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Europe iFapToBigAsses 
lets say i run for 30 mins... after that can i do pushups or will that be bad ??
2020-06-06 01:12
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Why exercise if you go on hltv
2020-06-06 01:13
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Some people wanna be 2x alpha.
2020-06-06 01:14
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zehN | 
Finland NtFizzy
then the right thing to do is delete your HLTV account.
2020-06-06 01:16
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United States WindyInu
flair doesnt check out
2020-06-06 01:16
0/8 then I would be only 1x alpha :(
2020-06-06 01:17
2 times 0 is still 0
2020-06-06 01:32
You wont be able to do as many pushups so just do pushups first.
2020-06-06 01:14
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Gustav | 
Sweden günT
2020-06-06 01:15
but then he won't be able to run as much
2020-06-06 01:19
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meh, I can do 400-600 pushups and the 15km run after that like nothing, but If I go for the run before I do pushups I can barelly do 300 so, no
2020-06-06 01:24
2020-06-06 01:14
Why you asking this on hltv lol
2020-06-06 01:16
Do your pushups and strength training first. Not only will you have more energy and therefore achieve a higher intensity but you also burn more fat overall. This is because of you most likely running on an empty stomach after your strength training, hence you burn fat instead of calories from the food you consumed before that.
2020-06-06 01:31
Vietnam Sooaside
you will not be able to run for 30 minutes unless you are experienced and in good shape. doing cardio beforehand will just tire you out.
2020-06-06 01:34
Do push ups first
2020-06-06 01:36
Germany Enlay
Start with pushups and do Cardio at the end. Its better this way, maximum gainz
2020-06-06 01:44
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