stop crying and start working.
2020-06-06 17:20
I'd rather stay single than date a gold digger
2020-06-06 17:38
it's always been 2020?
2020-06-06 18:16
RpK | 
Russia Axuzoxa 
nah, last year was 2021
2020-06-06 20:36
ZywOo | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
+1 feminism works
2020-06-06 21:47
be a man and fuck her anyway. you have the confidence of a cuck
2020-06-03 17:10
look at his flag mens))
2020-06-06 15:35
it was joke idiot
2020-06-06 16:02
cucks always get mad so ez just like u did
2020-06-06 16:03
I was joking on a stereotype actually russian women can be awesome i was just making joke about sterotype golddigger, not mad, calm down u are mad
2020-06-06 16:08
no u are mad why would u call someone idiot for no reason? i am also joking on stereotype swedes = cucks
2020-06-06 16:12
Bulgaria goatse 
man its very bad to explain your joke
2020-06-06 23:17
ZywOo | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
actually cucks never get mad. they take the "high road" while villains exploit them freely.
2020-06-06 21:48
they are actually mad all the time but they act like they are not
2020-06-06 23:15
yes you are very mad fritzl stop caring so much about me u will live better life, and be more alpha just a tip stay safe
2020-06-06 23:48
Why are swedes always so mad? I am not even Austrian I am just living there nt cuck))
2020-06-06 23:53
im not mad you can think what you want about me just chil bro smoke some green
2020-06-06 23:58
ZywOo | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
too be fair swedish men are seen as biggest cucksters to ever live. they sexually assault your women and you shrug your shoulders: well what can we dooo....
2020-06-07 00:39
not me.. u say all but not true 50 % of swe men vote for SD ex Nazi party
2020-06-07 01:07
Russia Horthy_Miklos 
2020-06-06 21:50
debil blyad
2020-06-06 23:50
it was joke idiot
2020-06-06 16:02
A date doesn't cost more than 3 digits men, go for it)))
2020-06-03 17:10
Depends on the currency mens))
2020-06-03 17:11
Lithuania Scanixon 
if you live Zimbabwe it does
2020-06-03 17:17
Russia nobody_cars 
or Russia. worse than Zimbabwe
2020-06-06 16:10
allu | 
Brazil largeshaw 
in zimbabwe date is 100 digits
2020-06-06 17:21
Germany Neckarstadion 
Did she ask you for your account balance
2020-06-03 17:10
russian girls would only date guys with 8 digits anyways
2020-06-03 17:11
8 inches*
2020-06-06 15:39
Germany GermanEmpire 
you can easily pretend to be rich with a 3 digit bank account
2020-06-03 17:11
teach me pls
2020-06-06 15:43
buy clothes for 300€ spend 100€ on the date (food, cinema, coffee whatever) and have everything else you got in cash in your purse, so it can be noticed when you are paying stuff
2020-06-06 17:22
Russia cuba_libre10 
and then pull up with a shitty car because you dont actually have money?
2020-06-06 20:46
i mean its a tinder date, so your obviously more of a pretender
2020-06-06 22:03
Russia cuba_libre10 
anyways, is $3k/month good enough or do i need to be 32k/month dj to have a chance?
2020-06-06 22:05
everyone makes 32k nowadays, you should make 64k :D
2020-06-06 22:06
Russia cuba_libre10 
u mean 32k a year?
2020-06-06 22:06
nah i mean the 32k/m DJ job
2020-06-06 22:07
Brazil Sputy 
lol call her to eat a hotdog and beers... she may like it... every brazilian has been on your shoes, you gotta improvise...
2020-06-03 17:12
Finland BlackMatter 
Once matched but had 5 digit number actually (32k)
2020-06-03 17:13
Need tinder if u have 300 womans per year?
2020-06-06 15:57
Finland BlackMatter 
Yeah needed lately as i couldnt have gigs (dj)
2020-06-06 16:39
Try Grindr, some variation is good for you.
2020-06-06 16:43
Finland BlackMatter 
Flag checks out
2020-06-06 17:17
Mate.. it takes a real man to do another man..
2020-06-06 17:37
sdy | 
Sweden god_sdy 
3 digits is enough if you've got 8 inches
2020-06-03 17:13
wtf u really believe that shit that girls look only for money? we live in the 21st century, most girls can provide for themselves, find a passionate job and don't be a complete loser and u will smash every weekend if u want.
2020-06-03 17:14
Turkey Quenan31 
thats the biggest bs ever
2020-06-03 17:17
mayb in the east u still live like that, but here in the western world. girls don't really give a shit about money, aslong ur able to stand on your own feet and have a job. i have 4 sisters, i should know by now.
2020-06-03 17:21
Turkey Quenan31 
nah i lived in europe i saw all of it they are gold-diggers too trust me
2020-06-06 15:11
Not true dude. Western women are shallow and arrogant AF. You have to bring a lot to the table, if you really want to get a solid woman and not just a compromise solution. The feminism lead to more women being in higher positions. The problem is, that many women here want to have privilegs, but at the same time they don't want to put the old values of society aside. Those double-standards won't work out. You rarely find a woman, who will date a guy below her level. Most women want a guy, who is above her level. You can figure it out by yourself, if successful women follow those guidelines.
2020-06-06 15:31
the problem is that an average woman rates herself much higher than an average man. this evens out at the age of 30.
2020-06-06 17:22
Maybe in your 500 ppl village that statement holds true. The rest of the civilized world? No, not really. You cant really blame people either for seeking out someone who s actually making money. Nobody will really want to date you if you are 20-30 and either unemployed or doing a dead end job with no higher education and no future plans. Sure you might attract some people but most people with ambitions and future life goals wont be sticking around for long. Money is not just something u flex with. It serves as a solid foundation for a better life for you and your SO.
2020-06-06 16:42
Absolte bullshit you are probably underage. Literally EVERY SINGLE GIRL asks for your job before your name. If you think they don't care about money you are delusional buddy
2020-06-06 15:22
bottle | 
Taiwan Azes 
maybe because you live in a shithole?
2020-06-06 15:29
That's irrelevant, women tend to date men that are higher in hierarchy scale.
2020-06-06 15:44
actually it's the other way around - the more you have, the more you want there are way more spoiled gold diggers in 1st world than in 3rd world
2020-06-06 18:20
bottle | 
Taiwan Azes 
i lived in Switzerland and did not meet a gold digger i now live in Germany and have not met a gold digger
2020-06-06 18:34
good for you))
2020-06-06 18:42
You have not met one because no one has sexual interest in you. I'm sorry to be the one pointing that out . Came here as a cocky boy and now you realize that you are a sore loser? hahahaha
2020-06-06 20:45
???????? I have a comfy life and I don't think Madrid is the third world buddy. I see you are here to brag about your life but no one gives a shit. What I said It's pretty much international, but here you are trying to act cocky, the typical HLTV user. You are 100% ugly as fuck and a loser but hey, in here you feel like the king isn't It.
2020-06-06 20:44
bottle | 
Taiwan Azes 
15% unemployment "not third world" lmao Spain is a shithole, it's a common fact, don't try to distract with your childish attempt to insult me
2020-06-06 21:45
mayb, hes just good looking, funny guy. and girls like his company.
2020-06-07 18:46
Croatia feelsbadmane 
lmao your statement makes no sense in 21st century everything is about money,but before u could find a girl to cook for u and clean))
2020-06-06 15:26
bottle | 
Taiwan Azes 
2020-06-06 15:30
Croatia feelsbadmane 
also makes no sense,take America for example lol its not a shithole and 99% of girls are gold diggers
2020-06-06 15:33
bottle | 
Taiwan Azes 
America is different because many people there have very little money to live with but if you look at Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, etc. there are not many poor people and most can live comfortably
2020-06-06 15:51
100% accurate, but he is a virgin, I am certain of that. I have travelled a lot, met a lot of foreigner girls and It all comes to the same thing if you are smart enough to see it coming of course. If you are a dumb fuck you probably think the world is a fairy tale like this other guy seem to believe.
2020-06-06 20:46
2020-06-03 17:14
i mean, its tinder. u can just pretend to have money right?
2020-06-03 17:15
Finland 7ones 
Three digits in swedish crowns. Ice creams maybe? :D
2020-06-03 17:20
lol my dad was broke as fuk when he met my mom. u only see dem instagram bitches. alot of girls just do their own thing nowadays, dont even need a man anymore.
2020-06-03 17:30
buster | 
Kazakhstan Nefilim 
hahahaha funny )
2020-06-03 17:31
Boombl4 | 
Brazil ricca 
bank account doesnt matter dood you still have the most important thing EU CITIZENSHIP
2020-06-06 15:14
he is fakeflaggin probably 3 digits in rubles LMAO
2020-06-06 15:18
you hit the nail on the head. Just spank her with that red passport and her panties will drop off automatically.
2020-06-06 15:19
Finland Karppanator 
Finland passport among the most respected in the world 😎
2020-06-06 15:30
go slap some third world pussy with that passport
2020-06-06 15:41
999$ is still good, you can take her to some good restaurant and then ez sex
2020-06-06 15:15
nei, 999 svenske kroner lmao
2020-06-06 23:49
3 digit in swedish kronor? xddd
2020-06-06 15:19
yes men very poor atm
2020-06-06 23:49
im fucking very sexy hookers and loving my life
2020-06-06 15:21
Imagine spending any time and effort on a random girl from Tinder. A good game of Counter Strike will make you a happier person.
2020-06-06 15:28
Especially in solo queue.
2020-06-06 15:30
Lithuania M0rkiz 
+1 i actually used tinder quite for some time in 2019 and at the end i was thinking, dafuq am i doing right here, i could just be at home and watch some cs. At the end its just to time consuming to spend few hours just for a quick fuck.
2020-06-06 15:48
jožko knows
2020-06-06 22:11
just say cyka blyat ez sex bro
2020-06-06 15:29
Mexico sneakyboy 
ye work good with u mom
2020-06-06 15:56
be happy in the future all millionaires will also just be broke ass people :D
2020-06-06 15:30
CIS cardison 
men just pay 40 eur for good hooker ))
2020-06-06 15:38
if you want corona and a couple of std's then yes
2020-06-06 15:47
40 eur where? zimbambwe???????
2020-06-06 16:11
CIS cardison 
40 eur in zimbabwe will get me 60 hookers men r u stuped
2020-06-06 16:25
man 40 eur is not a good hooker
2020-06-06 16:33
CIS cardison 
I have many experience with hooker men , 40 eur is good 1/3 of time
2020-06-06 16:59
1/3 of time thats a pretty bad stat
2020-06-06 17:00
she like to fuck so what is the problem?... go fuck she man ;) the life is short :D
2020-06-06 15:46
Mexico sneakyboy 
like his pinus
2020-06-06 15:54
=))))))))))))))))) haha
2020-06-06 16:00
I just got to know a girl, who will turn 30 this year, if she isn't already 30. She had a simple office job, here looks are slightly above average, very slim but small tits, probably a loyal woman, so she wasn't trash overall. I showed her a guy on Facebook, asking her what about this guy ??? He was a good looking, athletic and tall guy. She literally said, that his job might be a problem for her. His job would be unthankful and got shitty work-times. On the other hand she just got a simple office-job. She is now Single for a very long time and she is still searching for her dream man on different dating-apps. Her standards just don't fit with her own values she brings to the table and she always finds excuses for every guy. A lot of women, who are searching for a man on those dating-apps for a while, are like that.
2020-06-06 15:54
Is 2020 who wants a gf ? just sex them all , in order to do that u only need a bottle of vodka and few beers . cheers
2020-06-06 16:05
??? Tinder is for hookups bro. Beta bucks won't help you. Get off your computer and learn to talk to women FFS.
2020-06-06 16:54
2020-06-06 17:01
Brazil hugoooo 
lol you're a pussy making excuses
2020-06-06 17:19
it was joke men
2020-06-06 23:48
Brazil nicknameBR123 
Tinder in Brazil is complete trash, I don't use it. Too many needy people there, I do better meeting new folks on bars and pubs
2020-06-06 18:15
i would like go brazil sweden very boring but no money atm
2020-06-06 23:48
As you're swedish, let's just say that Tinder will be a fucking overkill. Girls here love to date "gringos", please don't hang out on the same pubs I do xdddd
2020-06-07 22:34
Say that you are friends with DiCaprio hltv one and she will give you a chance.
2020-06-06 23:51
Croatia gmchanger97 
Russian lives matter.. Cya in 10 lads
2020-06-06 23:55
2020-06-06 23:58
Denmark Alphamon 
What the fuck does money matter if you're on tinder? If you're good looking, girls will fuck you.
2020-06-07 01:12
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