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FaZe Rain Mental Health
United States ItsImpact 
Not the cs player but one of the owner's FaZe Rain's mental health seems completely fucked up rn. Here is a video of his mental breakdown on youtube. Look at his recent tweets and bio. thoughts???
2020-06-07 05:44
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i you dont want attention dont make your mental health public. simple.
2020-06-07 05:45
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United States ItsImpact
If u watch the video u can see his explanation for tweeting
2020-06-07 05:47
2020-06-07 05:46
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United States ItsImpact
Not intentional bait, but knew people would assume cs rain
2020-06-07 05:47
United States me_0_major
i would mental breakdown too if i had to play with coldzera and niko's ego at once
2020-06-07 05:47
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holy shit man it's not cool to spit some straight facts like that
2020-06-07 07:25
good bait 8/8
2020-06-07 05:49
those guys are well known for being dirty attention whores for their fanbases for years now. don't mean to sound insensitive as it very well could be real but if he's got psychological issues and wants to be taken seriously he should seek professional help and not be on twitter talking about it
2020-06-07 05:54
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2020-06-07 07:49
Russia ToughGuy
2020-06-07 05:52
maybe he should stop being a bitch
2020-06-07 07:10
Brunei cyLoL
It’s faze banks fault he give them all drugs just look at them
2020-06-07 07:11
10 replies
fucking faze wank bank smh
2020-06-07 07:19
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Brunei cyLoL
+1 he cheat on his gf and he messes his friend mind
2020-06-07 07:20
8 replies
+1 faze bank is dumb
2020-06-07 07:22
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Brunei cyLoL
Yes men)) he is beta unlike hltv users
2020-06-07 07:25
6 replies
he looks like he is very big time autism he has ad240p sad face bad boy he needs to leave face clan
2020-06-07 07:28
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Brunei cyLoL
Yes and he have other men name tattoo on him “code tfue”
2020-06-07 07:29
4 replies
code tfue yea tfue should have learnt how to code instead of playing shartnite
2020-06-07 07:32
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Brunei cyLoL
Yes very true
2020-06-07 07:33
2 replies
fucking tiff eww
2020-06-07 07:38
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Brunei cyLoL
He sounds like the stuff that come out of my nose when I sneeze
2020-06-07 07:39
Finland jUPPE!
Time to kick him then. He has been under performing for a while now. They should probably replace olof too at the same time.
2020-06-07 07:22
lmfao these other people aren't even reading the post hahha. But honestly, he needs some professional help I think. He seems to have these outbreaks every now and then and it's sad tbh. I'm not sure if he's popping pills or something based on one his tweets but who knows. It would be nice to see him actually happy again
2020-06-07 07:28
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faze youtubers gone down hill, they stopped being gamers and started being normies and now they all fucking suck
2020-06-07 07:34
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I never understand this argument. Sure they used to play cod but now cod is dog shit so you can't blame them and it's not like they have to play games. Sure their channels began as that but that doesn't mean they can't change. When they used to play cod they were literally just a "clan" now they're a whole organization, one of the biggest at that. So you can't blame them, games just aren't their focus now. Vlogging is the new meta now as well so that's why everyone does it. (not saying I agree with it but i'm giving my thoughts. I honestly just enjoy them for the cs team)
2020-06-07 07:40
no one cares
2020-06-07 07:37
This video is very real though.
2020-06-07 07:44
cringe and cuckpilled
2020-06-07 07:50
United States jmarcelo
shit sucks. I used to watch his vlogs every day and really enjoyed them, so to see him like this makes me upset. I get that faze people have done shit for attention before, but I dont think he's doing this for attention, because either he's a really good actor or he's really going through some shit. he should really seek some professional help or something cause he's never gonna get better by tweeting and making videos like this.
2020-06-07 08:03
Lithuania eZaF4BYMAS
fucking crazies.
2020-06-07 08:06
Lithuania eZaF4BYMAS
lol he said something about white people and thinks 100k is not alot of money because he was stressed, fuck people like him. he's crying that he gets abused for being nice, yeah, that's pbvious, people see that you're nice and only give and don't take so obviously they will fuck you, everyone knows this. being nice use to mean stupid, look it up.
2020-06-07 08:16
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