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gym come anabolic steroids
Iran NaturalBornPervert 
have u ever been on a cycle? whats your experiences through and after cycle
2020-06-03 19:02
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OK | 
Peru TheJuan
Dont know what that is sorry
2020-06-04 05:24
2020-06-04 05:25
yes, gonna say the name of the drugs in portuguese, maybe it makes sense for you: DECA and DURASTETON, plus Dianabol and a post cycle called Clomid and "Chantinol B12" for the liver. I gained a lot, like 10kg in 3 months, of course lot of water, but still fucking impressive gains. Tell you what: NOT WORTH AT ALL... It fucks your hormones, i had a lot of anxiety after that, had to do a treatment for 1 year, you loose a lot when you stop the cycle, you will only keep the gains if you are in a retard good diet and totally focused... tl dr; unless you gonna be a pro bodybuilder and dedicate your life to it, cycling once and getting strong for a few months or just a year is not worth it, not worth at all...
2020-06-04 06:05
oh thank a lot, it helped
2020-06-04 15:43
I've been cycling before
2020-06-04 15:44
2020-06-04 15:46
Faroe Islands günT
expected from köbenhavn
2020-06-04 19:07
Thank god that i'm not from there XD
2020-06-04 19:09
Faroe Islands günT
2020-06-04 19:09
2020-06-04 19:05
Watch Anabolic doc on YT. He popped up in my recommendations after I started watching a lot of fitness videos.
2020-06-04 15:47
It fucks your hormones, your sexuality, harms your organs. There's no point at all in taking drugs like dianabol. Also in France and many other countries it's illegal.
2020-06-04 15:48
A tip for you. If what you gonna take is NOT an original drug coming from a well known pharmaceutical company and you gonna use ANY black market / chinatowns product ... GOOD LUCK.
2020-06-04 15:49
the last time i wrote about steroids i got banned. so, gl hf you wont die.
2020-06-04 19:06
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