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Lithuania fake country
s1mple | 
Finland polly147 
No culture No landscape Gross food Cities looks like polish No infrastructure
2020-06-03 21:43
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give wilno back to poland
2020-06-03 22:16
Lithuania Sw3das 
+1 give all lithuania to poland
2020-06-03 22:17
Lebanon Dogman69 
it's just part of Poland like Bilorus
2020-06-03 22:17
Poland MondeoCruisin 
inb4: Wealthy_communist's malding here
2020-06-03 22:23
WTF Argentina? why you bully? You ever been in Lithuania? huh? every place have something to see, something to love, something enjoy? WTF man? Are you mad? are you sad? or what? Tell me brother, maybe WE can help You.
2020-06-03 22:20
North America humaa 
wtf is lithuania ?
2020-06-03 22:21
Brazil sakaaa 
flair and 50% of the flag checks out
2020-06-03 22:34
Imagine knowing somebody from NA who's geographical knowledge is higher than primary school student in Europe LUL
2020-06-03 22:37
North America humaa 
sorry man dont care or know bout shitty 3rd world countries
2020-06-03 22:47
wtf, man, respect Lithuania, they have kalinka
2020-06-03 22:22
Lebanon Dogman69 
he is russian
2020-06-03 22:23
2020-06-03 22:22
why so mad
2020-06-03 22:25
Brazil sakaaa 
I'd prefere to travel to Lithuania than to Argentina, tho.. i want to visit the devil's museum and the cross hill thingy
2020-06-03 22:34
But in Argentina you can see Leo Messi
2020-06-03 22:38
Brazil sakaaa 
That's just one more reason not go there hahahahah also, he is easier to be found on spain tho.. For us, taking a trip to Argentina is like a regular trip to another city. You will find more brazillians there (on Buenos Aires) than here hahah The most beautiful sight on Argentina is Foz do Iguaçu, because the people there actually see our side of the falls haha
2020-06-03 22:42
mhL | 
Poland Trausky 
Lithuania TY for Commonwealth. You are great country.
2020-06-03 22:46
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