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USA Debt
Europe Heavon 25 Trillion $ in debt Gave 2 Trillion $ and later +3 Trillion $ more for "covid relief/response" which was split a bit everywhere but moret to big businesses than health care. 500 billion vs 300 billion (between those during the +3 Trillion pack). Just imagine the stupidity doing that when in a middle of a pandemic and while one of their cities became an epicenter. 1st pack includes: 1 200$ per citizen who earned up to 75 000$ a year + 500$ per child ONLY ONCE. - So 5 Trillion $ spent as response to Covid-19, but most of that was given to the very rich business and CEO's. 5 Trillion $ is the same amount that the whole world owes China - Worlds biggest creditor. They give billions to Israel anually reports says at least 3 Billion $ per year as if they have no debt and pretend as if everything is fine in their country with no poverty or as if the health system is good. 5 Trillion $ spent and with all the economic collapse that's hit them during lockdown and now in protests with looting and having to arm police, national guards and potentially military soon... No wonder they are pointing fingers at China every chance they can - the only short-term solution for these maniacs has always been war when they needed money and this time they will need a big ton more to get out of this situation.
2020-06-07 03:34
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Sweden hoey 
2020-06-07 03:34
lmao broke country
2020-06-07 03:35
we will witness the collapse of the United States soon.
2020-06-07 03:38
North America retard2k 
I’m rich so I can’t relate to being broke 😎👍
2020-06-07 03:38
Every country is taking on more debt right now
2020-06-07 03:39
It's been around 23T-ish even before the Pandemic. And there is a big difference between "countries" and USA who has military presence in so many countries and ofc they have to spend billions to keep them in those places for no reason at all except disturbing peace.
2020-06-07 05:06
United States krawfish23 
id rather live under stalin then under xi jinping
2020-06-07 03:40
2020-06-07 03:42
United States krawfish23 
no food > corona virus
2020-06-07 03:44
mir | 
Russia VelsVivard 
There was only a short period of time when we had been lacking food and other handy stuff but we also had a lot of good things too. I'd rather live there than in the nowadays Russia, although it may sound like a stretch.
2020-06-07 05:09
Since there are more corona cases in the US than in China, then you'd rather live under Xi than under Donald right?
2020-06-07 20:22
United States camdavis9 
most of the money was given to businesses so that they can stay afloat and minimize the amount of layoffs in response to covid-19. This is just swinging at the air
2020-06-07 03:40
China Sk3y 
it`s easy to blame, hard to get the issue fix #MAGA
2020-06-07 03:41
United States krawfish23 
2020-06-07 03:45
2020-06-07 05:20
This country is dying so who really cares. As the youth all we can do is rape this country of what is left and abandon it.
2020-06-07 03:45
United States Amerika! 
Bro quit with your conspiracy theories lol
2020-06-07 03:46
What conspiracy theories you tard
2020-06-07 03:51
nt looter
2020-06-07 05:14
Indonesia captaindog0 
nt looter
2020-06-07 18:46
United States Amerika! 
Yeah the entire world is gonna be fucked for the next 4 years
2020-06-07 03:46
There is no out of this situation peacefully, they either fix their fiscal health or they keep on keeping on with the Euro Collectivist Keynesian nonsense, which will decimate the U.S , i think they'll do both, they will keep on until it absolutely crumbles and then they will go back to their founding values. Eventually U.S will get back on its feet, i think it will take them 1 decade of misery.
2020-06-07 03:48
This is how the world economy works and it will continue until it crumbles over and over again so countries fix the issue. US will never fall lmao if you think anyone will stand up to them dont forget that nice little army that shuts anyone up. If they want to fight just call off debt and fight.
2020-06-07 05:09
Considering how much of their budget goes to military, war is VERY profitable for USA. The reason USA hates China is different though. It's an economic war for #1 place in the world, look what Trump did to Huawei.
2020-06-07 05:12
United States Brumotti 
If you owe the bank a million dollars, you have a problem If you owe the bank a trillion dollars, the bank has a problem
2020-06-07 05:18
Classic KKona take. Debt is debt.
2020-06-07 18:39
In 30 hours Ted Cruz will eliminate free movement between Texas and her neighbors. In roughly 2 weeks, a new constitution will be released and passed, containing a parliamentary system, an expanded judiciary, expanded (legal) rights for the national guard, reworking the county system, and controversially, provinces. It also distinguishes itself to a greater extent from the Federal government, boldly placing its authority other the Federal authority in many matters. The Supreme court will reject this constitution, It will also rule against the prevention of Free movement between states. Both of these rulings will be ignored. The underground Texan independence movements have been receiving money from DNC contributors, german centre-left figures, Scottish Independence advocates, and the governments of Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Kosovo, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, and Japan (seeking further political autonomy). A political stand off will ensue. Donald Trump, facing defeat in November, will surely seek a quick resolution to the conflict. However, before negotiations begin, another law will be passed. Declaring that Texas will NOT contribute forces or money in the event of a civil conflict. Many states already plan to do this if Texas takes the initiative. When this happens, The Federal government will be all but forced to enforce their rulings, as this further threatens it's sovereignty. Further, driving away Texas and her neighbors. It will also make America appear as an aggressor, while much of the international community is already of the side of Texas. anyways, that's the plan to escape this country, just thought i'd let yall in on it before it all goes down :D
2020-06-07 05:51
Lebanon WhySoSer!ous 
They have a big debt but in the same time they get a lot of money in. As for having debt, That is how it should be, when you take debt you just expend your range of investments in different sectors, you get more purchasing power, which is explainable for a country like USA since they spend money on useless shit.
2020-06-07 07:30
shit hole country kekw
2020-06-07 07:31
Ask yourself to who are we really in debt. Not as an US citizen, but in general, since every country is somehow in debt to someone and connected to other bigger economies.
2020-06-07 18:44
Germany jokZzZzZz 
bro pretty much every country is in debt
2020-06-07 18:46
Bro please read the amount of US debt - read the whole OG post.
2020-06-07 18:48
Germany jokZzZzZz 
yeah I read it USA has an insanly high amount of debt but the way you were writing it it sounded like u were suprised that a country could be in debt
2020-06-07 18:54
We keep taking on debt cuz nobody is gonna fight us to get their money back
2020-06-07 18:48
make Trump president again and USA will be finished before next elections
2020-06-07 18:48
USD is pretty strong during this pandemic though. Dows and Nasdaq index is surging. Long as US's economy dont collapse, USD wont collapse
2020-06-07 20:20
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