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MIBR fuc... Thrilling
Uruguay AnthonyDavissss 
MIBR games are the funniest to watch Goood watch them in a good shape again.
2020-06-07 00:45
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These guys know to turn every single match in a emotional one.
2020-06-07 00:46
FalleN | 
Other YamiS_ 
2020-06-07 03:20
+1 yea man, it is always fun to watch! always crazy rounds with lots of action and unexpected clutches, incredible comebacks, today there was lots of flashes of that old SK, I wish MIBR could play forever, I am glad to watch their final years!
2020-06-07 07:03
2020-06-07 19:14
i wish major was online because mibr might win it
2020-06-07 00:46
if the major was online mibr would heart stroke everyone
2020-06-07 00:48
I'm not the greatest MIBR fan, prefer FAZE. BUT MIBR games are so fun to watch
2020-06-07 00:52
I think it's more emitional because of their tatics (rushing B with 25 seconds)
2020-06-07 00:54
Yeah. Fallen is just crazy
2020-06-07 03:09
and it is SO nice to see him being totally selfless, even TACO won a round where he asked the AWP due to his B respawn, and FalleN let him play the whole time with the AWP. he does not care to use the shittiest weapon to let the bois confidence flourish
2020-06-07 07:05
Its was really Nice watch Fallen doing that, showing he completely Trust in TACO
2020-06-07 19:14
Also they're overcoming, if it was past 3 months EG would beat them easily
2020-06-07 00:55
2020-06-07 03:11
Spirit gonna win RiOnline
2020-06-07 03:42
this team is so fun to watch, I always cheer for them, I hope they do well on Rio's Major
2020-06-07 07:05
I actually really hope Spirit can finally show up on LAN. I've always loved watching them play but they finally seem to have a roster capable of having a chance at some deep runs here and there. It's also really nice to see each region producing more teams that seem to be on some rise.
2020-06-07 18:54
yes, it is so nice to see this diversity of teams. I personally think CIS has a incredible amount of raw talents
2020-06-07 22:41
I think they have a lot of underrated talent Even guys like Dima are still pretty good even stats dont suggest it. Spirit has a lot of the good upcoming talent and sdy has honestly proven himself a top 3 igl in the CIS, I dont expect big things from them but I hope they can atleast pickup some DH Opens once the LAN circuits running again
2020-06-08 01:04
iDISBALANCE is playing well too, and mir is amazing man they would win against Faze easily if mir did not have outage issues.
2020-06-08 18:38
trk | 
Brazil SkindCS 
MiBR on lan >>> MiBR online, always been that way, meyern was the one choking on lan even though he's good
2020-06-07 03:49
+1, 4 players who have experience in majors and dont fall under pressure becsuse of crowds (fallen fer taco kng) and trk who also has experience in big tournaments
2020-06-07 05:12
exactly, people calling MIBR an online team lul FalleN, fer and TACO have more LAN wins and trophies than most of those newcomers around today combined
2020-06-07 07:06
Just use crowd hack like C9, ez 3-time major champion, cold cry with regrets.😎
2020-06-07 07:01
Impossible not love MIBR games
2020-06-07 03:10
2020-06-07 07:07
Denmark Notallama 
You write that after a clown fiesta where countless shots was missed in the back and maps were dropped due to huge blunders by EG rather than smart play by mibr.. but fair enough, if you enjoy it..
2020-06-07 03:13
Sweden Greta_Dumberg 
lmao why u so butthurt my fellow danish friend, was a great match, both teams had good and bad moments. didnt u like the game?
2020-06-07 03:29
Denmark Notallama 
I think there were a bit too many mistakes for me to be thoroughly enjoying it.
2020-06-07 03:30
Sweden Greta_Dumberg 
nah many plays worked due to ridiculous timings from both teams, mainly on dust 2. there wasnt as many mistakes as u r saying, sure not a top tier match since mibr isnt tier 1 and eg is in a slump, but for most ppl for sure it was an enjoyable game. u seem to dislike mibr since i saw u in a lot of posts about this match trying to belittle their victory
2020-06-07 03:40
Denmark Notallama 
Seems like you are delusional, mr. fakeflagger.
2020-06-07 03:41
Sweden Greta_Dumberg 
i wish i wasnt swedish :( its alright bro, i dislike some teams too
2020-06-07 03:44
Denmark Notallama 
I can't have a realistic opinion without being biased, apparently. Also nt mr. Brazilian.
2020-06-07 03:47
Sweden Greta_Dumberg 
yeah ive been in brazil, guess that doesnt make me a brazilian but hey sir Notallama said im so be it. And u r a complexity fan, coming from someone that cheers for one for of the worst eu teams, uve a pretty unrealistic opinion yes.
2020-06-07 03:51
Denmark Notallama 
Now you just sound upset. Definitely a Brazilian.
2020-06-07 03:53
Sweden Greta_Dumberg 
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk MIBR TOP 1 now u r right.
2020-06-07 03:54
Estonia RopzTop1 
As a Complexity fan, you should be familiar with mistake ridden play
2020-06-07 03:46
Denmark Notallama 
Never said that I enjoy watching all of their games Also
2020-06-07 03:51
bruttJ | 
Brazil diogay 
complexity fan making fun of mousesports' fan kkkkkkkkkkk
2020-06-07 06:56
it is all about the thrill of the fight it is so fun for us to watch our legends winning any game, no matter the tier, situation, and just be happy with our delusional hopes :D
2020-06-07 07:09
what makes u say they are in good shape again?
2020-06-07 03:13
They have been grinding back some spots in the rankings, 2nd place in Facepoint, advancing in DH masters, beating 3 top 15 teams in one week. Of course does not meet the sk standards, but it is a major improvement from the point they were. The eyetest with TRK makes it much funny too
2020-06-07 03:19
True, its like they are always hustling their way back. Not that much strats. Its all about aim and good trades for them.
2020-06-07 03:16
Brunei cyLoL 
It was a fluke win mibr will choke next game
2020-06-07 06:58
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