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AK47 | 
Nepal faceit_is_cancer 
do u guys play only unrated? i saw all pros only play unrated and yet my friend tells me theres a faceit hub why no one plays it? is it a scam
2020-06-07 09:06
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are there any valorant 'pros' already?
2020-06-07 09:12
2020-06-07 09:22
sdy | 
Russia PvP_Kami 
2020-06-07 09:40
Former tier 3 cs players and former deadwatch sorry overwatch league players
2020-06-08 02:43
Australia Chereska 
All waiting for ranked before choosing an alternative.
2020-06-07 09:15
is it 100% confirmed i dont wanna be held back, im in for it all baby i spent 7 yrs on cs for nothing, wanna do something on valorant at least
2020-06-07 09:20
Australia Chereska 
2020-06-08 02:37
just jumping in to wave just like in fortnite just this time they will suffer cuz this game is gona be shit
2020-06-07 09:17
idk i spend 7 yrs on cs and didnt achieve anything. i want to achieve smthing on valorant
2020-06-07 09:19
how do u expect to do that? Pros move to valorant and get pick up as pros and you as non pro will have to go the same way you did in cs. Right now Orgs wants to quickly make a team to be the best not look for perfect team with chemestry or strong mental
2020-06-07 09:22
i guess its easier to go pro here then in csgo, lol
2020-06-07 09:26
this ain't the winning attiude bud, you ain't going pro anywhere I'm afraid
2020-06-08 02:39
sdy | 
Russia PvP_Kami 
there is no faceit hub for it tho?
2020-06-07 09:42
valorant is an overrated game, it will die like every other game out there. cs never dies
2020-06-08 02:41
Theres no advantage to using faceit hubs, and it isnt even released yet I dont think.
2020-06-08 02:45
Cyprus niffyJESUS 
no faceit hub
2020-06-08 02:46
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